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I think God has had it with all the humanistic poppycock about the origins of the universe.

I mean, really, how can an asteroid be 60 million years old and the Earth only 6,000, as seen in the book of Genesis?! Now, this can become an open forum on the pre-Adamite world found in the gray matter betwixt verses 1 and 2, before God “moved upon the waters” and all.

And sure, we can candidly discuss the antedilvuian period and just how did those pesky dinosaurs die anyway, as seen in Jurassic Park?

So, what's Jesus' hat size?

So, what's Jesus' hat size?

But your points of awesomeness may become moot once you dive into this story from FOX News and the recent discovery from NASA, as seen in the Hubble Telescope.

Wall Watchers, meet the … wait for it… the “Crown of Thorns Galaxy” (!!!)

And now, prepare for Geek Speak:

NGC 7049 sits in the southern constellation Indus, and is the brightest of a cluster of galaxies, a so-called Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG). Typical BCGs are some of the oldest and most massive galaxies, which provide excellent opportunities for astronomers to study the elusive globular clusters lurking within.

In other words, O – M – G!

If you’re a Trekkie (and wear pajamas 24/7 living in your mama’s basement), you are familiar with the Andromeda Galaxy, which gets lots of pub because you hang a left at the good ol’ Milky Way, and you’re there.

And just so NASA doesn’t get busted by the EEOC, they have dubbed a more diverse galaxy known as the Sombero Galaxy. Which does leave one question to ponder: If astronauts go to this particular galaxy, is there a cosmic border patrol we should know about?

You know, checking passports, let the dogs sniff your rockets and ensure you aren’t peddling spaceballs or whatever E.T. calls his marijuana and meth these days. Kids.

And now, God steps to the astrophysicists and says, “What up, Earth.”

Galaxies and other bodies in space can look like anything from fried eggs to a hoppity-hop or even a really shiny man with arms flailing everywhere. So, how odd is it that we see a galaxy dubbed after one of the most sacrosanct references in Christendom?!

I once heard a pastor ruminate, “A coincidence is a small miracle where God prefers to be anonymous.”

Um, about that, this is like robbing a bank and leaving a business card. I’m sure somehow God hand selected the dude to name this galaxy just so people would have conversations like this. Or maybe it’s just gas. (Get it? Space humor… come on, people!)