Archive for April 8, 2009

Although it’s a Brickhouse Series and these fabled, monthly delusions of grandure are grouped like grilled fruit on a stick, I still get the haphazard e-mail asking for a compilation of these sightings of God… of Jesus… of La Virgen de Guadalupe… of any fool with a scalp wound crying out “Stigmata!”

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, we have this delightful video of assorted apparitions and any idiotic ignis fatuus you can find on the news.

What’s striking to me is some sister who obviously had to much caloric intake in her Malt O’Meal or some such because in her words at 3:30:

“Some people say they couldn’t see it. I guess it’s a spiritual level you have too be on to appreciate it.”

Well, walk me to the edge and hurl me over, sister because if I have to be on your level (or the rest of these loons of whom are bring reported) then I need to jump off a cliff like a rock diver in Mexico.

On this chic’s “level”, you may witness sanctimony in cat fur to an open scab, toast to donuts, sink stains to sun burns, a cheeto to ice cream.

Sweet Jesus, indeed!