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The dogs have been loosed. The teeth are out. The gloves are off. And the pantomimic pundits are seething because of Sarah Palin (man, don’t you just hear birds chirping in the background when you say her name).


In what appears to be a concentrated effort to besmirch her entire existence from the media, we know have her power quote that has run-a-muck, “Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that’s from God.

Well, it’s been more than five minutes, so CNN trots out another evangelical to debate about her faith in GodTony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and all-around swell guy.

People are watching. It will be very important how the McCain campaign handles this. If they become defensive and run from it and try to hide the fact that there is this element of faith, then I think it’s going to turn off social conservatives, evangelicals, orthodox Christians…I think it’s important that you see where these convictions lead her on policy issues, and I think that is part of the scrutiny that she will undergo from socially conservative voters.

And there’s the rub.

Although HiScrivener wouldn’t advocate it, she could believe in Vishnu or whatever it is Mitt Romney thinks God to be, and it still doesn’t remove her from the fact that what does her faith and wisdom cause her to do as an elected official.

Shoot, Barack Obama “slipped” and mentioned a Muslim faith, but you don’t hear the visceral emotion about that one from the likes of MSNBC? And why? Because to them – the dimwitted people who allow partisan rhetoric to blind their knack for objective reason – Barack Obama’s faith is a “source of inspiration to help him lead.” For Miss Alaska, “her faith makes her a fanatic.”

Double standard? Can you say, “H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.” I knew you could.

MEMO to the rabid den of wolves: You want a PRESIDENT who stands for something. If not, he will fall like a trailer home in the face of one of these hurricanes. Besides, what makes Sarah Palin a fanatic anyway?

Oh, I know… she is providential about something you don’t care that much about.

Make her thrilled about pro-choice and watch how many of those frumpled dudes call her a “fanatic.” Nah, she would “presidential”. Which reminds me… who are the two GUYS running for that office again? Back to the issues that will help this country people, not the ink blotter for gossip hens everywhere.