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OK, OK, so this isn’t video evangelism but I found it interesting, thanks to a brief insomniac attack last night and watching the National Geographic channel.

Meet Basiliscus basiliscus, otherwise known as the Basilisk Lizard. Other than being a cute, slimy creature that would look great in my lil’ Wall Watcher’s aquarium, he has a unique talent that provides him with a sacrosanct pseudonym: The Jesus Lizard.

Go to :49 of this video and discover why this is a reptile that should come with its cult.

For a religion that is persecuted around the world and forbidden its own freedoms in America, Christianity’s “governing bodies” has a terrible way of keeping an open mind.

Here is an act of malice and arrogance perpetrated against a respected national Christian publication by none other than… the Good Ol’ Boys Cluber, the Southern Baptist Convention, as told by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

In short, the SBC pulled rank on Lifeway Christian Bookstores and forced its managers to remove this Gospel Today magazine from its shelves. Why? See for yourself. Here’s the cover.

Obviously, this decision tweaked the magazine’s publisher, Teresa Hairston:

“It’s really kind of sad when you have people like [Gov.] Sarah Palin and [Sen.] Hillary Clinton providing encouragement and being role models for women around the world that we have such a divergent opinion about women who are able to be leaders in the church,” Hairston said. “I was pretty shocked.”

What’s shocking is she didn’t see this coming. She is a publisher who signed the contracts that gets her magazine carried in each store. This is not some wayfaring rag. This is a respected publication, so she knew Lifeway is owned by the SBC, an organization known for its vitriol against women in the pulpit. I mean they hate Joyce Meyer too… and that’s heresy to most women I know.

I suppose Teresa Hairston took for granted that whole “Jesus loves all the children” unified body of Christ ballyhoo and published an “emerging trend”. You know, they call that journalism. However, the SBC calls that B.S.

Oh sure, women can go to church, are more than welcome to volunteer with the youth ministry and can even help out with bake sales. But preach?! Kushite, please! The last woman most SBC execs saw in a pulpit were the volunteers dusting it for Sunday service the night before. Regardless of how you feel about a female pastor, or the differences between a woman pastor and a woman evangelist; this story smacks of bigotry. Not the racially-fueled kind, but of the sexist barefoot-and-pregnant kind. Just because a woman writes a story on other women, the “fellas” unite, take a collective puff of their stogies and excommunicate a real story from the newsstands.

You know, if this was a mainstream daily newspaper, a revolt for freedom of the press would ensue so fast, it would make the SBC club remember the days when the wined for mommy. Maybe then, they would all remember the first “preacher” in their lives?! Then again, maybe not.