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You know, sometimes headlines are done in a cheeky way to pique your interest. Other times, they are written completely inflammatory to incite visceral emotion.

And then there times like this – when the facts alone make you stop dead in your tracks, sit with mouth agape, drool trickling down your quivering lip and finally surmise enough air to ask, “What the…”

Yes, Wall Watchers. You read that correctly without satire, Ray Boltz is Gay.

So, here is this acclaimed and legendary vocalist and songwriter of about 30 years – heartbroken, divorced and clinically depressed. Then on December 26, 2004 – the day of the tragic Indonesian tsumani – Boltz couldn’t sing enough praise to get him out of his funk. He had to say something that would throw his family of six into a storm of their own.

“It’s hard to say I came out because I didn’t have all the answers. I just admitted what I was struggling with and what I was feeling. It’s hard to go, ‘This is the point where I accepted my sexuality and who I was,’ but I came out to them and shared with them what I’d been going through.”

And now, these few years later, Boltz is still singing… but at MCC churches. You see, these are pastors that believes when the Bible reads, “Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul” it means much more than it really does.

After a song, a word and some serious thinking, Boltz figured it out:

Boltz brought the Christmas CD with him to MCC-Indianapolis on that cold, sunny December 2007 day and slipped it to Miner on his way out with a note taped to it on which he’d jotted his e-mail address. Ostensibly it was an innocuous thing to do, but for Boltz it was a big step. It eventually led to him opening up to Miner, one of the first times anybody outside Boltz’s circle of family and friends knew his long-kept secret: Ray Boltz is gay.

I am floored with disbelief and flummoxed for words. After he was “Pledging Allegiance to the Lamb” and “Feeling the Nails” for all of those majestic years, it turns out Ray Boltz was asking God, “What was I supposed to be?”

What’s more appalling than the news is the lack of coverage from the Church. As of this date, The Writing on the Wall is the ONLY Christian source to discuss this story. Um, WHAT?! After everything this man has given the Kingdom of God and church mimes everywhere (come on, who hasn’t seen his music done in whiteface), we owe him that much. No mudslinging, no namecalling, no smarmy “jokes”. Just a little prayer. Please.

Wherever God’s journey takes you Ray and whatever choices you make, I just want to say “Thank You” because listening to your songs brought us so much. Now, listening to them will be a little different, yet somehow, mysteriously the same.

“Grace under fire,” is an expression given to many people that can maintain a sense of decorum under an insurmountable amount of pressure.

Enter Christian music icon Steven Curtis Chapman who experienced an unbelievable amount of tragedy when his daughter was run over in his own driveway. A freak and horrific accident that forced most of the Body of Christ to look upward – and inward – and ask, “Why?”

Recently, Chapman and his wife did their first interview on “Good Morning America” and candidly discussed what happened then and how they are doing now. Listen to his words to his son.

If that doesn’t prove grace from God under the fiery attacks from the enemy, sign me up to become a Scientologist. Hollywood, here I come.

Whatever happened to Chapman is still in need of prayer. What will happen from the Chapman’s tragedy is yet to be seen… but this interview is a good sign. Breathtaking… and still people ask, “Are you sure God exists?”

Watch and tell me for yourselves.