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They filled stadiums across the countries. They marched on Washington. They changed men’s lives. And now they are completely irrelevant.

So, what happened to Promise Keepers anyway?!

And I don’t ask that question lightheartedly. I am one, and was very involved with them for a while, but then the throngs were leaving, the interest was waning and the focus was dwindling. Why? Well, for one, the media had didn’t have a face. There was no personality to discuss the reality and practicality of this once world-changing ministry.

MEMO to PK execs: Marketing 101 says brands need catchy slogans, logos and mass appeal. Ministries need interest from people, a wonderful talking head and a story for the media. You guys had none of that after your jaunt to the nation’s capital.

Well, no more excuses, guess who’s coming BACK to dinner? Coach Mack himself – Bill McCartney!

Thanks to the article by the Christian Post, we get an inside look at PK’s “Wal-Mart” approach to ministry and how it cost them supporters, relevance, reputation and money – dearly:

The leadership change comes as attendance has been declining at Promise Keepers events for years. The organization was going through a period of refocus and recalibration in recent years, scaling down the number of stadium-size events it holds annually and adding smaller local church events such as PKAdventure.

Former president and CEO Dr. Tom Fortson, who resigned last weekend, had told The Christian Post earlier that they were “looking for ways to have more impact at a lower cost. We will continue to offer a number of our larger arena events; but by offering new programs such as PK Adventure, PK Edge and pastors’ workshops, and by incorporating satellite and internet technology, we provide a more robust PK experience that can impact men beyond the arenas,” Fortson had said last month.

They marched on Washington, and now… appearing in front of churches without media regalia. Huh?! And now for the most obvious statement of this ministry in years:

“The coach (McCartney) basically said ‘if this is a unanimous decision by the Promise Keepers board of directors, I will follow,'” Washington continued. “In light of that, Tom Fortson did resign.”

Ya’ think this decision would have any shot of being debated? Amazing what the bill collectors do to an organization who are interested in change. Here’s to hoping Coach’s triumphant return becomes the shot in the arm this ministry needs. Otherweise, it could get another shot… you know, the kind associated with taking a horse out to pasture.

Giddy’up Coach! Welcome back, brother!