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The human senses are a funny thing. Take an object – any object. Put 10 people in a room. All will have a different scent, vision, touch and taste of that thing. Why?! Answer: The senses are all attached to the human mind.

And according to Nadra Arnold-Curry of Fort Worth, Texas; her mind is full of too many horror movies or so much legalism brainwash that I could rinse my dishes in her ears. Get this:

“I’ve started a big stink, evidently, in Granbury,” said Nadra Arnold-Curry, who spoke up at a recent Hood County Commissioners Court meeting to register her disapproval of the black flags distributed by the Touchdown Club football boosters. “I appreciate our teams and coaches, too. But I have to stand up for my biblical convictions.”

The 39-year Granbury resident branded the flags “satanic” and warned that the city could be risking “the wrath of God” by flaunting them.

And why? See the picture? That’s right. There is no ‘Roger’ around this chic getting his ‘jollies’. You see, the name of the high school and respective mascot is the Granbury High School Pirates, so suffice to say, a flag with hearts and white doves wouldn’t strike the same impression for the opposing football team.

So while homegirl is making life VERY DIFFICULT for her son, currently on the JV team, she is still complaining to anyone that will listen about the “flag of death” and using the Bible as her pedestal.

“It’s all fairly comical, in my opinion,” said Don Titus, president of the booster club, which bought about 200 of the fearsome flags to rally community support on game weekends

MEMO to the paranoid woman with three names: I don’t think Don Titus was commenting on your thoughts of the pirate flag and the sardonic mascot. He was probably discussing your faith, and what a great witness that is amounting to right about now. Keep it classy.