Cross Eyed: John MacArthur on Joel Osteen

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Age Quod Agis, Keep it real, Networking
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Ah yes. Another scintillating video from Cross Eyed (or video evangelism).

While on a sabbatical of my own this week, I ran across a delightful chiding from none other than John MacArthur. Since the inception, “well wishers” to The Writing on the Wall have tried to tell me I’ve been a little harsh on one Joel Osteen (namely our landmark series on “Victoria’s Secret“).

Sure, I think he’s corralling a ton of lukewarm sheep in the manger ready for slaughter. Yes, I believe his Caspar Milquetoast stance on, well everything, is liable to get a menial child of God a sardonic beatdown. And you bet, I think there is a little bit of John Osteen respecters who believe the boy is shaming his old man’s ministry.

However, thanks to this hide tanning by John MacArthur. I am not alone. Big shouts out to the teacher here.

[And a masonry shout out to the fine outlet ‘Defending. Contending.‘ for the find.]

  1. Dennis says:

    John is uses scripture to foght scripture, it is sick. I dont care for this type of stuff. To call Joel’s church luke warm is sick. Do we know the hearts of the people there? I know I dont. Crazy if you asked me. I dont care for Joel as well. But John should know better, he always says dont take things out of context, yet he is doing here with Joels book, go figure.

    God Bless

  2. Bene D says:

    Wasn’t paying attention to whether the comment got into mod cue. If it did, delete.
    Passing this on.

  3. Bene D says:

    Here you go – I can’t watch it because of copyright issues in Canada.

    Have a slow and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  4. Ann Brock says:

    Some people have a problem with McArthur calling Osteen out like he did in that clip…Did you catch Osteen on “The View” Tuesday morning? That was troubling!

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