Ugly Betty actor got really ugly with Jesus and his mother

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Above the Fold, Occultish Observations, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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Michael Brea killing his mother in the name of God? No way.

Yannick Brea, 55, who was slashed to death by son, is taken from her Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, home. (Source: NY Daily News)

Back to the “Making us all look bad” department: Have you heard about this terrible story involving a disgruntled actor from “Ugly Betty”?

[Actor Michael Brea of ‘Ugly Betty‘ fame] Convinced his church-going mom was possessed by Satan, a Scripture-spouting killer hacked her to death with a 3-foot sword as she knelt in their apartment, police sources said.

It sounds like a B-horror-flick, but this is all true. I have been to church half my life and I have never felt the urge to evangelize so hard that I want to explore what a knife does for salvation. Much less a Masonic sword. And on my mother.

I mean, this story just gets more and more depressing.

Yannick Brea, 55, was found kneeling – as if offering a final prayer – after she was butchered during her son’s demented diatribe about repentance, police said. “Sinner! Sinner!” howled Michael Brea.” Neighbors and police sources said. “You never accepted Jesus!”

What made this possessed, demented dude think killing her would make a difference is beyond me.

Saints, we need to pray that anyone and everyone who claim they know God come to experience the love of Christ! If they did, the Church would become more open, Christians – or “Christians” – would seem more tangible and Jesus would be discussed in terms of splendor and wonder, instead of bitterness and angst.

This story is tragic, but in tragedy, there is truth. Enter Brea’s uncle:

“Something happened that made him do it,” Brea’s uncle told the New York Daily News. “The devil entered him.”

Enough said. The enemy is real, folks. Let’s spread that word and perhaps we can become more vigilant about prayer.

Something happier coming tomorrow. Promise.

  1. I think the saddest part of this story is contemplating the anguish that poor woman faced as her son her one and only son, killed her. I tried to think how terrible that must of been for her. To see that which came from her own womb turn so lost as to want to kill her. Before eeryone screams the devil made me do it, understand in a court of lajjw the devil will not be convicted. the mothers son will be. In the same way no human will stand before God and be able to blame the devil. We are accountable for our own sin. God held adam, eve and the devil accountable. And Christ warns the woman caught in adultery to leave her life of sin. he does this also to the a beggar he heals and actually warns him if he doesnt something worse may happen to him. Dont cry “the devil made me do it” , it wall fall on deaf ears. God’s included


  2. Ina says:

    Let us not forget that he had just attended a Mason Meeting

  3. Pamela says:

    Completely speechless. If people need proof there is a devil this horrible story is a dreadful example of his work.

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