Paula White thinks the Apostle Paul missed his calling

Posted: May 22, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Networking, Testify

That’s right, sports fans.

Evidently, according to Paula White in the attached video, Paul wasn’t a great preacher. Oh sure, he was a profound man of God working in miracles, but his preaching lacked because:

Paul preached for 24 hours… and if you can’t say ‘it’ in 30 minutes can’t preach well

Hi, Mr. Pot. It’s me, Ms. Kettle. I’m black and I want you to know that I haven’t preached in 30 minutes flat since I got in the ministry. Now here’s another:

He was a boring preacher because he never took homiletics or hermeneutics

Well, thank God she understands scripture so well, because her history recollection is a tad sparse. You see, ‘homilies’ weren’t delivered in the Eastern Orthodox Church or during Anglican communions until the 19th century, so in fact, she’s right. Paul may have missed that class in SEMINARY!

Additionally, about Paul falling asleep in said Bible School during Hermeneutics 101, here’s some manna for thought. The first writ to undergo an exegete was the Talmud, which until 70 AD was all ORAL. Considering Paul most likely died during Nero’s fiddle playing in Rome in 64-67 AD, I think Mr. ‘of Tarsus’ had a decent alibi for being tardy to class that day too.

This is truly Wall material, because if there is one thing Jesus probably isn’t hip about is some fake doctoral student preacher exclaiming the cat who wrote 2/3 of the New Testament would be a bore in Sunday school because he couldn’t get his whoop on.

P.S. Forward video to 1:45 for the questionable commentary

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  2. What exactly truly influenced you to compose “Paula White thinks the Apostle Paul missed
    his calling The Writing on the Wall”? I reallyhonestly liked it!

    Many thanks -Thorsten

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  4. evans says:

    sounds like the same things that T.D Jakes preached before

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  6. global warning says:

    Didn’t Jesus tells us in the last days that there would be false prophets and even the elect would be deceived? Here she is!!! And deceiving millions, hook, line and sinker!!!

  7. steve says:

    why did she belittle Apostle Pauls way of preaching yet she made her whole sermon on Apostle Pauls writings? Why is she contradicting herself?

    • Dr.Howard says:

      Paul said he did not come with the power of excellent speaking but with the power of Christ which is far more important.See Surgeon’s church in England today; only a few in attendance as it was built on his great speaking abilities,etc.
      Paula sounds hysterical when she -if you call it that- preaches!She seems overly emotional and it seems she is trying to ‘imitate’ other chrisie preachers to make up for the lack of real theology and spiritual substance that is Bible -based, when they rant, hollar and scream! It’s a trademark with them.
      When they are screaming miracle everyone gets excited like Paula and they feel something has happened but it is smoke and mirrors!No real miracles and no real Paul preaching just emotional fluff!

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