Cult leader, “The Ten Commandments Suck”

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Spin Doctor, The Obvious Files
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The only cracked around here is dude's point of view

The only cracked around here is this dude and his point of view

If only I could make this stuff up, wrap it in satire and patent it as “intellectual property,” I would be a star writer on SNL. Ah, the high life.

Back to reality, meet Francis Macnab – a controversial cult leader with a knack for not reading much good religious writ. This dolt decided to “create” a religion the other day that would be “a new faith for the 21st century.”

In order to get his new found, irksome religion off to a good start, he has to make some bold claims including:

  • Abraham is probably a concoction
  • Moses was a mass murderer
  • Jesus Christ was a Jewish peasant who certainly was not God
  • The Ten Commandments was one of the most negative documents ever written

According to Dr. Macnab [psychotherapist and executive minister at the generically entitled, “St. Michael’s Uniting Church”], the new faith is a Dr. Feelgood version of the fluff, the non-convicting and the footloose and fancy free of the biggies – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Why?

The old faith is in large sections unbelievable. We want to make the new faith more believable, realistic and helpful in terms of the way people live,” he said.

Hey uh, “Doc”, the next time you are inditing the “new” Ten Commandments and you consider, “Thou Shalt be Lukewarm” to be a big hit for your brainwashed victimser, followers, consider what the “old God” thought about that word…

So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth (Revelation 3:16)

I’m no expert on swimming in saliva, but I would imagine the G.I. Tract of the Almighty is not a great place to be. So, good luck with that, you turd.


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