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“It was the economy. Folk wanna save a buck.” Hogwash!

“It’s the highlight of their year.” Only if they are xenophobes and this is the only time of the year these freaks muster up enough strength to face mankind.

Whatever the pathetic excuse, the vitriol communicated by CNN anchor Mike Galanos is perfect. You hear about this cheerful Yuletide story about a Walmart employee trampled to death by these early bird freaks? If not, check it out… oh, and Wall Watchers, listen to the “Ka-ching anti Jesus” remark at 1:35.

You like that?

Why we have be the target of this tragedy? Since when did Walmart ask for Christians to draw the Ichthus with the clove-trodden foot in the sand before they are permitted to come inside?! I don’t know if that tool forensic psychologist knows this or not, but America is full of folk – many not claiming to be Christian who still enjoy the buzz of saving 10 percent on a G.I. Joe with the Kung-fu action grip! You dolt!

It’s shameful that Walmart will get sued for this and have become Public Enemy #1 for this mob scene, because this 4 a.m.-crashing-down-the-doors holiday cheer crap happens everywhere. And if it wasn’t here, this was bound to happen somewhere.

jesus-santa-wishYes, this happens at concerts, state fairs, sporting events or even church revivals. (Come on, like you weren’t thinking that big mama in a mu mu running down men in walkers so she can “catch a blessing” in the front row). But it’s expected there.

This is Christmas, but this fatal act of dissidence is reflective of what is pervading this most wonderful time of the year. It’s about the sales, not the salvation. The commercials, not the conversions. The kids in the store, not the Christ child in waiting.

“Where has this world gone?” That’s easy.

Find the biggest clearance sale after Thanksgiving. Most of them will be sparing us all to death, screaming giddily because they got the last Wii in sight… at least until the next shipment comes in later that day.

God deals with me on a frequent basis, as is the case for any Christ-follower who have fellowship with Jesus on a routine.

We all have our own prayer lists, most of which have revolving requests and bites for intercession. However, some items are solidified in cement. For HiScrivener, that is my family, job, et cetera. But it’s also this blog.

“The Writing on the Wall” is a labor of love, more than I can communicate here. And in an effort to be snarky, cantankerous and effective for exposing the muck and mire in the Church, I search for inventive means to create a headline.

You know, puns, analoguous terms, syncedoches and the rest of the stuff I absorbed in collegiate English. One of those things are using symbols for the cheap laugh. You know, “Oh @#$%” and stuff like that.

The thing about being righteous, you have to do what’s right.

And although it may not be a thing for you – and no worries if not, I got mucho convicted over that recently thanks to God and a dear blogospherical friend I’ve discovered.

This is a blog, if anything, about what’s right. And if I plan to get “salty with it”, it should only be to make people thirsty for the knowledge of Jesus we all share. You know?

And that’s where I want to be with the Wall. Oh, don’t get me wrong… what some of these jackleg fools do in the pulpit (and often in spite of it) deserves to be exposed, but we – the many bricks in the Wall, and others whom I routinely enjoy – can communicate it effectively without pushing the envelope and still bust their chops ad nauseum.

I won’t. I apologize. Thank you for your time. Now, back to the news.

Hindus have “Gandhi”. The Nation of Islam has “Malcolm X”. Christians have “The Passion of the Christ” (and so, so much more). Satanists have uh, “The Omen”. Buddhists have uh… hrm… “The Golden Child.” Atheists have um… oh let’s see, “Planet of the Apes”?! Agnostics have “Devils’ Advocate,” maybe. Catholics have “The Mission”… or perhaps “Agnes of God.”  And of course, Scientologists has anything by Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

the-message-of-muhammadSo, how come it has taken this long for Muslims to have anything to make their prayer rugs curl in Hollywood? Well…

If film producer Oscar Zoghbi has his way, Americans will be soon be flocking to movie theaters to see a film about the Prophet Muhammad and his followers that Zoghbi hopes will clear up misconceptions about Muslims, including what he says is “the understanding that all Muslims are terrorists.”

Now, it has been well documented my feelings about the differences between real, devout Muslims and those lunatics blowing themselves up to get their freak on with 77 vestal virgins.

One seeks to serve a god for a divine path of righteousness (even though not the true God) and the other is known for terrorism, 9-11 and being the spiritual equivalent of the KKK.

In other words, this movie, “The Messenger of Peace” – if done properly – has its place. Jesus was more than a man, but God in the flesh.

And then there was Muhammad, who was only a MAN who tended to stray from the sacrosanct and meandered in the muck of well, carnage.

“The movie will probably avoid or justify Muhammad’s violent and unprovoked battling years in Medina, where assassination and mass murder were done by Muhammad … in order to spread the religion, take control and silence his critics,” Darwish [author of some book noted in the story] said. “We will probably see the image of Muhammad that most Muslims were spoon-fed in their religious education.”

Yeah, about that. Maybe I’ll stick to “Aladdin”. At least they have a friendlier version of the Islam people.

Catholics in Palm Beach, Fla. are creating a national stir thanks to some popular shirts taking design and artistic license a bit far.

If you are an MMA fanatic (like me), an aficionado of the UFC (again, me) or just like sweet graphic tees (yup, me too), click on the link and view the video. So, what could I be discussing?

Not quite your mama's idea of religion

Not quite your mama idea of religion

Anyone see those UFC shirts, or other brands with nice graphics such as Affliction, Xtreme Couture and Tap Out? Sure who have, because even Christian retailers are trying to grab the gusto with NOTW, Lion, Truth and anything else found on sites like (Cheap plug, but hey, I shop there).

Well, they went too far (as noted in the aforementioned video and this stark pictoral) as the Virgin Mary is no longer holding the Christ child, but rather the sacred winged skeleton?! Huh?

Brooke White, Nordstrom spokeswoman, said store employees began pulling the Affliction T-shirts after a Palm Beach Gardens customer complained. “It was a mistake on our part to have ordered them in the first place,” she said. “We’re fortunate we had a customer complain so we could get them off the floor as soon as possible.”

Ya’ think? Does this pecunious retailer need a Cardinal from the Vatican to issue an edict of non-Catholic-compliance to figure into this decision? And what lovely spin control that is. It took a customer to realize this sanctimonious travesty. Good times.

If it were up to your jaded buyers and um, staff, relics of Christian antiquity would have been thrown into the fire like books on “Footloose” and all to sound the clarion call of the holidays, “Ka-ching.

I suppose there is a reason why my lil’ Wall Watchers tell me to stray from “ugly boney faces” on t-shirts. Good for the UFC. Not so good for religious buyers. Happy HOLY-days.