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Fitting, huh?

You know, there is nothing on this earth quite as funny as human loss of life, namely when the thoughts of floating bodies, drowning old people, levees breaking and families forced into poverty and homelessness. Doesn’t just thinking about the Hurricane Katrina visual make you buckle your knees in complete laughter? No?

Maybe it’s just this complete waste of DNA, Michael Moore as seen on MSNBC.

Stay classy, Mikey! You too, Olbermann.

So, 70 people dying and 2 MILLION evacuated from their homes in fear of their lives is good for fun and yuks so you can make a punch line about a political party?! And some folk in the media have issues with preachers?!

“Gustav is proof of God in heaven.”

So, what about Katrina? Was that proof Jesus adores everything Bush is doing? Don’t stop there, balloon boy. How about Vietnam? Is that proof the crucifixion worked for everyone except “Charlie?”

Did anyone catch the overriding responsibility of media altruist, Keith “I hate Republicans so much, I’ll shoot the elephants in the Zoo” Olbermann? Yeah, me either. Point and match. Not a friggin’ word, and MSNBC let that fly? Yet, there is still no thought of a liberal bias in the media?

So, in an effort to stop the 12 plagues for riddling his portly body, he writes an “Open Letter to God” in the L.A. Times. But not so much, here’s the link.

And it just keeps getting classier!

You believe that? Some people have no fear of God, no disdain of sin and no comprehension of what’s going to happen if salvation isn’t something you fancy all that much. Appalling.

You know, what James Dobson did to pray for rain in Denver was just as disgusting. Don’t think he gets off easy on this, but when that happened, the onslaught from the media began. Michael Moore does this and it’s a buried story.

Ah well, it was good for a post on the Wall. What’s next?

I love music – good music, back in the day when folk had talent.

Regardless if that music consists of balladeers like Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass, classic jazz like Keith Jarrett and Coleman Hawkins, dulcit tones like Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr., and the winsome sounds of one-named genius like Ella, Billie, Ray and Prince.

And then there is worship. That’s music on a completely different level. Most the songs from Vineyard, Hillsongs, classic Gospel and anything from the Spirit Songs collection captures the heart of God like none other.

Suffice to say, I’m a fan… of my CDs and iPod. Christian radio? But that’s could be another tune all together.

When I read that worship leader giant Chris Tomlin is creating songs for CCM radio, I had hope for the future of an industry I love so much.

And that got me thinking: Are “Christian” radio stations compromising in the face of ratings and commercialism by playing “secular” music?

Listen to your local Christian leader sometime and what do you hear? American Idol winners, anything by U2, Top-40 cheeseballs and other folk claiming to be Christian. Does CCM stand for “Contemporary Crossover Music” these days?

Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing Mercy Me and the amazing Third Day on commercial radio, but no one can hear that music and NOT know for which they stand. No one. However, if I turn on my Christian radio station and hear “Home” by Daughtry… um, is that heaven or just some dude’s address? Who knows?

Here’s the rub:

Music isn’t Christian, people are. They put their soul into the tunes they write, the melodies they sing. If music was saved, there would never be a question about sanctified house music, which does exist but I still can’t tell the difference between Moby and Prodigal Sons. Words make a message, and if they are ubiquitous and milquetoast, why pass yourself off as Christian unless the quest is just about cash?

Now, I’m nowhere near the advocate for removing all secular music and replacing it for an all-sacred diet. You really think a Bryan Adams song will send you to hell? Frank Sinatra bring up evil thoughts? What about Boyz II Men and their live sacrifices in concert? Come on!

So, despite what the music sounds like – rave, hip-hop, metal, SKA, pop, rock, et cetera – it’s the message that counts. It’s the words that create inspiration, elicit emotion and develop meaning. That should be the determinant factor as to what gets on CCM, not the artist saying, “Um, yeah. I’m saved. Trust me.”

And when those songs of psychobabble get into our churches and worship leaders are wailing “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” because it oculd be construed as a soul’s journey, we have much more than a problem, Houston… we have a travesty!