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oh-christmas-treeThis is a story that would make Al Gore and the uber-environment lovers giddy like school girls.

It’s a small church, a quaint church – the North Bethesda United Methodist Church in Washington D.C. – and one that likes to ring in the HOLY-days with philanthropy, outreach and buying a Christmas tree.

So, which one of those Yuletide tasks makes them newsworthy? Yeah, the tree.

Turns out the churchgoing folks at North Bethesda have been breaking the law. According to county code, for more than 30 years it’s been illegal to sell a Christmas tree in Montgomery County before Dec. 5. Those caught taking cash, credit cards or checks for a tree before then can be fined $500. The church opened its lot Nov. 29. Three days later, the county inspector came calling.

And what Mr. Grinch said was basically, “You have to shut this operation of buying trees early and giving proceeds to the poor down.” But according to the story and in the spirit of the holidays, the church wasn’t fined.

Now if only national retailers would grasp a hold of this story, we wouldn’t have to endure with a non-stop siege of festivities, an onslaught of Christmas carols beginning in October and the harangue of holiday sales beginning in July with “LEON DAY“.

Ho-ho-ho. Christmas in America. Ain’t it grand?

krampus-clausI have so many cutlines for this Christmas photo (YES! A Christmas picture, just for the kiddos), originally seen in Germany’s The Local, but let’s give this my Top 5:

  1. Krampus Claus?!
  2. This cat isn’t here for the holidays. He missed the GWAR concert down the street.
  3. “Satan”, “Santa”, “Poh-taytoe”, “Poh-tahtoe”
  4. That’ll fix those selfish brats who want more than the action figures under the tree
  5. And finally… an homage to the University of Texas: “Get your horns up”

And an honorable mention:

  • Is this what a “Hell’s Angel” is supposed to look like instead of the sweaty, swarthy wildebeast on a motorcycle?
The next generation of NYC homeless - now kick them out in the cold!

The next generation of NYC homeless - now kick them out in the cold!

Wall Watchers, if you know anyone in the Big Apple who may be homeless, please buy them a hotel room.

Otherwise, according to bah-humbug this story on WCBS-TV, if they are out in the cold, they could chafe with freezer burn because they aren’t getting any help. Nada.

City officials have ordered 22 New York churches to stop providing beds to homeless people. With temperatures well below freezing early Saturday, the churches must obey a city rule requiring faith-based shelters to be open at least five days a week — or not at all.

Arnold Cohen, president of the Partnership for the Homeless, a nonprofit that serves as a link with the city, said he had to tell the churches they no longer qualify.

Hrm. So, what’s better? A homeless person in that city knowing there is three hots and a cot waiting them on Sundays and Wednesdays, or just none at all because a small church of 300 just doesn’t have the bandwidth?!

Yeah, that’ll keep them warm in the winter to know the government has got their back… and plenty of newspaper to keep them warm in the winter.

And why? It’s all about curb appeal.

“We really don’t want people sleeping on the streets, on grates, on church steps. We want people sleeping in beds,” said Homeless Commissioner Robert Hess.

Oh, well since you put it that way. Survival of the fittest to the homeless! Let the wind chill sort them out. Ho-ho-ho.

amw-jesusWe jest about the ACLU, Satanists, Atheists and um, Nancy Pelosi. Their disdain for Christianity and Jesus is appalling, but nothing could ever amount to the hatred aimed at Christians in third-world countries every day.

And to quantify that angst, we have this tragic story of why any religion outside of Jesus is simply entertaining a more enlightened way to hell. With the Son of God, we all can experience love and feel a passion to lead others down the same primrose path to righteousness.

Without him, you could act like this avowed Hindus, and offer a bounty on the head of any Christian pastor – for the price of a HD radio.

Faiz Rahman, chairman of Good News India, said Hindu militants are targeting Christian leaders, the Christian Post reported. “The going price to kill a pastor is $250,” he said.

Rahman, a head of several orphanages in Orissa State, said he’s helped 25 pastors to leave refugee camps, but 250 Christian leaders are still in shelters. “All of the pastors are high value targets,” Rahman told the UK-based Release International. “We’ve got to get them out of the refugee camps.”

Ever thought you were called to the mission field… of you know, Hawaii, Guam, Mexico or some other tropic climate. Because of course, that is where the Lord sends all the unsaved. Take a gander at what Christians endure in India:

Thousands of homes and churches have been destroyed, and an estimated 50,000 Christians have been forced to flee the violence. Mission Network News estimates 5,000 Christian homes have been burned and 200 churches ruined. According to the Christian Post, 30,000 people remain in government-operated refugee camps. Tens of thousands are living in forests – many seriously wounded.

Candidly, reading these stories doesn’t break my heart – it rips it to shreds. On my best day, I wouldn’t volunteer to do half this stuff – and I love Jesus! These are patriots for Christ, true heroes who deserve all out prayers and support.

And if that doesn’t help, imagine your Christmas shopping. What have you bought with $250? Now, go pray for those pastors. I know I will, more fervently than ever.