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The one – and only – interview fraudulent worship leader and cancer survivor, Michael Guglielmucci, has finally made it on YouTube. It’s nine minutes, and is harrowing every second of the way.

Check it out and read along after as HiScrivener opines.

The details about his act and the results of his stunt leave most breathless. Fortunately, I will be an exception to that rule.

Guglielmucci closes with, “From now on I’m telling the truth.” A federal subpeona has that effect, brother. After the money you conned people out of, expect a different kind of “deliverance” to show up at your doorstep any day now. A startling confession during the interview was this:

This is who I am – I’m addicted to the stuff [the porn he covered up through the cancer], it consumes my mind,” he said. “I’m sick and this is why I had to come up with some sort of explanation of what was happening in my body. I don’t know how you can fake vomiting all over yourself night after night after night, I’m not that good an actor,” he said.

Dude, about the vomit… it wasn’t fake. Those chunks were real but the reason was false. No, there wasn’t any medicinal toxins floating in that bloated body of yours. That was guilt. Period. You knew you were stealing more than money, Guglielmucci. You stole the faith of millions, trampled on it and went back to your fake limp and rubber hose. You may as well bludgeoned people with your cane the way you made them feel for the past two years. Take this guy:

Alex Saint, 24, a former Edge Church International member, donated a small amount on the website, inspired by Guglielmucci’s music, his strength in his disease and the recent loss of his own mother to breast cancer. “I believed every word he said. I believed he was going through hell,” Saint told the Adelaide Advertiser. “My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt … to make all this up is extremely crushing for anyone who has gone through cancer. There’s no better script than to be dying of cancer and giving glory to God in a Christian context … it’s the highest form of fraud.”

I loathe what you did, Mikey. However, you are not beyond the touch of the “Healer”. You need more than a psych evaluation. You need a ministerial intervention. You were a tool of the enemy, and he worked you over like a screwdriver – twisting, driving, pushing, throttling you lower and lower past the web of deceit you spun, and into the muck and mire in which you are currently drowning.

Your wife is staying by your side. You should know that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. But as for everyone else? Suffice to say, the next time you write a song, we will all want to verify your inspiration through a court of law first. I’m just saying.

Yeah. We know why he's smiling!

Yeah. We know why he is smiling so big.

John McCain – decorated war hero, veteran civil servant, Republican presumptive candidate and a man with an eye for the ladies.

First, we meet Cindy… now, he introduces us to Sarah.

What’s next, dude? Halle Berry and Angela Bassett to join your advisory council? Kate Beckinsale to head a foreign relations task force? Aishwayra Rai to sponsor a Middle East USO tour for the soldiers? What a dream job this septuagenarian is making.

Anywhoo… evidently since he introduced the rest of the country to “Sarah Palin, Medicine Woman,” Christian circles have been moving around the news so much we should just call them hula hoops now. At least that’s the word according to this story on CBN News.

“It’s an absolutely brilliant choice,” said Mathew Staver, dean of Liberty University School of Law. “This will absolutely energize McCain’s campaign and energize conservatives.” Staver called Palin a “a woman of faith who has a strong position on life, a consistent opinion on judges.. She’s the complete package.”

Just in time for Christmas, here’s HiScrivener’s question about said package, “Does any of it matter?” The ballyhoo about her faith, the hype over the pick, the dirty old man tracking the McCain campaign with binoculars. Does it matter?

Other than Dan Quayle, can you think of a Veep candidate that made you change your mind about your vote for President? Not so much.

She is a bold woman of faith, and for that, I’m thankful. We need some reality with God in the White House. McCain tapdances around his faith. Biden isn’t that serious about his (a die-hard Catholic with no gumption about abortion?!). And Obama… well, what hasn’t been said about his. However, how close will her ability to pray and intercede for this nation get to making real decisions about energy, the economy or the War?

There will be so much more said, heard and thought about Sarah Palin that the nation will discover, the McCain campaign will divulge, the media will dissect and the Church should pray for deliverance. That said, let us not forget WHY WE VOTE, Wall Watchers.

When you march to the polls in November, don’t do it because McCain picked a woman Veep or Obama didn’t. That would be asinine. The reason the body of Christ chooses a president is what ticket will make faith-based issues paramount – caring for the poor, the unborn, the impoverished and unheard. We all have voices and in November, you get to shout out loud. Just make sure you are backing up those cat calls with scriptures when you do. Your vote could matter more to the Church than you think.

This is what is called in “the biz” as a “trend story”.

It’s happening everywhere, and most of us haven’t been on the receiving end of this kind of church outreach – discounted gas. This time, we see the hubbub in Fayetteville, N.C. as Manna Church gave away TEN LARGE in $1 per gallon giveaways.

Most churches hand out tracks at the Town Square in search for that one soul for witnessing, but this is a whole new level of “captive audience.” Please. If some pagan coven was divvying one-buck-gallon unleaded,  I would stand in line to listen to that spiel. Wouldn’t you?

The church said the idea behind the gas giveaway is to show God’s love and to prove “that God’s love is unconditional, no questions asked”… The gas station went through 4,500 gallons of gas.

These days, that’s some love that’ll make the heart grow fonder. I would love to be at Manna Church’s first time visitor table that Sunday.

[Bricklaying Shout out to FARK for the lovely headline]

This week’s addition of video evangelism, we find something that would make Charles Darwin’s Gen-Y progeny proud. You know, girls in schools everywhere have butchered self-images because of the Size 0 starlets seen in magazines and on billboards.

You know that adage, “There’s more than meets the eye.” Evidently, that begins with a session of Photoshop. Hopefully, this video becomes gospel and shackles of girls who feel like they have to grow up to fast will be shattered.

Wall Watchers, feel free to blast this out to everyone.

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Get ready evangelicals, we finally have a Protestant, a Pentecostal gearing up for the White House. And oh yeah, she’s a woman too.

But, did you hear about this one, broke by the Dallas Morning News?

This gun-totin’, oil-drillin’, PTA-workin’, pro-life-preachin’ mommy is very saved as her family are members of the Wasilia (AK) Assemblies of God church. That’s charismatic faith people!

Here is an excerpt from the Anchorage Daily News that I’m certain every evangelical publication will enjoy:

Palin’s parents say they are not political and don’t know how she decided to turn her ambition and work ethic toward politics. Her Christian faith, they say, came from her mother, who took her children to area Bible churches as they were growing up (Sarah is the third of four siblings). They say her faith has been steady since high school, when she led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and grew stronger as she sought out believers in her college years.

Now this woman rockin’ the smoking hot-for-teacher look is about to have everything she knows – and is – vetted for the public’s consumption:

  • Her NRA lifetime and union membership.
  • Her own lack of experience in federal issues (even though she is the top executive of a state that has about as many people in it as say, DELAWARE).
  • Her ambiguity in foreign affairs.
  • The fact that five years ago, she’s fishing for dinner and her husband is racing across Alaska on a snow machine.
  • And there’s already an ethics question during her gubernatorial campaign.
  • You name it, the media sharks will circle around it and see if it floats.

Whatever happens during this campaign, it’s that foundation of faith, her belief in Jesus Christ that will sustain her throughout this loop-dee-loop, 65-day roller coaster. Good on ya’, Gov. Get your Rosetta Stone crash-course  on national security and prepare for the nation.

Pray for her, saints. She’s going to need it. You go girl!