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In 1697, the fabled Wall Street Trinity Church was founded essentially to minister to the needs of the African Americans in NYC, both free and enslaved (NOTE: It’s not the Mason Dixon line, so that dichotomy was a possibility back then).

During the centuries, I’m sure the church has geared up and done its fair share of Easter Sunday plays.

jesus-and-tweetYou know, Mary has gone from long, raggedy hair and homemade, cotton-twilled clothing to now make-up laden to look like one of the Bratz.

Back then, Jesus was probably some old dude who just didn’t make it to the barber and today, it’s some pre-pubescent kid whose hair is a statement as his flowing locks make him a given for the hallowed part in the play.

This is a church that knows the value of hard work, outreach, mission work and some nice, neighborhood production of “The Passion of the Christ.”

So, who would have thunk it that this very institution would revolutionize that passion and figured out a way to tweet the crucifixion?!

That’s right, social media fans – last Friday, they held a Twitter Passion play. Huzzah.

Followers of twspassionplay will receive tweets from the main characters of the play for three hours beginning at noon on Good Friday. The feed also can be delivered to mobile devices or e-mail addresses.

So, the magnitude of the crucifixion and the majesty of the Holy Spirit has now been encapsulated in 140 characters or less. Nice.

And that should beg a much broader question: Can you, can anyone evangelize in 140 characters or less? Can someone find saving grace in a tweet? Probably… because there sure are some “Twits” I have seen on TV. But I digress.