A few Santas whose laps I would not sit on

Posted: December 24, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, IJS, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy pictures. Not that I am a closet photographer or anything, but I do believe visuals communicate a lot, despite whatever fetching and fitful phrases I can string together.

Among those pictures that provide HiScrivener with many giggles are celebrity mug shots. For some reason, famous people when confronted by the boys (or girls) in blue think it’s just another photo-op instead of mean muggin’ to garner street cred in the clink.

santa-mugNoteworthy head shots like Nick Nolte, James Brown, Jacko… and even this popular dude are good for a full day of joy in my deranged world.

So, when I found a veritable cornucopia on “The Smoking Gun” of the Jolly Old Fat Man caught on candid camera.

O’ good times indeed. As a mere tyke, I always believed the shopping mall Santas carried that familiar holiday, malodorous scent of cheap liquor, mouthwash and Brylcream.

Now, I have proof. Visit the aformentioned link as my present to you.

Merry Christmas everyone. And to all a great night!


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