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MOST of the time, I guess

MOST of the time, I guess

Hold up. Wait a minute!

It’s official. Stop the presses. HiScrivener has incontrovertibly seen it all. No spin, no positioning. The ACLU has taken sides with a church near Pittsburgh.

That’s right, Wall Watchers… WITH A CHURCH!

Evidently, the Anti-Christianer, American Civil Liberties Union got tired of that bum rap not living up to their and has decided to finally do so, according to the aforementioned story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The ACLU claims in a federal lawsuit filed this afternoon that a Jefferson County borough improperly enforced its zoning code, thereby denying a church its right to freely practice its religious ministry to help the homeless. Filed in U.S. District Court on behalf of the First Apostles Doctrine Church, the suit claims Brookville Borough’s refusal to permit the church to house homeless persons in its parsonage is discriminatory and violates the U.S. Constitution and federal and state law.

All I can say – with a grievous lump in my throat – is “Go ACLU Go!”

Are you kidding me? Jefferson County has such a weed for their homeless that they would rather see them languish in the subway, take up park benches as “home” and build cardboard boxes on City Hall’s steps than, oh, I don’t know, see a local church shelter them, take them off the street and possibly help them become productive citizens again?

Just a thought. Apparently a fleeting one to the dolts who run the forsaken county.

The issue came to a head in the summer when the zoning officer for the borough of 4,600 residents cited the Rev. Wisor for violating the code by allowing three homeless men to live in the parsonage of the 111-year-old church. Following an Aug. 5 hearing, a district judge fined the pastor $500.

Shame on that pastor for honoring ecumenical patronage and all that hyped-up “doing unto the least of these” crap. Throw the book at him. Whoa! Not that Book. You wouldn’t want him reading it and following the parables, right, Big Brother?

Good thing the economy is in the toliet and there are so many foreclosures across the country. Otherwise, the ACLU would probably sue the First Apostles Doctrine Church for excess of outreach and forcing conversion. Ah well, at least we got ’em this time, if even for a while.

Well, it was a fun ride.

You know, exposing the fraudulent Michael Guglielmucci and his ironic praise, “Healer.” But alas, it looks like this Brickhouse Series is coming to a halt, until of course, he shows up in Australia again.

Oh yeah, you didn’t know. Evidently, there aren’t enough psychotherapists down under who understand addictive and overwhelming pornography. So, holmes has decided to fly the coop and find solace on the couch of an M.D. in the States, according to The Age.

Guglielmucci is now receiving psychiatric care overseas. His bank accounts are being audited by his church and leaders have promised any money raised deceptively will be returned or donated to charity. Police say at this stage they are not planning to lay charges.

As long as he being bled dry of any profit from that amazing hymn to the Lord, I suppose his poverty is enough recompense for what he did to… uh, you know… the world.

Ah well, here’s to hoping he gets better. If God can use him once, he can heal him again?

In the words of Monty Python, “And now for something completely different…” And I mean different, but it requires some reading Wall Watchers, thanks to some masonry from another brick in the wall, “Bible Belt Blogger”.

Meet Star Scott.

A former A/G pastor in Virginia who now dubs himself as prophet and apostle. And typically, when someone is believing his own press, you know what that means – mountebank con artist and all-around theological windbag.

When you “meet” the guy who sounds like he was destined to be an astrologer, you will find a sermon that outlines a man who cared for his bed-ridden bride and smoothly transitions into how God has told him to marry a 20-year old virgin that was handpicked for his bidding… while his ailing wife is still breathing no less.

Wonder if this flick in this fools "Top 5" movies

Wonder if this flick in this fools Top 5 movies

Um, what the…

For He says, “…I am the Lord. And he shall take a wife in her virginity” (verses 12 and 13). He talks about the high priest and He says if you’ve lost a wife, you take a wife. It has to be one that’s a virgin, it has to be one that’s out of your midst, out of your presence. He said the priest couldn’t do that. He said the priest however excuse me, were allowed to. They could marry other than a virgin. They could marry widows who had been married to priests (Ezekiel 44:22). Now what’s this all about? What are we saying? It’s talking about the sanctity, or the holiness of the office and what God preserves for that. As we share these things we’re really looking at the ministry going on.

So, lemme gander at this. You, Star, are the “high priest” who wants to get your swerve on through a mid-life crisis, hold a pity party and uh, “plant your seed”?! Somewhere, women around the globe are shivering and screaming “Ewwww!”

Yeah, look at this one:

Out of the clear, like a lighting bolt Thursday, a few days ago, God spoke to me and He pointed out in our midst one of the virgins among us that’s to become my wife.

How would you like to be one of the father’s in this cult (written in heavy detail by the Washington Post). There you are enjoying service and the pastor proselytizes that your daughter trying to live to pure and upright is about to become his conquest and concubine. Yeah, that’s when my days of tithing there would end with quickness.

Note the whole lightning bolt reference. There is another scripture that references a lightning bolt, which I find apropos right about now. Hrm… oh yeah:

How you are fallen from heaven, O’ Lucifer, son of the morning (Isaiah 14:12-16)

Where’s the lightning. Oh, that’s in Luke, when we find Ol’ Slewfoot getting the boot. That’s when there was a witness. God kicked some blessed assurance in front of his kid. Atta boy!

MEMO to the “fallen” Star: What’s good for that goose is most definitely good for your gander. Peace out, dude. There’s a warm spot waiting for you if you don’t chill and come to your senses.