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Meet Micah Armstrong hometown evangelist, hater of college students and a man obsessed with something… well, how would you say… in a world of “baiters”, he would be the “master”?!

This free speech advocate preacher attracts the throngs of students as he attempts to witness and lead people to the Lord. How does he work his magic? Tracks? No. Working in the line of a soup kitchen? Not really. Proselytizing to the lost? Not quite.

Take this from the story:

This Brothaaa [sic] spends his time screaming at students and getting in their face—condemning the civil rights movement, calling all girls whores that should get back into the kitchen, and my favorite, sending masturbators to hell

This tool is just hitting the trifecta of diversity, ain’t he? Men, women and other cultures that aren’t like his scarcely, pasty behind. Stay classy, Rev.

As mentioned in the story, he does indeed have free speech and to deny him that right because he is a blooming idiot with a powerful voice box is unconstitutional and illegal. HOWEVER, speaking as a Christian and someone who tries to comprehend what it takes to actually try to win someone to Jesus, what crack pipe is he smoking?

MEMO to the witnessing wunderkind: You are doing more harm than good. How’s that set on your conscience?

Are you serious with this mess? You think calling women “sluts” and claiming every man on campus is going… not destined without Jesus… just flat out on a one-way plane to HELL because they can’t get too much of a “because it’s there” thing. How many crowns do you think you are aiming for in heaven with that behavior? Negative 3?

I just have one question, “Assuming this guy has a college education by his smart outfit, how would he know EVERY guy on campus handles up on his business?” Hmmm…

MEMO to James Madison University students: Do not shake hands with this man.

Although Michael Guglielmucci has scurried off into the Australian sunset into a therapist’s arms, it seems the stain of his fib can’t catch the drift.

You see, when you think lying through your teeth is a wise decision, you should consider the collateral damage. In this case, that would be global music production house, Hillsongs Worship, that decided to share the stage with the faux cancer survivor.

You have seen the video (check the aforementioned link if you haven’t), but have you heard this part of the damage control, as noted by

Hillsong has made the decision to re-edit their latest DVD to remove the video clips of Michael Guglielmucci talking about his battle with cancer, which makes sense, considering he’s been faking illness for two years. They are also considering if any anything needs to be done with the CD.

Joanne Brokaw brings up a question that was posted on the Wall a couple of weeks ago, “What happens to the song, ‘Healer’?” I mean, the motive blows and the damage is long-lasting, but so is the message behind that tune.

Countless of saints were touched – and possibly healed – by the anointing on that song. Churches have sang it unison. People have hummed it in prayer. All the while, there was Guglielmucci strumming his gee-tar and standing there with his pants on fire. And?

Does that remove the power of God from the music? Does that erase the blessings saints have received? No!

If Hillsong is all about “people just like us” and “shout[ing] to the Lord,” that song will stay on the CD. Sure take away the guy and his ball-faced narration that serves as its preamble. We already know it. But there are so many more people – churched and unchurched alike – that don’t that song.

And to use a backporch witticism found on the Wall:

Either you throw the song away – and with it, all memories of Guglielmucci – or, you espouse the belief that if God can use the jawbone of an ass, he can use the vocal chords of one as well.

So, Mikey, I suppose it’s only fitting to say, “Up your nose with a rubber hose?” 🙂