MOVE 2008: “The Messiah” hits Christian talk radio

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, IJS, Keep it real, Networking, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, WWJD
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Sounds obvious, right? Yeah, you’re so sly. You knew there was a catch.

Once again, this historic election continues its journey down the topsy-turvy of mindmelding worlds of faith and politics. The sheep of the Church have no idea who to believe about issues of faith so they just bah at the first politician who shouts, “God.”

Now, according to this story from the Washington Post, they won’t have far to scurry.

And why? Check the headline and note the strategy: So, every time you turn on your favorite CCM or uber-conservative talk radio station, who would you assume will be talking to you during the commercials? I’ll give you a hint – he’s old, gray and conservative. That’s right… any Republican with an advertising budget running for office.

Well, scratch that… because Dem’ Dems are coming to Nashville – the utopia of Christian radio! Why?

“I think it would be shocking to a lot of people if you interviewed Christian artists, the split would be pretty even” between Republicans and Democrats, says Grant Hubbard, vice president of promotion for EMI Christian Music Group, one of the biggest labels. “The consumer, on the other hand, is about 80-20.”

While this story drones on and on, in an interesting sort of way, it makes one – well, me – think, why not?!

Who is to say you have to be a Christian in order to be a Republican?! Without prattling verbatim about something HiScrivener feels passionately about, check out this post here.

In other words, sports fans, Jesus loved us so much that when he created Adam out of his breath and dirt, he gave him the ability to reason, think and communicate. Otherwise, I may as well be a duck-billed playtpus. That said, why do you vote?

Because a candidate is stereotypically “the only one who supports pro-life”? If that’s the case, Obama ain’t your guy. Or is it because a candidate “visibly supports biblical issues”? And if that is the case, do you really have a clue?

Although this is a polytheistic nation, we serve a singular God. Read the flippin’ Bible and determine what his candidacy would run on, then answer me this, “Do you think Jesus would advertise on Christian radio to get the attention of Christians?”

Yeah, I thought you would agree. Incidentally, the next story in this series will be about John McCain taking out a full-page spread in Ebony. Now that should be good reading.

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