Typically, HiScrivener‘s blog etiquette is to find a few links that summarize a story and create a few smarmy comments to emphasize it. Not this page, not this commentary. This page is the catalyst for the “Writing on the Wall“. As noted on the linked page, Body of Christ… we need to WAKE UP, smell the fresh paint dripping on the wall and read the ink.

Remember Jesus - in all thingsThis story from the Christian Post is very close to my heart, but unlike so many pastors and teachers out there, I have experienced it first-hand and am not even shy about discussing it. So if you fancy a diatribe with visceral emotion, enjoy.

It’s been said, “The number one reason for atheism in this country is Christians.” I’m of the mindset that old sayings become old for a reason – wisdom that lasts time. And this, dear Body, is fact.

Most Christians have ‘desert experiences‘ – where fellowship is dry and absent, focus on God becomes waning and faith ends up exiting. The salvation is intact, peace with God is present but it’s a constant struggle to walk with the Lord. Why? Sometimes it’s God’s people.

Have you ever met a child – a true “Bebe’s Kid” – that causes you to think, “What went wrong? His (or her) parents are great!” Why can’t God receive the same inference? “God is loving, caring and full of grace. Why do some of his people act as if the world owes them something and are completely out of touch with humanity?”

Don’t believe me? Work for a church someday and then call me. Some (not even close to being most) of the worst people I have ever met – genuinely – are pastors or senior staffers at a church. Regretfully, that “It’s my world and you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut” approach to theology is the cause of the aforementioned article in the Christian Post.

Upset JesusThe worst condition of this horrendous symptom in the Body of Christ is that younger Christians haven’t developed thick skin, are usually the ones that get affronted and turn around and BLAME GOD! What a bad rap the Almighty gets at the misguided and often diabolical actions of his people.

MEMO to all God-fearing, Bible-toting, Jesus-loving people out there: sometimes, you are the ONLY impression some lost soul will ever get of the Lord. Screw it up and you could create a ripple in the water of that person’s soul that is irrevocable.

Most of the time, Christians leave because of a “wounded” experience. They either deliberately walk away due to questions and doubts that go unanswered or they feel that God has walked away or “disappeared,”

Who “wounded” them? Often, other Christians!

True story: the DAY my son was born, I was TOLD to work (on a Saturday) so the church could get directional signs up by Monday. See, school was getting ready to start and that initial impression to other parents was more important than my welcoming this little guy into the world. Oh sure, I tried to refuse but the executive PASTOR threatened to fire me and actually questioned my loyalty to CHRIST!

Yes, it happens every day and if I didn’t have enough confidence in my walk with God, I would have just kept walking without him… and became one of the 31 million people PER YEAR that walk away all together noted in this profound article.

Speaking from experience, he [the focus of the article] believes Christians who return back to the faith can become a phenomenal force to revitalize churches. “When you come back, you come back for good. You come back with a passion” and reach out to others who have left the church, he said.

My fingerprints are God'sMy sincere and earnest prayer is that I never become some dear soul’s bad impression of the love from God I experience on a daily basis. I am fully aware that I am a “living epistle” for all those I come in contact.

My witness, testimony and ACTIONS are what is read by those I surround myself and others that just watch my life from the cheap seats. If those three things are out of whack – biblically, ethically or morally – then I’s gots some ‘splaning to do.

Don’t believe me? Ask a waiter – any waiter – what is the WORST SHIFT to wait tables. Answer: a resounding ‘Sunday Brunch’. Why? Us. Why again? Many of us are so heavenly minded, we are no earthly good. You would rather leave a track instead of 20 – 30 percent (instead of BOTH). You are so demanding for chips and refills that you forget the other tables around you are asking for the same thing, and the same waiter is serving them too. Many reasons, one solution – that same person warming a pew every Sunday.

In short, our fingerprints are on every lost (and found) soul we touch with those three items, and to disregard or disrespect that role in their lives, is robbery to them and to God because we just stole a genuine experience that God was trying to make a ‘coincidence’.

Incidentally, a coincidence? It’s nothing more than a small miracle where God prefers to be anonymous.

Body, it’s a large responsibility to be a Christian. Yeah, you heard me… ‘responsibility’. Cast your calling aside. Put your anointing on the shelf. You are called to be a witness, first and foremost, by the three things previously mentioned that 90 percent of us take for granted.

People in the five-fold do it. Regular church folk do it. The only people that don’t – can’t, because they aren’t saved yet. And guess what?

YOU may be the cause of that.

Question: If you asked me to ‘get saved’, does that mean I will end up acting like you? If you aren’t proud to say ‘yes’ to that question, then reconsider whose child you are. Because if Bebe’s Kids plague the Church, it’s “DADDY” that gets blamed for bad parenting.

  1. Well said…I wonder if it starts at church. We make it all about Sunday, going to church, wearing the right clothers…we put pastors up on unreachable thrones…maybe if we spent more time truly equipping the saints and less patting each other on the back…

    • hiscrivener says:

      Couldn’t agree more. If I wanted to attend a fashion show, I would go to one (well, not really, but let’s say I wanted to do that to make the point). Church is about religion these days. Jesus is about relationship every day.

      • Dustin says:

        I am that guy that left church began hating religion and questioned everything I could through blind eyes THen God miraculously worked His plan for me to get back into church now I feel like I’m on fire almost every day for the LORD Yaweh. I seek to help others who left the BODY to get back into HIM remain in Him and He will remain in you.

  2. S.L 26 says:

    Wow this is so true, but you know what? I believe this happens because not every one can just wake up one day and say “I want to be a pastor” I believe that God has to choose you to lead His people how do you expect to do Gods work if you are not chosen? If what they preach and do comes our of their head, and they don’t ask and let God inspire them and guide them so what comes out of their mouth is actually word of God. I say this because I have been to so many churches were I would just sit and listen to the craziness of some “pastors” It made me want to stand up and correct some of them 🙂 I didn’t say anything obviously, but I just never returned. I don’t blame them for the fact that I stopped going to church and lost my relationship with God, but it did have some impact on me. I thank my God for for rescuing me again and because my relationship with Him is stronger I am more mature now and instead of running away because I don’t agree with someone, I now pray for them and I think we all need to do the same. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us God bless you !!

  3. Star Scott says:

    Dude! You rock! I love your writing style and I love your passion for Jesus!!! I plan to send sold out folks your way through my fledgling blog soon. Praise God there are still people like you out there!

  4. D.E. says:

    Just wanted to send you a note…Amazing! My wife and I left a church where she devoted approximately 70 hours a week VOLUNTEER work, and didn’t get a thank you. The Pastors would call us while we were out and have us drive miles and miles back home, so they could borrow our camera! it was insane, I am going to ask my wife to read this… absolutely 100% accurate. Some Pastors seem to be in it for them, and the dough. incidentally, our pastor wanted to camera so he could take pictures of himself ministering at another church. u don’t have to post this, I dont want to discourage anyone.. but I agree whole-heartedly, some pastors should not be worthy of the title.

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