MOVE 2008: Jesus for President

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Keep it real, Networking, Politics
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Can’t you see his campaign bus? Well, first, it would need to go to “Trick my Truck” and those boys could make it look more like a chariot from the gladiatorial era, phat spoked wheels and some sort of velvet banners flailing in the wind while doing 70 on the highway.

Anywhoo, wouldn’t the Savior of mankind make an interesting political candidate. He would certainly create a third-party scenario with more success than Ross Perot. But the rationale for bringing this up is directly attached to HiScrivener’s heartstrings – issues make the election, not the people!

Thanks to CNN, meet Shane Claiborne.

He is touring the country in a black school bus running on vegetable oil packing churches and community centers in support of the utopic message (and his book with the same name), “Jesus for President.”

“This whole project is about the political imagination of what it means to follow after Jesus,” Claiborne said. “The language of Jesus as Lord and savior is just as radical as it would be to say ‘Jesus as our commander in chief’ today”…

…After the speech in an interview with CNN, Claiborne said, “This is not about going left or right, this is about going deeper and trying to understand together. Rather than endorse candidates, we ask them to endorse what is at the heart of Jesus and that is the poor or the peacemakers and when we see that then we’ll get behind them.”

Today, it’s all out of whack, but it’s not the politicians’ fault. Most are weasels working the system. They know people are L-A-Z-Y who relish in their ignorance of current events and contentious issues. They remain uninformed because (insert your reality show here) is on TV. So, these politicos spend millions on ADVERTISING, which is the Holy Grail behind winning the election – whoever those somniferous and apathetic citizens see more on TV, hear more on the radio and can find them talking back via bumper stickers will ‘earn’ their vote.

Or, these hacks all share a mutual understanding people will vote for whatever party they ‘think’ they are affiliated with, straight ticket and that’s it.

SIGH, and that’s the four-year process. But Shane here is trying to wake up the Church and I grandly applaud him for that. What indeed is at the heart of Jesus? Do you know? Are you sure?

And by the way, it’s not abortion… and THAT’S IT. There’s more to it. Much more these days.

Consider fiscal responsibility. Jesus was big on STEWARDSHIP. What about the environment? There’s something in Genesis about man having DOMINION. That is not just ownership, but CARE. Have you considered who is best to be commander-in-chief? There’s a couple of verses in the Bible about SPIRITUAL WARFARE. And for God’s sake (literally), with all the ballyhoo about courting the Church’s vote, I would say a candidate’s relationship with God must mean something!

Look at the sum of a candidate… there is where you find his or her parts.


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