Do Something!There is a verse in the Bible that is apropo: “Faith without works is dead.”

Whether it’s support for a church function, a presidential election or even a vote on American Idol, everyone’s participation matters. This is a blog, an open forum for the entire Body of Christ, which means Y-O-U. Regardless of faith or focus, denomination or affiliation, the “writing on the wall” applies to you.

Just as its inspiration from the Book of Daniel, when God writes, he wants EVERYONE to read, proclaim and above all, act. In short, the wall requires your thoughts plastered all over its bricks.

Without your “works”, the “faith” to engage the Body of Christ through this prayed-over medium could be dead. In order to help the wall get full of writing, a few governances and graces:


  1. Be valid. Writings are meant to inspire, educate and light a fire under your tail. If you read something on the wall that elicits your commentary, PLEASE post it… but let it stick to the point at-hand. This way, you encourage someone else to break out a can of spray paint and the wall gets multiplied even more.
  2. Be vocal. In other words, come with it. The Church was originally a forum of believers all asking questions regarding the Savior. Although now it’s everyone enters the building to hear one speak, we can journey back to the days of Pentecost and speak together “in one accord.”
  3. Be viewed. Maybe it’s just me, but if the law has an “Open Records” act, then we should as well. If you are proud of what you say (and let’s admit, online anonymity is a hot commodity), then state your name or nom de plumb. In other words, give a valid e-mail and/or blog address.


  1. LINK – Trust me, if you want to add bricks to this wall, link it to yours. If your blog is like-minded, I am more than accommodating to add a Blogroll for fellow musers.
  2. BE LOUD – Promotion is bliss. Tell your friends and visit often. This is more than Christian news and faith-based stories. This is a collection of ideas and rants about faith followers and how we need to do a better job of proclaiming the joy we have… because obviously, there are some folk out there that need to hear it or might be slightly off kilter.
  3. LISTEN – This wall is not just full of sacred writ graffiti artists. There is more than 20 years of working with the most recognized names, ministries and organizations in Christendom.
  4. LEARN – Socrates once wrote, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Truer words were never considered. We live by osmosis, and the moment you believe you have it all together, you perish. Read carefully, because as we wall watchers say, “Check these walls, the reality for the Body of Christ lies in the ink.”
  1. Paul Angone says:

    Man love your blog. My favorite Thomas Merton quote describes what I believe your blog is about combating against.

    “The moral disease we communicate to one another in society comes from huddling together in the pale light of an insufficient answer, to a question we are afraid to ask.”

    Added you to my blogroll. Would love to be a brick on the wall if you feel appropriate. I’m trying to mainly shake up, connect, and question with Christian twentysomethings who are struggling to find God, purpose, and identity.

    The church could use a lot more authenticity, honesty and humor. Here’s to you doing your part. Thank you.

  2. Gino Barcal says:

    The Atheist Counter-History

    Behind the pacifist and loving speech, the majority of the religions promote in fact the destruction of everything that represents freedom and pleasure. They hate the body, the desires, the sexuality, the women, the intelligence and all the books, except one. The religions promote the submission, the chastity, the blind and conformistical faith on behalf of a fictitious paradise after the death.

    Only an atheistic person can be free, because the idea of a god is incompatible with the freedom of the human being. The idea of a god promotes the existence of a divine dimension, which denies the possibility to choose your own destination and to invent your own existence. If god exists, the Is is not free; on the other hand, if god does not exist, the Is can be free. The freedom is never given. It is acquired day by day. However, the basic principle of a god is an inhibiting impediment of the autonomy of the man.

    It means that when a person does not content himself only in believing dully, but starts to make questions on the sacred texts, the doctrine, the teachings of the religion, there is no way not to reach these conclusions. It is about not to leave the reason, with capital R, in second plan, behind the faith, and to give to the reason the power and the nobility that it deserves.

    The mechanism of the religions is of an illusion. It is like a mysterious toy we try to decipher by breaking it. The enchantment and the magic of the religion disappear when we see the mechanism and the reasons behind the beliefs.

    The priests are limited to use only one handful of words, texts and references that allow to better assure the control on the bodies, hearts and souls of the followers. The mythology of the religions need simplicity to become more efficient. The religions make a permanent promotion of the faith, the belief before the intelligence and the reason, the submission of the followers against the freedom of the independent thought, the darkness against the light.

    The necessity of cultivate culturally a god is based in ridicules ideas. We don’t have nothing in the brain beyond what we put in it. Have you seen a child believing in gods? Religions and gods are human beings inventions, just like philosophy, arts and metaphysics. These creations have been made to answer the necessities of confront the anguish of the death; But, we can react in other ways: For example, using the philosophy.

    The believe in a god is an impotence signal. We must be conscious of our possibilities. When we cannot prove something is necessary to recognize these limitation and not make concessions to tale-stories or mythology. The idea of the divine child is a species of infantile illness of the reflective thought.

    The majority of the people is allured by the elected icons of the media, and believe more in them than in the physical truth. The truth is that the role of the religions was not the best one: Attacks against Galileu, genocide during the crusades, the Muslim radicalism, silence before the holocaust, etc. What history show is that the religions instead promoting peace, love, fraternity, friendship between the people and the nations, for the most part produced most of the time the opposite. It does not seem very worthy that the monotheists generated some good here and there. In compensation, they generated extreme human barbarity; and this seems much more important as prove of the impotence of the doctrines.

    We cannot make much about it, except to say what it is truth. The Christians have little moral to disapprove old truths, when they themselves promote old errors until today. The philosophy can allow each one of us the comprehension of what is the world, of what can be our morals, our justice, the rules of the game for a happy existence between the humans, without the necessity of appealing to a god, to the holy ghost, to the sacred one, to the skies, to the religions. It is necessary to pass from the theological age to the age of the mass philosophy.

    The weakness, the fear, the anguish before the death, are the sources of all the religious beliefs, and they will never abandon the humanity.

    The history of the Christianity has just as much value as the mythology of Santa Claus. It is in the same level of the fairies stories, where the animals talk and the witches eat little kids. A thought that only serves the children.

    It is necessary to allow the free construction of ourselves as independent beings. To develop the counter-history of the atheist, sexualist, hedonist and anarchist philosophy.

    Gino Barcal

  3. Joe says:


    I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    Keep up the great work for the Kingdom.


  4. trent says:

    PROVERB 16
    PSALM 119
    For all to read from every corner of the globe. We are many Religions though as an Army we are one to fight satan and his demons and send them back to hell. Everyone believe in your own religion and as long as it’s about peace and not worshiping satan and his demons you are part of Gods one army.
    Written by Trent Balfour 15/02/2009

  5. Here is a video that gives a visual detail of what exactly our Lord, Jesus Christ, died for. Some people can relate to some of the signs, and some people may be facing some of these issues right now. Jesus can save us from our sin. He became sin as he hung on the cross, and he died for you and me. This skit is performed by Youth on the Rock from the Bucyrus Free Will Baptist Church in Ohio. Song is performed by Superchick.

  6. LEAP 72 says:

    Found this recently. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s interesting:

    Benbow’s Creed:

    I believe in one god, with many faces and many names. The creator of all that is known and unknown. The god of the earth,the sun, the universe, the light, the goddess and the life force. The god of all religions.

    I believe in his enlightened children, including Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and the many other sons and daughters unknown by name or lost in time.

    I believe in original innocence. That newborns are free of sins and evil. Children are exposed to greed, jealousy, insecurity, selfishness and other unwanted traits as they walk through life.

    I believe in free will: that we are not victims of our destiny, but have varying degrees of influence upon it.

    I believe that any claimimg the single path or the only god are prideful, ignorant and wrong. Their arguments are flawed. Their reasoning unsound. I believe there are, have been and will always be false prophets, charlatans and liars.

    I believe that all writings are inherently flawed because of the limitations of time and communication, human manipulations and errors in translations.

    I believe humans are an imperfect lot with many flaws and shortcomings, but are inherently good. I believe that women are the creators of life, the nurturers of civilization and are the hope for our future.


  7. Hello HIScrivener~

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I will be adding you to my blogroll.

    Robin aka “The Conservativeblkwoman”


  8. Tony Cathey says:

    I found your site the other day and have enjoyed what I have read. Would you be interested in a link exchange on our sites “links” sections? Either way, God Bless

    Tony Cathey
    Where False Doctrine Gets PWND

  9. petermlopez says:

    Thank you, my brother. I am thankful for the link love. I have also added you to my technorati favorites, and I will do whatever I can to get my readers to check you out. Keep up the good work.

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