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Despite the ramblings of ordained brain-dead dolts like Shirley Caesar, this past presidential election was historic for several reasons – mainly because there is a black man (well, half black but you infer the reverence) in the White House.

And although I am a premiere oppugnant about pastors discussing their political preference in the pulpit, I understand the private gala affairs black pastors everywhere held in their homes watching the BarackStar accept his nomination before the throngs in Chicago.

obama-hypeYou see, before they were men of the cloth – they were men, black men, many of which can remember the plight of the Civil Rights Movement. All of which are susceptible to believing the hype amidst pomp and circumstance in this election.

So when I read quotes like this in this riveting New York Times story, I empathetically and understandably grant the levity:

“It’s ushered in a new generation of leadership,” said Mr. Brawley, 40, the incoming pastor of Saint Paul Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn. “It symbolizes the Moses generation passing the baton to the Joshua generation. So the Obama presidency presents us with both an opportunity and a challenge.

Of course it’s a challenge because it’s a mass changing of the guard. There are millions of pairs of shoes to fill. Civil rights heroes from the pulpit (affection aside for the most annoying) like Jackson, Sharpton, Calvin Butts and Floyd Flake are about to close a friggin’ thick chapter in a book entitled, “We are still oppressed.”

And now their collection of racially fueled sermons are growing irrelevant, it’s time they give white pastors a shot at reaching across the aisle, so to speak.

“It will open them up for more dialogue with white churches,” he said, “and it will open up white churches for more dialogue with them. You will have a generation of black ministers who want to embrace the reconciliation embodied by Obama. They haven’t been hurt so badly by racial segregation that they can’t reach out with a little more openness and a little less fear than I might have.”

“Generation of black ministers” is code for “old crumudgeons who are not quite bitter to ignore any attempt reputable white pastors may have at serving a colorless, genderless, hate-less God.”

The hate of the 60s cuts deep from some folk, but to generalize all people on account of the sins of a few is just as sinful as committing those sins on account of skin tone in the first place.

Obama being in office will do a lot for – and against – this country depending on who you ask about change. However, the one thing his face will do for future pastors is give hope to many spiritual leaders who believe progress in this country starts and stops by how you look.

“The onus is now on the black church to use the iconic example of President Obama to challenge our own ranks,” he put it. “We have a president who looks like us. The question is, how much do we look like him?”

write-in-votes1Not a presidential elections trots by the calendar that causes some voters to lose faith in the system and decide neither candidate is worth a hanging chad.

Write-in votes are all the rage for some people hell bent on making a statement. Obviously, this year Hillary and Ron Paul were favorites of handwritten whims everywhere, as was the ever-popular “None of the Above.”

But it seems a few other notables made an appearance on ballots across the country, as noted from this NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Fla.

Among the write in votes were those who really ran for president or vice-president during the long primary campaign: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Rep. Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin and even Steven Colbert… and Jesus, God, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Nice to know the Almighty was in some good company – he was up for consideration and all.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the White House inhabitated by cartoon characters? The approval rating sure of the president would go up, and who knows, maybe that bipartisan thing could actually take place as well.

a-kinda-white-coupleIn an effort to separate herself from all things sacred and just move to the sublime (as in “life coaching”, an unfortunate trend of former preachers who believe Hollywood is their mission field), Paula White decided to leave her husband and her church last year.

Granted, she kept her last name (because who really knows her last name is Furr), her connections to Without Walls and maintains pimping being a pastor’s wife, but never mind that right now.

What’s important is all her claims of growing up trailer park trash, living on food stamps and eating curds of “gub’mint cheese” maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy as her gravy train has lost its conductor, thanks to this story from the St. Pete Times.

The California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union holds the church’s mortgage, and filed foreclosure proceedings against Without Walls Tuesday. Court records show the church defaulted on a loan that was due in August. The credit union is demanding immediate repayment of that loan and the $12-million mortgage on Without Walls’ Grady Avenue property.

So much for that debt-free persona, eh? Looks like Paula White’s days of robbing Peter… and Bernice, and Shaquilla, and Demetrius, and Lameka, and well, you get the idea of her target demo… to pay Paul (Crouch, that is) are over. And being true to form for scandalous behavior – Paula’s scorned ex finds the scapegoat, the economy. Of course.

“In my opinion, it’s nothing more than greed from a Christian bank who’s supposed to be working with Christians,” White said. “I don’t think Bank of America or SunTrust would ever do what this bank’s done. I think it’s because they’re drowning, they’re pulling so many people in with them. They’re scrambling.

Not that I have ever owed nor refused to pay $26 MILLION [they owe another $13 million on their second church property] to a federal banking institution NOT in need of a bailout, but I seriously doubt they let that kind of swarthy demeanor go long without a phone call or two.

Hey, uh, Paula? Where’s your atonement offering to save your own church? You would think what you pay in make-up alone would take care of the rent for a few months.