a-kinda-white-coupleIn an effort to separate herself from all things sacred and just move to the sublime (as in “life coaching”, an unfortunate trend of former preachers who believe Hollywood is their mission field), Paula White decided to leave her husband and her church last year.

Granted, she kept her last name (because who really knows her last name is Furr), her connections to Without Walls and maintains pimping being a pastor’s wife, but never mind that right now.

What’s important is all her claims of growing up trailer park trash, living on food stamps and eating curds of “gub’mint cheese” maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy as her gravy train has lost its conductor, thanks to this story from the St. Pete Times.

The California-based Evangelical Christian Credit Union holds the church’s mortgage, and filed foreclosure proceedings against Without Walls Tuesday. Court records show the church defaulted on a loan that was due in August. The credit union is demanding immediate repayment of that loan and the $12-million mortgage on Without Walls’ Grady Avenue property.

So much for that debt-free persona, eh? Looks like Paula White’s days of robbing Peter… and Bernice, and Shaquilla, and Demetrius, and Lameka, and well, you get the idea of her target demo… to pay Paul (Crouch, that is) are over. And being true to form for scandalous behavior – Paula’s scorned ex finds the scapegoat, the economy. Of course.

“In my opinion, it’s nothing more than greed from a Christian bank who’s supposed to be working with Christians,” White said. “I don’t think Bank of America or SunTrust would ever do what this bank’s done. I think it’s because they’re drowning, they’re pulling so many people in with them. They’re scrambling.

Not that I have ever owed nor refused to pay $26 MILLION [they owe another $13 million on their second church property] to a federal banking institution NOT in need of a bailout, but I seriously doubt they let that kind of swarthy demeanor go long without a phone call or two.

Hey, uh, Paula? Where’s your atonement offering to save your own church? You would think what you pay in make-up alone would take care of the rent for a few months.

  1. […] curls” (three words you can hear in any message she delivers), her Camelot was crumbling as the church was very much in debt, her son was following in mom’s footsteps offending intelligent black folk and her husband […]

  2. […] } Paula White is no stranger to making a mockery of something – whether that be a marriage, a message or now a press conference where she is supposed to be defending the name of her son. […]

  3. […] You know, when a notable person in – or despite – the Church makes a fall, it really makes a thud, huh? And now, she went back to the only thing she has. A bankrupt church full of innocent, mindless sheep waiting to be sheared. […]

  4. hiscrivener says:


    While you muster the vitriol to leave that post, and despite my snarky retort I am glad you did, allow me to explain a couple of things.

    1. That whole beam in your eye thing is about judging people, not the things they do (which 1 Corinthians permits). Paula and Randy are just Paula and Randy. However, once they entered the pulpit, the THINGS they did was placed under heavy scrutiny.
    2. Those aforementioned THINGS would include several, but one in particular is refusing to pay $26 MILLION dollars back to the state of Florida because of a few “entanglements.” This is fact, not opinion.
    3. Saul was a wicked man, but a good king. Randy is a decent guy and a good pastor (that’s experience talking). I can’t say anything that close to her regretfully. It’s evangelism, not “life coaching”. It’s preaching, not “promotions”.

    If you disagree, please let me know where I am wrong.


  5. D. Derrick says:

    I just hope while you make fun of their struggles you don’t have to reap it in your life or your family; as a result of your insensitivity. Even if it is God judging them, I have no way of knowing that and you don’t either, it sure is sad that you are so happy about it!! That is so telling that you are not a humble, prayerful, person but rather a glutton to see other judged.You will be judged in the same way that you seek the demise of others and forgiven the same way that you seek to forgive others. Where are the Samuels who when judgement was pronounced, weeped for Saul? I guess they are running blogs and gloating over the mote in their borther’s eye, never noticing their own beam!

  6. hiscrivener says:

    But unlike the Whites, I’ll pray for God to heal you and not ask for any money. So roll on, sister.


  7. Chrystal says:

    Banks generally don’t foreclose on a faithful customer, only those who are derelict. They make their money by keeping the money coming in, not foreclosing and holding property during a housing crisis. Constant and unimpeded cashflow keeps a bank happy. White can blame them and pretend this is a personal vendetta all he wants, but the truth is, if you don’t pay your bills, they FORECLOSE. He also doesn’t seem to think people like me and you are smart enough to know that.

    This also shows us where the most charisma was in that relationship. Basically, without Paula, Randy doesn’t have a ship to sink.

    Ya know what, sometimes I just have to do it…. I’m rolling my eyes so hard there gonna stick that way!

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