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That headline alone is worth some interest, but this is the video portion of the Wall, so just wait until you see it…

Meet Susan Boyle – a frumpy, middle-aged church volunteer who is now a global phenomenon. How? Reality show, how else?!

She waddles onto a stage feeding her face and in dire need of some tweezers hoping to carry a tune. Everyone in attendance for the American Idol-esque show in the UK called “Britian’s Got Talent” choked on their soda pop laughing at this frow, including The Celebrity Apprentice’s Piers Morgan and the infamous Simon Cowell from American Idol.

Furthering the laugh riot at her expense, Susan offers up a poly-rhythmic and uber-octave song from Les Miserables, “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Eyes rolled. Stomachs turned. Judges laughed. And there stood Susan – unabashed, unashamed and unfettered by the snickering because she knew something the rest of those dolts in the audience didn’t. Including yours truly. Uh yeah, about that?

God isn’t a big fan of judging a book by its illustrious cover, and what comes out of Susan Boyle’s mouth makes the world eat a nice, salty serving of crow. Standing O, teary eyes and agape mouths. Click play and enjoy. Her YouTube broadcast is nearing 30 million.

Maybe now, she can afford those tweezers.

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