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prayerWith newspaper circulations dwindling and Christian TV having to compete with a bajillion other channels offered on satellite, prayer has now gone to the final frontier: the Interweb, according to this story from the New York Times.

Prayer has found a home on the Web. Sites such as, and have recently joined longstanding toll-free telephone services that allow anyone to request, for free, that strangers pray for them. The sites are not all Christian, but most share a belief that if more people pray for something, it has a better chance of happening.

Seeds are moments in time waiting to watered, in my opinion. If people don’t want Christians praying for them, but still feel the connatural need for prayer (which doesn’t really make sense to me, but never mind that right now), then please, call, post and pray.

I suppose this story gives a new meaning to “God is the answer,” because it seems that although people do not want to give up their sin and often reprobate behavior, there is an intrinsic understanding that God is sometimes the only deity who can forgive, cleanse, reward and aid… when, you know, folk want something for nothing.

“In the kind of times we’re living in, there is a hope in finding like-minded people who share our problems,” said Rodger Desai, a mobile phone technology entrepreneur who is a founder of “The Internet is a perfect place to create a market for support and hope.

True, if you are looking for a help meet and believe that is where God is direction. True, if you have a church called The Cyber Church of God in Christ. But, false – waaaaay false – if you believe any of those pesky tales about identity theft, bank fraud, photoshop horrors, social media bullying and German porn spam.

Which begs the question: If you are going to post a sincere prayer online, and choose to use a pseudonym for fear of the aforemention and have little faith in a son of God who can touched with your sin, will your prayer answers go to the wrong address? Faith really is a funny thing, isn’t it?!