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award noblesse_obligeA while back, “The Writing on the Wall” was honored with a peculiarly named award, the “Noblesse Oblige“.

What’s it mean? It’s French for “nobility obligates,” which in Jesus speak is loosely translated from Luke 12:48

But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.

With humble and heartfelt thanks to all the Wall Watchers out there in Blogoland, I feel – and embrace – a lot of responsibility for all the tagging I do on the Wall. I must be used of God, not a user of his Word.

And awards like this – and delightful people like Annie “JJ” Brock, owner of a pair of cat eyes at a glorious home called “The Old Black Church” (and Lord Jesus, we need more of those) – remind me daily of that role. Thank you, peace and blessings, Annie.

Now, on with the show: honorees of this endowment should post the logo [check], nominate and link up to nine people worthy of the same [check below] and show the person who nominated you some love [check aforementioned]. HiScrivener’s choices are some mad taggers on the Wall, and lovely blog artists of their own:

  1. Bene Diction – A blog residing from Canada that gives a northern point of view on the Church. Good writing and good research equals good times.
  2. Beauty of the Bible – Sure, Lopez is smart and does much research for his posts, but if you couldn’t write in an appealing and thought-provoking fashion, what good does it do? No worries here.
  3. Caffeinated Thoughts – Shane covers a myriad of musings from “news, politics, culture, life and theology.” And if you ask this frequent drinker, he does so quite nicely.
  4. GCM Watch – Pastor Foster here is one of the originals. He took to a challenging topic and nailed it to the cross along with the rest of the sin of which Jesus died with authority and finality. It’s just that good.
  5. I’m Speaking Truth – We all have inspirations in here, and this was mine. Come to find out, we have a similar Genesis within charismatic circles, and discovered a likewise exodus out of them. Cut from the same cloth I would say, one of passion, focus and truth uncompromised.
  6. Jesus Christology – Job, the pundit over here, finds brilliant lumps of coal in the Church, polishes them with a fury and makes them gems for us all.
  7. The Church of Jesus Christ – Polycarp, and his new home, is full of diatribes, palaver and jive surrounding the ills that plague the Church. Try it some time, you’ll like it.
  8. Sola Dei Gloria – As to where most of finds a topic and digs deep, PJ here finds morays to delve into and makes us think. Good stuff.
  9. Theology Today – Phil’s mantra scripture says it all from Ephesians 5:11. Much like most of the other bricks in the Wall, the man is on an exposing mission.

And since by the laws from which it came I’m only permitted to “honor” nine, I – in typical fashion – will push the ubiquitous envelope and provide some “honor”able mentions to:

  1. Wickle – My man is, as he says, “1 True Believer”. Read it, you’ll see.
  2. The Pugnacious Irishman – Although Mr. Pugnacity focuses on Christianity in life than the other way around as I do, it’s a joy to read, absorb and learn from this cat.
  3. Slaughter of the Sheep – Chrystal can just keep on with her bad self on this thing. I live in the news, and this girl finds things I missed. She keeps me honest, and that’s something we could all use.
  4. Pulpit Pimps – Melvin needs no introduction to those who know and appreciate him. And if you don’t, visit.
  5. Living Journey – Vee truly lives up to her blog’s name. A respite of sorts for me.
  6. Wired 4 Truth – The Black Reformed Kid is a frequent visit of mine. Nice work in there… and has created the “Reformed Rebellion” of which I sure am intrigued.
  7. Conservative Black Woman – This girl says most white folk won’t say about politics and other goings on. Enjoy. I do.
  8. Crummy Church Signs – It’s just funny! Really funny.
  9. Max Daddy – Because sometimes you just need a good story to get you through the day. Max has them.

So, there you have it. Go forth, stalwarts of the sacred. With your prestige comes powerful responsibilty.


Today, on this week in video evangelism, we have Stephen Colbert’s genius “Yahweh or No Way“.

It’s a deft troika in HiScrivener’s world because it covers:

1. Father Cutie – A Catholic Oprah who is trying to be a “Catholic with Options.” As we all know, and as Colbert opines, that is called a “Protestant.”

2. Miss California – From standing out against gay marriage, canned on Miss America and becoming a living martyr. I have wanted to skewer this story – and Carrie Prejean – but since it was a complete mental thrashing to do so, meh? Thanks Colbert. I can sleep better this evening.

3. Would you believe there is a “God Sighting of the Month” in here to kick it off. Huzzah. What a happy day. Enjoy.

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Times are tough. People are getting two jobs to make ends meet. Some are changing careers for signing bonuses. But there are the few who dare to invest in the future.

Meet this tool: Joshua Witter, avowed Atheist and Orlando financial madcap.

You see, he’s got this cracked idea to scam Christians out of these cash in lieu of the rapture. Uh yeah, as in cashing in on being left behind.

About 70 people have paid the Orlando man about $5 a piece to get their messages to those doomed to face the plagues, pestilence and darkness of Armageddon.

Rapture carNo one knows the time or the hour, but hey, give this dolt your money to tell Mom an’dem your dancing in the heavenlies while they are wondering how they ended up on the movie set of “I Am Legend.”

Witter, who has professed “he’s screwed anyway,” has guaranteed these people who are so heavenly minded that he’ll deliver fond good byes to loved ones who will be no earthly good.

Here’s a thought: While these God-fearing people are busy digging under their pillow in the “Apocalypse Travel Fund” for this dude, anyone thought of possibly witnessing to the guy?!

I’m pretty sure we can all presume he’s on a one-way ticket to hell, so um, how about being a real Christian and try to derail his train ride to the pit?

While these buffoons are missing the mark, Witter is stretching his entrepreneurial wiles and marking a big fat “X” with his Web site, Admittedly, it began as a joke but what’s that Mr. P.T. Barnum? More than every minute?

Since 2005, Witter said he has sold more than 200 items, most of them T-shirts and coffee mugs, and many of those (he admits) to friends and fellow atheists. Among the best sellers are the line of I-Told-You-So cards, which sell for $8. Some of those who ordered the cards — Witter suspects they are not true Christians — are willing to pay extra to have them sent early as Christmas cards.

What’s that? When you care enough to send the very least?

Witter has read all the “Left Behind” books, is convinced he ain’t going anywhere when Jesus comes to get all of us and is already planning on dealing with locusts in his Wheaties, bumping into walls because he can’t see a thing and trying not to sit with all the boils on his butt.

So, why not? Get paid while you are still here, right? At least, the dude’s got a brand promise:

“Your hope lies with me. I am your mailman,” he vows. “I’ll do my best come Hell or high water to deliver those letters.”

And I guess if Jesus doesn’t return while he is alive, all that money will act as a love offering. Ah, nice how things come full circle, eh?

Adam Lambert lost!

I know, but if that was a spoiler to you and you’re still jonesin’ for some American Idol, buy the XBOX game.

Idol WorshipIt was stunning when folksy/bluesy Kris Allen won the show because despite how Adam butchered the great Johnny Cash, he still has that voice.

Now, in the HiScrivener household, it was merely a vocal contest… because Adam? Yeah, come on. Those pictures of him with other hims wasn’t just a drunken stupor gone bad.

That said, there arose a loud, boisterous contingency before the grand finale that presumed this contest became “gay guy vs. Christian guy.”

And, according to the esteemed Mark Joseph of (and this interesting story from FOX News), the large Christian viewing audience of Idol thought the return of Clay Aikener, they needed to keep this a family show by making Kris the winner.

“Idol is the No. 1 show on TV at least in part because it’s so family-friendly, and it also appeals to a large demographic of Christian viewers….Many of Idol’s previous winners–Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard–are devout Christians. Coincidence? Perhaps. But we don’t know much about Lambert’s faith, and that might hurt him with Christian voters. He could be extremely religious, but he’s kept his religious beliefs quiet.”

And then there was that Danny Gokey, praise leader fella.

Say what you will, but people – by and large – don’t EVER vote for the best… just the closest to them. As Joseph cited, 96 percent of African-Americans voted for Obama. You think all of my brothers and sisteres were studied up on foreign policy?! Probably not.

Much is the same about this talent show. Kris can sing. So can Adam. But… let’s vote for more than the way songs bellow out of his diaphragm because, after all, isn’t that why my lil’ Wall Watchers will buy the winner’s CD?!

Yeah, again, probably not.

So, for those who voted along the man-scara, guy-liner demarcation in this year’s American Idol, here a clip that was set loose after Kris Allen. Had I known this, I would have voted for him… twice. Praise God.

It’s been a while, and since summer ir looming, why not? Time for another list. Huzzah!

Only this one may surprise you a skosh. No thanks to, we discover the “100 All-time Best Movies for Christians.”

(Yes… no thanks. You’ll see.)

So, you would think big players would be overtly Jesus-esque films like “The Passion of the Christ.” And then there’s the movies about God’s generals like “The 10 Commandments” and its sister film “The Prince of Egypt.” Biblical tenet flicks have to make the list for those who enjoyed the recent “Fireproof” and perhaps the not-so-recent “End of the Spear.”

However, I’ll give you a blank check if you can name the #1 Christian movie of all time. G’head, I’ll wait. Time’s wasting. Tick-tock.

Thank God for this movie, I guess.

Thank God for this movie, I guess.

That sound you hear is the pervasiveness of crickets… in a church, no less.

Survey Says: Iron Will. HUH?!

I mean any flick about puppies has to be cute. Use the uh, challenged kid from the Facts of Life and I’ll give you a straight-to-DVD adventure.

So, immediately I would venture to say the validity of this cockamamie list is in question if Mackenzie Astin can whoop up on Sir Charlton Heston and any fart-and-fall-down movie TBN has cranked out.

But, this collection of misfit flicks is, if anything, diverse. Evidently, Rudy’s kid brother needs to challenge the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences about getting duped on all those “Best Actors” awards they hand out annually.You see, the Dog Whisperer here has beat out some of Hollywood’s elite.

Now, I love Jesus but this is ridiculous. Those slammed by the acting savvy of this entertainment wunderkind are:

  • #4 – Chariots of Fire. Followed by…
  • #5 – Woman, Thou Art Loosed. Um, I’m pretty sure “Chariots” soundtrack outsold this epic
  • #13 – Dead Man Walking. Because riding a dog slams what Sean Penn did in this dopey movie
  • #21 – The Matrix. Sounds like the authors of this list took the blue pill
  • #41 – Ben-Hur. Astin was an Iditarod gladiator, somewhat
  • #46 – Schindler’s List. Holocaust. Sad Puppies. Sure, I would sway one way over the other for sure
  • #51 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which beat out…
  • #54 – The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, it was a golden ticket. Come on.
  • #59 – The Passion of the Christ. Yeah, I thought this cheeseball movie sucked too.
  • #95 – It’s a Wonderful Life. You realize, my eyes are full of tears of laughter now
  • #100 – The Muppet Christmas Carol. Blasphemous, ain’t it?

You know, I am anonymous for legal reasons but suffice to say, my name is not Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin or some ne’er-do-well staffer from Rotten Tomatoes. But even I would have done a better job than this half-baked, without sleep and possibly illiterate. I’m just saying.