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To some Wall watchers and aficionados of hip-hop, this is old news (2006, to be exact).

But to those of us who didn’t have a blogospherical place we called home, this is an opportunity to extol the genius of Hasidic Jew and Rastafarian-influenced lyricist, Matisyahu.

Born Matthew Paul Miller, the boy in love of dancehall reggae and a fervent respect for Judaic law, this boy can rock the Holy Land all night long – except on Shabbat, when he refuses to hold a concert regardless the check.

In short, this boy is the truth!

And if there is a Zionist-leaning bone inside of you, check his style and lyrics. There is a passion for God there and a love for his people that goes beyond a small church tour of Israel or attending a CUFI conference, both of which I would recommend. So grab your Kippah and spodik and throw on a Hoshen, and enjoy the styles of Matthewer, MatthiasI mean, Matisyahu.