Just when you thought some megachurch televangelical playas had seen enough of the brethren being shady, sucking their thumb in a fetal position and using hundreds of dollars for tissue – comes Ed Young, Jr.

Eddie is pastor of one of the largest – and most egregious milquetoast – churches in the country, Fellowship Church. He recently made national news (and got to chill with Stephen Colbert) by telling his congregation to have sex for seven days. No mention of differentiation between married couples and those just hooking up, but never mind that now.

Ed has an issue, aside from the fact he rarely mentions Jesus Christ from his production soundstageer, pulpit, he’s a flawed human who adores what cash can bring him. Yes, his church has five “campuses” – four scattered in North Texas and another in Miami (uh, like that’s not too conspicuous). Yes, he has written a few books. So yes, he deserves to have a salty income – but in this story, it’s $1.24 million. This reeks of pimpdom.

Now, I do understand why some global ministers have private jetsever seen an actor or an athlete fly coach, much less first class? No, you haven’t because they would get mugged right out of the terminal. People can’t handle fame. They’re dimwits who are attracted to folk who put on their skivvies like anyone else. But because their Fruit of the Looms are scattered on TV and movies, they must be righteous.

Famed preachers are no different. People can’t handle if their favorite global preacher stepped out of Daystar and TBN and off the runway and into their lives, if only for a while. And then there’s this pimp with his starched button down, Zoom-whitened grill and bedazzled jeans. He is no traveling evangelist. He is no global minister. And he apparently is no righteous individual, just flawed like the rest of us.

Only when he flat-out steals millions of dollars, it becomes national news. Enjoy.

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  1. The other day, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
    My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I
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  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong about Ed young and this church. Naturally a television pastor of one of the biggest churches is going to have equally big donations considering he is broadcasted on abc family and e! Network and has had  the support of people like td jakes, troy aikman and rev run. He is a great pastor that is why people like myself continue to give.. When he talks about tithing he says tithe wherever the members see fit. It is one of the fastest growing churches bc he is an unbelievably great pastor and there is money in the church bc he is successfully reaching people. You should look at the number of new members and baptisms fellowship church has and how much they give to haiti and the community if you’re going to talk about numbers. 

  4. Dave says:

    I’m not exactly a big Ed Young fan since all the money issues started coming out, and I stopped attending church there about a year ago.

    But the statement in this article (2nd paragraph and below) is very false–as I was there when Ed mentioned having sex withing the marriage relationship–not hooking up. Go get the CD and listen for yourself.

    “He recently made national news (and got to chill with Stephen Colbert) by telling his congregation to have sex for seven days. No mention of differentiation between married couples and those just hooking up, but never mind that now.”

  5. Lance says:

    I have been attending this church on and off throughout the last several years. I have tithed there as well. Giving of your heart is quite clear in the New Testament but beating the tithing hammer like it is crystal clear is a bit bold. Sorry it just is not that clear on that subject but is quite clear that megachurchs definitely can’t run their overextended and unnecessarily funded “missions” on anything less! Every time I attend Fellowship in Grapevine I really try to give this guy the benefit of a doubt and erase the gut feeling I have about him. However, after last Sunday and having read testimonies here it all has just about sewn it up for me not attending this church anymore.

    Feb 27th’s 11:26 AM Sunday sermon included but was not limited to:

    (1) Ed showing off a photo his wife took of a police officer pulling him over for doing 47 in a 30 mph zone. Borderline bragging about how he got out of the ticket because the policeman that pulled him over in Florida got married at Fellowship. Wow, way to go Ed so breaking the law is cool and and getting away with it even cooler. Lesson learned, I’ll be sure and explain that to my two year old later on down the line. Good thing you didn’t run over any kids on the way to your humble Miami abode! Best part is not even that bit. The photo of the officer/Ed and his wife Lisa was show on our theater size screen(s). It was a really nice photo with crisp detail, no doubt the latest high mega pixel camera & the best your tithing money can buy! Best part, wait for it ….showed off his make of car. Can anyone guess what it was?? Come on take a shot peeps… yeah, that’s right a Mercedes Benz and no it didn’t look like a low end/late model either although I guess in fairness I suppose steering wheels don’t tell the whole picture! Perhaps somehow you could call the money Ed has his although I firmly believe money made off God’s word or based on his word is 100% royalties to his Church not Ed’s pocket. Want money the honest way Ed? Try carpentry on the side? Worked for Jesus! but I suppose that’s beneath you now Megastar!

    (2) Another quote from just this Sunday alone, “If I were God ( and I am starting to believe Ed thinks he is) I would ask for 40% for offerings”…” But God asks that we give 10% as the MINIMUM”…oh full impact on 10% and MINIMUM as if we may just barely slip in the pearly gates with that sort of Widow’s mite type showing! Now 40% ! Maybe you can get your photo taken with God ( I mean Ed ) himself! oops sorry he is too busy taking photos with Hulk Hogan ( great family role model there) and other “Christian” celebrities so maybe I will just have to settle for a nice Christmas card for donations over 10%!

    Apart from those two bits from just this Sunday I would say other things that just don’t seem quite right include but not limited to:

    (1) Jesus Christ and what he did for mankind can often go unmentioned throughout an entire sermon on any given Sunday

    (2) No invitations to come to the front( or in other means for that matter) and except Christ as your Saviour. I mean if you are an unbeliever and it happened to be the one Sunday you decided to check the whole God thing then well you don’t hear much more than a watered down version of the Dr. Phil show on any given Sunday with Ed and the gang.

    (3) I had heard that the pastor will not publish the financial s fully as most churches do and particularly his take of that. I tend to believe that may be true after seeing this article. I will say that I have not confirmed this but my gut certainly is leaning towards that being the case.

    (4) Didn’t Jesus throw people out of the temple for money changing? Well, what does God’s house have to do with selling overpriced clothing, jewelry,art, home decor and prices on books that are twice that of any other retailer or just merchandise period? Not to mention the Starbucks like cafe they have st pretty much the same prices. I mean if it all goes to the church and the church in turns uses it efficiently for reaching people for Christ then I have no problems with it but without disclosure of finances who really knows how much goes where. You can also buy any of his sermons, special series or one of his millions books for while you are there for anywhere between 40 to over 100 bucks usually! No this stuff ain’t nowhere near cheap people and yeah I used ain’t so you can just discount everything I am saying ok…. What ever happened to the Bible being the only book we needed? Not sure I will have time to fit that book in while I read all of Eds watered down Dr. Phil renditions! Oh well , only mine and others salvation on the line, no biggie, I’m sure I can squeeze in the Bible later on if is indeed even necessary after reading all of Ed’s gospels.

    (5) Gotta love the pistol totting police officers parading around as well. I don’t recall Jesus and his disciples packing heat but that’s just my recollection and I am sure they had just as many people out to get them ( albeit with knives and not guns). Maybe I am being harsh on this one but you know it just don’t feel like church with guys carry guns around ! Sorry, just don’t !

    (6) The Miami thing! Really? Wasn’t not being present on 3 of 4 Dallas campuses on a given Sunday well enough? Now you have to overextend yourself to Miami ( w/ the low cost leer jet getting you there no doubt). I just feel that a preacher should be a one church man much like a man a one woman man.

    (7) Inviting the likes of people like TD Jakes and Joyce Meyer. Granted I like the way Joyce speaks and how crisp her messages can be but none the less she and TD Jakes are quiet advocates of speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the lowest of the 7 gifts of the spirit and we know God does not bestow this gift every week for every person in a penecostal church but more like once in a lifetime if that. Day of Pentecost was a rare occasion even in the Bible ( in fact the only occasion I have come across in my readings ! ) Check out James and what it says about speaking in tongues! Fellowship Church has a Baptist background ( Ed Jr has indeed strayed from his father Ed Young Senior’s church roots) I’d rather see his father back as preacher at this point!

    Perhaps this seems a bit like bashing the guy but I just didn’t want to water it down like Ed does his preaching. I think there is a lot of good in Ed but I think money truly has corroded him to a large extent at this point in time and I am not sure if he will stop what he doing with the fame and mis use of money and get back to what he probably started off trying to do which was hopefully spreading the Word of God not the Word of Ed!

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  8. How I Bet a Million Dollars
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Of inthatdayteachings.com

    A devil came to me one night, and said,
    I have a proposition for you,
    Here is a million dollars tax-free in cash,
    Here’s what I’d like you to do.

    Pick your favorite prosperity preacher,
    Any one with big hair and life will do,
    Give him the million dollars in cash,
    For his sweet story you know is true.

    That preacher might promise you,
    One thousand increase!
    One thousand increase from God,
    Is a billion feast!

    Or second choice, this devil said,
    Use the million on yourself,
    Be a prosperity preacher,
    Getting tithes from sheep plebes.

    Promise others God’s thousand increase,
    Make them happy that way,
    Soon you’ll have your billion,
    More direct deposit gay.

    So pick,
    Said this devil,
    The lesser,
    Of which evil?

    Of course, you spirit, I said,
    I shan’t give one million away,
    To a preacher promising God,
    Will thousand multiply my pay.

    I choose rather to be the preacher,
    Receiving prosperity tithes,
    I’ll get my billion soon enough,
    By masses unaware of wiles.

    And praise God,
    I got my billion,
    But my sheep,
    Not good they’re feeling!

    They chose the greater of two evils,
    Me, my big life and hair do not care,
    They chose to be sheep, me sheep-eater,
    It is my money now, ce’st la guerre!

  9. Aimee says:

    In one of his sermons he was on stage talking about standing there in his size 11 Kenneth Cole boots. After that I quit watching. It just rubbed me the wrong way why he had to say what kind of boots like he was advertising his expensive designer boots.

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m going to have to call Ed for what he is: a false teacher who is abusing the word of God for money. One cannot serve two masters.

    A HUGE red flag went up for me when I was on the FC website and they asked for Cars, Homes, Coin Collections, Jewelry, Land, Stocks, Bonds, Gold & Silver.

    If Ed really cares about how much money he makes than maybe he needs to work several more jobs ( not ones that have something to do with God) to attain that lifestyle.

    If he can’t be straight with his congregation and staff about this, then it makes me wonder what else he is trying to keep from them and what else has he been lying about.

    I feel sorry for all of the people who were duped by this greedy, lying Charlatan.

  11. RE BLING is the PROBLEM: Ministers of Bling. Generally, they are not educated in Western Enlightenment. Western Enlightenment, from Greek-Jewish-Gothic Christianity, has a tragic view of reality wherein human nature has self-interest problems that need constant self-checking and self-limiting mechanisms; which if followed enable openness to higher ground. That is Western Enlightenment’s reality. And it is a reality that is curious. It inquires. It asks the prophet, what do you have? What is God’s Higher Ground? Opposed to that, sad to say, is Pentecost Christianity as practiced by bling preachers: It is a therapeutic reality very close to progressive so-called reality. Which is to say, no reality at all. It is a utopian dream/scheme of some sort. Their doctrine stinketh. And the rule of thumb with all utopias, is that there are no utopias possible. They are just a scheme for leader proponents to gain some advantage, since they have not the faith to do it the Western Enlightened way, God’s reality. (For a utopian scheme to work, human nature must change. They’d have to be god to do that! Short of that, they have to do extreme reality distortion!) So bling preachers (and progressive liberals) are incurious. They don’t inquire. They pay prophets to say they are great. They will never ask a true prophet, what do you say? Because they are scared of the answer. Bling preachers (and progressive liberals) have to exert a tremendous reality distortion field to build up their utopia dream/schemes. They need apologists. They need lotsa media. They need to copy each other’s same message! They exalt a bread crumb and enshrine a piffle! Nonsense! And the amazing thing, they get lots and lots of apologists, folk who are primitive, under-educated, easily-herded, gullible, taught to never question, touch-not-shenanigan-wolves, and perfectly ready for the next dictator to abscond with what the bling-leaders have not already taken. Anti-American! Bling leaders talk forever of revival. It won’t happen under their watch. Ever.

  12. jan says:

    I followed Ed via the computer. I did love his creativity but had a gut feeling when I could only access 1 part in a multi-part series without having to buy it…hmmmmm…then I watched some youtube video’s one being a tour of his home…hmmmm….like why do you want to show me your home….hmmmmmm……then his fishing vacations……hmmmmmmm……then Christmas Cribs video…..hmmmmmmm….I just got this gut feeling he is in love with himself way too much. Another black eye for Christ. So sorry about this but I am not surprised. Saw his church service online “clearing the air”. Interesting, vague and “they” drank the jello.

  13. Why Do the Theo-Economic TV Priests Rage?
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Of inthatdayteachings.com
    Copyright 3/27/09
    Psalm 2, Revelation 3:19

    WHY do the Theo-economic TV priests rage, and their viewers imagine a vain thing? (For generations they have believed the economy, and their success in it, as God!)

    2 The prosperity kings of the earth set themselves apart (living in a creepy, vapid and thoroughly deluded self-congratulatory world), and the Christian broadcast programmers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his true anointed, saying,

    3 Let us break their bands (of prophetic and holy warnings) asunder, by never allowing a video camera to show true rebuke or chastisement on air, and cast away their cords of correction from us.

    5 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall have them in derision.

    6 Thou shalt break them with rod of great modern depression; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a profligate in bankruptcy, like a tax cheat in audit, like a give-to-get preacher caught in one form of adultery or the other (as they adulterate the word, so themselves).

    7 Be wise now, therefore, O ye kings of avoiding chastisement: be instructed that thou hast been utterly uncorrectable; ye judges of what shall be broadcast in My Name.

    8 Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice not that thou hast served thyself by eating sheep’s meat and drinking sheep’s blood until thou art gorged unto point of bursting open and loosing alien demons within; even as thou has broadcast thine own demon spirits worldwide in a manner so brazen that would even make Jezebel herself blush in shame.

    9 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way of gold rings, bejeweled watches, big hair, envy-pandering, extravagant stage sets, executive jets, multiple mansions, overseas bank accounts and shiny, brazen egos from the pit of hell itself.

    10 Blessed are all they that see what thou do, and do the opposite in fear and trembling.

  14. Burned _ By _Fellow says:

    I’m so relieved that some awful truths have finally appeared. FC left a bad taste in my mouth years ago. A staff member’s wife encouraged a close friend to invest money in a ” Christian” mission and banking opportunity. Telling of their own success stories and PRAYING together about it, my friend faithfully invested 100,000 dollars.
    Sadly, the money is gone and no response or apology ever given. Turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. The experience that I endured with my friend makes me frightened of the level of greed that is in that institution.

    • boydmiller says:


      A lot of pyramid schemes(Amyway) have come from church settings which is why the prosperty gospel has been adopted so universality. These gambling joints(churches)are full of vultures(car,insurance,and real estate salesmen and others) who look for and prey on big donors. That’s why if you are going to donate, remain anonymous(Matt. 6:3) and it will help keep you from these people who are encouraged to attend churches to troll for contacts.

  15. […] Fellowship Church’s Ed Young becomes the latest pastor to come under news media scrutiny, though he seems to defend himself admirably in a 25 minute briefing to his church.   Here’s what channel 8 had to say (8 minutes long) and Ed’s response.   But not everybody was impressed. […]

  16. […] Fellowship Church’s Ed Young becomes the latest pastor to come under news media scrutiny, though he seems to defend himself admirably in a 25 minute briefing to his church.   Here’s what channel 8 had to say (8 minutes long) and Ed’s response.   But not everybody was impressed. […]

  17. Doesn’t it bother anybody to read Ed Young’s walk-left-right-front-back pendulum hypnotism? It’s a real song-and-dance. Notice how he puts his toes over the stage edge repeatedly? This is nuero-linguistic programming shenanigans. Ed also stands weird, with heels together at 90 degrees. All these oddisms help the hypnotism. He’d say it’s just being natural… yeah, a natural hypnotizer. Also, note how Obama does the same things differently: Speech pendulum swinging. Obama learned it from Jeremiah Wright. These pastors want you to come to their next seminar… a seminar on audience hypnotism! They don’t ever explain how it works. To do that, go to Vegas and see a hypnotism show. They explain it. But these preachers, they just copy each other as to what works: Using Ed’s language: How to “clock-out” the audience. Wiles and wiles. Not enlightenment, just nuero-linguistic programming. (TD Jakes does hypnotism with his: Can anybody finish my…, finish my…. finish my…. SENTENCE!!! This is puerile, brain-dead hypnotism. C3 Baby!) To wit:

    Yawning Over Potemkin Zombieland
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Of inthatdayteachings.com
    Copyright 2/16/10

    Well then, it’s agreed:
    There are just no prophets today,
    Warning us about,
    Potemkin Zombieland. Hurray!

    Hurray! We’re okay,
    With hamster pipe walk-left-walk-right preachers!
    They don’t mesmerize us,
    Not according to our liberal school teachers!

    No, the wing tanks are full,
    On the jets of our preacher and politico class!
    We need discern nothing,
    Enlightened thought is just a worrisome morass!

    Even if one of us in thinking,
    Were to succeed,
    Not one, but all need enlightening,
    To work. Agreed?

    So we’re ever so happy,
    With Potemkin Zombieland!
    Leaders: rich, plebes: broke,
    Enslaved America is so grand!

    That’s what some preachers and politicians,
    Do, if not say, by their action!
    Never mind their blinding us to all that,
    Our one job: Their satisfaction!

    Never mind Western Enlightenments’ tragic view,
    Check and verify against each man’s sin,
    We embrace mystic, therapeutic tyranny,
    Our lives: dust, that masters live: golden!

    It’s the new all-for-one,
    And the new one-for-all,
    Feudal lords over us,
    Come now, lords of cabal!

    Actually, we need to be,
    More primitive, more easy-to-herd,
    More easy-to-direct gerbils!
    More nadir! Our zenith leaders’ word!

    We need faux James Bond leaders and preachers,
    Jetting to elite vacation spots!
    With fake licenses to steal our monies and lives,
    No consequences, no harms, no blots!

  18. […] It’s a brainwashing tactic, not a biblical exhortation, of which we have become all too familiar thanks to many misanthrope swindlers who have used it to their advantage and not for the benefit of their sheep (i.e. Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn and now entering the fold, Ed Young). […]

  19. […] Tags hiscrivener on Ed Young about to have “…Bob Jamison on Ed Young about to have “…hiscrivener on Ed Young about to have […]

  20. […] Tags hiscrivener on Ed Young about to have “…Bob Jamison on Ed Young about to have “…hiscrivener on Ed Young about to have […]

  21. Bob Jamison says:


    That aircraft is owned by Medill Corporation. It traces back to Ed Young as the principal through several other entities. The church is making the lease purchase payment on the aircraft. He only uses the lease word on stage and not purchase(evasive and deceitful). Ed paid $11.4 Million via a lease with a $1.00 Residual Buy Out for the aircraft at the end of the lease. He then wrapped the transaction in a “shell game” lease company that he owns set up as a Delaware Trust based in Texas. At the end of the lease, the congregation just bought Ed a jet. The only problem is N188FJ is a 1988 Model Falcon 50 that is now worth no more than 4.5 Million(Not the $8.4 Million the news reported. The news reported it as a 2002 Model and that is incorrect. Medill Corporation makes the payment to GE Capital each month. Is this the best use of the Lord’s money? The pilots that work for Brad Harris at Dallas Jet International(The management company for the jet based at Alliance Airport) that crew the aircraft have always known the aircraft is a secret. Alliance is highly secure and private compared to the other airports in this part of North Texas. Just call Brad Harris to confirm. He will give you the same half truth as Ed did on stage on who owns the aircraft. It is no secret that it is a secret and always has been. Here is the registration straight from the FAA Records:

    Record 1 of 1 found


    Make: FALCON Year of Delivery: 1989 Airport: AFW – KAFW – Ft. Worth Alliance Airport
    Ft. Worth – TX – United States
    Model: 50 Year of Manufacture: 1988 Serial Number: 50-188 Alt Ser#:
    Registration Number: N188FJ Prev Reg#: XA-ALA Status: Not for Sale Purchase Date: 4/4/2001
    Life Cycle: In Operation Previously Owned: Yes Ownership Type: Wholly Owned
    Currently On Lease Last Change: 2/3/2009

    Company Contact
    Owner/Lessor – General Electric Capital Corporation
    DBA GE Corporate Aircraft Finance
    10 Riverview Drive
    Danbury, CT 06810 United States
    Office: 203-749-6000
    Mr. Scott F. Forsberg
    Manager, Aircraft Remarketing
    Office: 203-749-6640

    Lessee – Medill Company/ Ed Young
    TX United States
    Ms. Ann R. Duckart
    Vice President Tracy M Lamb Vice President

    Aircraft Management Company – Dallas Jet International, LP
    5605 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 640
    Irving, TX 75038 United States
    Office: 972-812-7525
    Fax: 972-812-7527
    Mr. Brad Harris
    President & CEO
    Office: 972-812-7525
    Fax: 817-853-5188

    Registered as Owner – CEF 2002 Aircraft, LLC
    United States
    Hutson T. W
    Hangar: 503-329-5901

    This aircraft will be owned by ED YOUNG’S “SHELL” company, Medill for $1.00 at the end of the lease. ALL COMPLIMENTS OF THE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. The aircraft costs the church over $1,000,000.00 per year currently with insurance, pilots, hangar, and repairs. Hmmm, now that’s not exactly as Ed put it on stage. There is no transparency at Fellowship because Ed owns the church and he won’t allow it. That is specifically against the way the New Testament insists that a church should be structured. It should not be owned by the Pastor. A church is owned by the membership but NOT AT ED YOUNG’S CHURCH. IT IS ALL SETUP WRONG AND IT IS FOR PROFIT BUSINESS THAT HE HAS CONVINCED HIMSELF IS SET UP CORRECTLY. LET ME KNOW HOW THAT IS WORKING FOR FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. WHAT A TURN OFF FOR SOMEONE LOOKING TO FIND CHRIST. ALL OVER A STUPID AIRPLANE AND A BIG HOUSE. ED YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

  22. Hamster-Pipe Preaching
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Of inthatdayteachings.com
    Copyright 1/12/10

    Oh, congregation,
    Please! Let me now repent!
    A nightmare I had,
    In a dream I was sent!

    I was in a large, clear, acrylic, hamster-pipe: preaching!
    Walking, as I do, left to right,
    A veritable pendulum of Neuro-Linguistic hypnotism,
    Creating in your minds: great blight!

    Hamster-pipe hidden shenanigans,
    Walking, talking, motioning in cadence to and fro!
    Talking straw man rapture villains,
    Wile-jabber-prophet mystic tyranny, don’t you know!

    Like a weak-glued pencil,
    The point always breaks,
    Only those outside church,
    See my feigns and fakes!

    A playwright or a director,
    Or a person of reasonable firmness,
    Would see your brain: I hector,
    The point being: I remove souls’ sureness!

    And then: don’t touch God’s anointed!
    But God’s anointed don’t use witchcraft shenanigans!
    Amen? Agree? Clap hands? Give in?
    Western Enlightened see thru me! I stop all bragging!

    I’ve been a hamster-pipe preacher!
    Stuck in a very stupefying, narrow vein!
    Trying to make minds: more narrow,
    Calling my mind-raping squirrel cage: born again!

    God, in my dream, showed me,
    How beautiful a mind can be!
    Free and creative! Loving!
    Not bound up: worshipping dumb me!

    In my dream God cut a hole,
    In my fear-greed-slouch pipe!
    I had to repent to you,
    That step out: free, I might!

    Now, Fuzzy Wuzzee, my hamster,
    That was my dream within a dream!
    I’d NEVER repent to my church!
    No, NEVER! Know what I mean?

    Fuzzy Wuzzee, you say to me,
    Surely, you can’t be serious,
    And I, your master grandee,
    Say, you’re gonna love this!

    Tee hee! Hee hee! Ho ho! Fuzzy, I love you!
    I’m cuckoo for brain-conning!
    I’m having fun! And my sheep! Aren’t you?

    Jeremiah 6:16 – Thus says the LORD, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’” — New American Standard Bible

    Jeremiah 48:10 – Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    And see this:


  23. tonya says:

    I am a Christian, but I feel that that kind of salary/compensation to a pastor for ANY size church mega or not is ridiculous. It just seems wrong to me, obviously they should be well compensated but millions? Somehow I don’t think that is what God intended….maybe I’m wrong, but when I tithe I want to feel its helping as many people and charitable programs as possible, not just making my Pastor a millionaire!

  24. Kim Witman says:

    I must ask ….. are you trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and are you obedient to His Word? Your slander of Christ followers is a sin. Grace of communication is practiced by the following….is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?

    I will say nothing if you are not a believer because you don’t owe Christ followers anything, but if you are…..

    • hiscrivener says:

      Kim (and anyone else who thinks this post has validity), if you read more than this one post about someone you enjoy, you would find through objective ration that I am very much trusting the Lord.

      Slander of Christ followers, or anyone, is illegal. Good thing this wasn’t slander. I’m reporting a story and offering my opinion based upon perception. Any time you are a pastor who has to earn $1.24 million annually, you are selling something. Where is the joy I can’t experience with my paltry salary versus what he must incur to enjoy his.

      If you are earning through a for-profit venture, sweet. All power to you. If you are sheering your sheep just to make a Kashmir sweater, we have a problem because where in the Bible do you find that example?

      Oh yeah, the pagans. Just sayin’. He has a heart for God. I’ve met the guy on several occasions. No one is denying that. However, the love of money… not the cash, just the greed.

    • boydmiller says:


      Ed isn’t following the Word, so why are you following Ed? Ed is marketing the Word, which completely different than sharing the Word. You have fallen into a personality cult and become a slave to Ed.
      (1Cor.7:23)”You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.

  25. FC Member says:

    As a member of Fellowship I personally think there is more ‘Ed fraud’ to follow. There is a lot of things yet to come out. The news story only touched the surface of a much deeper problem. FC is an awesome church and Ed is a wonderful pastor but wrong is wrong. Give me a break..u NEED a jet r u WANT a jet? There is a difference.

    • Another FC Member says:

      FC Member, thank you for your comment. I’m also a member, or should I say ex-member. I know so many people at FC through long friendships, home team, volunteering, etc. I’ve talked to them about all of this and our leaving the church. We seem to be the only ones who sees how terrible all of this is and are disgusted with Ed. I’ve been thinking there’s just something wrong with us so it was reassuring to see your post. I’m afraid the majority of the congregation is totally mesmerized and hypnotized and can’t see the truth of the situation.

  26. boydmiller says:

    Matthew chapter 10 verse 8 from the PCB(Personality Cult Bible)

    “Freely you have received, freely give, except for private plane expenses, five star hotel accomodations and a modest 5 figure speaking fee with a opportunity to pitch book and CD sales displayed on site and to include host current donor list.”

  27. Ron says:

    “Tonight, our church had more guests and members there than it has in a long time, all to show their support of our Pastor. He received a standing ovation!!!”

    So,as long as the numbers are increasing it doesn’t matter what they are being fed,is that right? Seems to me that “don’t do as I do,do as I say” is the mantra suscribed to at this “church”.Ummm…no thanks.

    “Come visit Fellowship Church to get the real truth”. Frankly,any rational person would run from this “church”,and any Christian would be insulted and embarrassed to say Ed Young is their Pastor.How about this for some TRUTH:

    2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Ever hear this TRUTH in your church? Didn’t think so.


  28. Joel says:

    I have yet to see evidence of audits of megachurches which takes place ‘several times a year.’

    Further, being a follower of Ed Young is, well, telling.

  29. Matt H says:

    Dear writer, your facts are misguided here. Ed made great mention multiple times in the difference of married couples and “hook ups” in what they called the “sex challenge” discussed on the Colbert Report.

    And the comment of “about to have fellowship with the IRS”: if you were more informed you would already know that the IRS regularly audits every mega church, several times a year. So the IRS digging into Ed, and Fellowship Church will be nothing new as of the last 10 or so years.

    The salary you mentioned? Trust me the news doesn’t know that number and they can only make guesses. Try not to take everything you see on TV at face value. The private jet lease? If you are paid to speak all over the world and you cannot afford to be 10 minutes late after a 10 hour flight, commercial flying won’t cut it. Do those items get paid for with donor money? Not quite. It passes through to those who hire him to speak. The vast majority of his money comes from book sales anyway. So those who have a problem with someone being snot rich and in the ministry, might should just get over it and grow a clue.

  30. Through Christ Jesus, an Ed Young Follower says:

    I am an Ed Young congregation member. All of you need to know this man, know what our church is about, and have ALL the facts before publishing such things. What was aired on the news is completely untrue and not the full story was told. I pray for all of you that slander a man of God on the internet, on the news, or wherever you choose to do it. This man devotes his life to God. It’s not worth going into detail about on here but I had to make comment to your idiocrousy on here. Come visit Fellowship Church to get the real truth. I hope you choose to realize Satan is using your mouth to get to people and it just wont work. Tonight, our church had more guests and members there than it has in a long time, all to show their support of our Pastor. He received a standing ovation!!! Thank you Ed Young, and thank you for the change you have made in my life and to the thousand’s of other people in this world! May your works continue and may your congregation grow even larger than it already is. Let’s give the real thanks to who deserves it, Jesus Christ!

    • What are you thinking? says:

      I’ve been a member for 10 years. We don’t worship ED, we worship God almighty. God wants us to question. Do you really think it is right for us to give luxury to our pastor, while the world and the dispossessed suffer. We are not groupies. We are Christ followers. NOT ED YOUNG followers. Wake up, and realize he used us to fatten his gluttony for luxury. This is not ok with GOD.

    • Another FC Member says:

      Fellowship Church is an amazing church. There are some wonderful Christians who work there. Ed Young is a phenomenal speaker. We have been members for 6 years. I wasn’t a Christian until I started going to FC. Ed helped me find Jesus and I accepted him as my Lord and Savior and I was baptized there. I understand how awesome it is. However, I completely agree with “What Are You Thinking?” This isn’t about how great Ed is. This is about a shepherd who has gone astray and let the evil one put greed in his heart. We have tithed to this church when we didn’t have money to put food on the table. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. I expected that money to be going to essential operating costs of the church or for outreach programs for people in need – not to give Ed the luxury of riding around the world in a private jet or living in a 1.4 million dollar home. This is all greed and excess. I believe the congregation should take care of their pastor but this is ridiculous. How much good could the church do to help the needy in DFW if they had not blown all that money on a jet. And the figures that we hear about the cost of the jet…well that’s only the actual lease. How much do you think it costs to pay for the hangar, maintenance, and to keep one or two pilots on staff? And why does he need a jet at all? If he speaks at a conference, the conference should pay for his airline tickets. Oh wait, is it that he is just too good to ride first class on a commercial flight? Sound like he’s got a bit of a God complex. No matter how good his sermons are, I do not want to be led to the Word by someone who puts himself on such a pedestal and does not respect the money that should belong to the church. I’m broken hearted by all the things I’ve learned about “my church” lately but I can never look at Ed Young the same again so we are in search of a new church.

    • Fellowship church is just a big scam. Ed and his wife as well as the staff have ruined church for me and my family. Whoever gives this guy access to their bank accounts is someone who is stupid and insecure. Give your money to the North Texas Food Bank where it will help those less fortunate. It will piss Ed off because he can’t go preach in Belize or take a shopping trip to New York. I am sure the ferraris were necessary props for his sermon. Guess that helped him get an exotic car lease too. If it looks like BS and smells like BS it is BS. Grow up and become your own person and lead your family yourself instead of relying on Ed to tell you what to do. Again lots of good local charities that do operate properly. Select your favorite and contribute.

  31. Joel says:

    The title of this post is awesome enough!

    Why do these people actually have followers?

  32. boydmiller says:

    I get the not wanting to fly commerial(who does?) and if you want to see some nice aluminum sleds check out the airport when the PGA tour comes to town. Maintenance on these toys with God’s money though is a little hard to justify. On the other hand most of these guys could take off the bling and put a cap on their rug and nobody would notice them.

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