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So, Michael Jackson was buried(ish) on global TV in front of more than 20,000 in attendance at the farewell concert tour… eh, memorial service.

It was a somber time for a genius entertainer (again, were you not entertained despite it all), and the world will never forget him. Well, not until the press forgets him first. Get this:

  • Look five rows back from the front. Who wears red to a funeral?! Seriously? Mr. Blackwell won't be there.

    Look five rows back from the front. What fool wears red to a funeral?! Seriously?! Mr. Blackwell ain't going to be there.

    The television show… eh, memorial (I keep doing that) drew almost 31 million people in viewership. Now, now, before you MJ fans start holding up your sequenced-gloved pointer finger to Jesus shouting, “Number 1!” it was two million less than Princess Diana’s funeral and four million less than President Ronald Reagan’s.

  • 19 television networks around the globe carried the thing! 19! I would be amazed, but hey, I can watch a car chase one five different networks from my couch, so not that impressive.
  • It cost the city of Los Angeles more than $4 million. Well, how’s that whole California budget crisis going now, Governator?! At end of his term, I doubt “he’ll be baaaack.”
  • The L.A. Mayor is asking the city to pay for it. No really, check the link if you’re so inclined. You know, here’s a thought. With all the talent fees that were represented on that stage at the Staples Center, maybe defer some of those costs… or better yet, take up a love offering. Yeah, that’ll happen. (P.S. Los Angeles has only raised $17,000. Keep it classy, L.A. We love it!)
  • There is now a 1,500-word resolution in the U.S. Congress to call Michael Jackson a “global humanitarian.” Again, no really. Fitting this is coming from the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee. We really are the World, eh?
  • And now, the lead spoke in the news cycle is who designed MJ’s suit fit for burial. Sigh. Do people really care about this mess? “Hey Mike’s mama? Who is he wearing?”

Okay, that was my rant. Now, for some Good News. If you were one of the 31 million who watched it, and some of the many more who scanned by one of the many channels… did you see Lionel Richie?

Since we know it was a concert, and a fancy speaking opportunity for Al not-so-Sharp-ton, Lionel made this thing what it was supposed to be – CHURCH!

My man solemnly took the stage, blew off the dust from one of hits back in the day with the great Commodores and sang… “Jesus is Love.”

As soon as those ivories began playing, I knew it! So, I’m sure, like so many others, my hands went upward and began getting my praise on! I don’t care the source. If Jesus glorified, you better recognize.

And if he can use an ass (It’s biblical, just sayin’), I’m positive he can use someone from Hollywood.

The point is this before we get to the entertainment portion of the post – and yes, that is the brilliant video from Lionel – while everyone else was posing for their camera angle, trying to get on American Idol and muggin’ for the millions watching TV, Lionel Richie understood what they needed – a word, a touch from God.

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. (Nahum 1:7 NIV)

No. He's dead, but I can introduce you to someone who is alive.

No. Sorry. He is dead, but I can introduce you to someone who is alive if you need.

Sundry motives and opportunism set aside, there was some hurting people in that crowd. His fans, yes. His family, more so. His kids, definitely.

And among the paparazzi, the miserable profiteers (note the picture) and the panderers, I pray those kids heard Lionel Richie sing and saw him gesticulate to the heavens.

There was praise on that stage. There was emotion in his heart. And there was God in his mouth.

Jesus is love… and he will never let you down. Hit it, Lionel.

Adam Lambert lost!

I know, but if that was a spoiler to you and you’re still jonesin’ for some American Idol, buy the XBOX game.

Idol WorshipIt was stunning when folksy/bluesy Kris Allen won the show because despite how Adam butchered the great Johnny Cash, he still has that voice.

Now, in the HiScrivener household, it was merely a vocal contest… because Adam? Yeah, come on. Those pictures of him with other hims wasn’t just a drunken stupor gone bad.

That said, there arose a loud, boisterous contingency before the grand finale that presumed this contest became “gay guy vs. Christian guy.”

And, according to the esteemed Mark Joseph of (and this interesting story from FOX News), the large Christian viewing audience of Idol thought the return of Clay Aikener, they needed to keep this a family show by making Kris the winner.

“Idol is the No. 1 show on TV at least in part because it’s so family-friendly, and it also appeals to a large demographic of Christian viewers….Many of Idol’s previous winners–Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard–are devout Christians. Coincidence? Perhaps. But we don’t know much about Lambert’s faith, and that might hurt him with Christian voters. He could be extremely religious, but he’s kept his religious beliefs quiet.”

And then there was that Danny Gokey, praise leader fella.

Say what you will, but people – by and large – don’t EVER vote for the best… just the closest to them. As Joseph cited, 96 percent of African-Americans voted for Obama. You think all of my brothers and sisteres were studied up on foreign policy?! Probably not.

Much is the same about this talent show. Kris can sing. So can Adam. But… let’s vote for more than the way songs bellow out of his diaphragm because, after all, isn’t that why my lil’ Wall Watchers will buy the winner’s CD?!

Yeah, again, probably not.

So, for those who voted along the man-scara, guy-liner demarcation in this year’s American Idol, here a clip that was set loose after Kris Allen. Had I known this, I would have voted for him… twice. Praise God.

This week in video evangelism is good for a giggle for a few reasons:

1. Anyone remember “testimony time”? You know, when mom an’dem could get the spirit, take center stage and show up like pastor does? Well, suffice to say, 90 percent of those folk wouldn’t have half the nerve this little man does… and this video is a living testament to that fact.

2. I heart “American Idol.” Specifically, the dimwits who are deftly convinced they can sing a hole in the wall, stand there convinced of fame on the horizon and end up making ears bleed, dogs run out of the room and birds outside careen into walls without explanation. Another like-minded show is “You think you can dance” and many folk out there who can remotely clap on two and four want to get down like James Brown. This kid is Exhibit A… but is it really dancing?!

3. Do pastors have a screening test, an audition process? OK, I am seeing a mini-me version of Gregory Hines here. Those feet are possessed with a spirit of their own. And the camera crew loves this little man.

Do watch the whole thing with the volume up. It’s worth it. Whew.

UPDATE: The video and commentary of what used to be here has changed (thanks to Vaughn, peace) but the sage rhetoric remains the same.

That headline alone is worth some interest, but this is the video portion of the Wall, so just wait until you see it…

Meet Susan Boyle – a frumpy, middle-aged church volunteer who is now a global phenomenon. How? Reality show, how else?!

She waddles onto a stage feeding her face and in dire need of some tweezers hoping to carry a tune. Everyone in attendance for the American Idol-esque show in the UK called “Britian’s Got Talent” choked on their soda pop laughing at this frow, including The Celebrity Apprentice’s Piers Morgan and the infamous Simon Cowell from American Idol.

Furthering the laugh riot at her expense, Susan offers up a poly-rhythmic and uber-octave song from Les Miserables, “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Eyes rolled. Stomachs turned. Judges laughed. And there stood Susan – unabashed, unashamed and unfettered by the snickering because she knew something the rest of those dolts in the audience didn’t. Including yours truly. Uh yeah, about that?

God isn’t a big fan of judging a book by its illustrious cover, and what comes out of Susan Boyle’s mouth makes the world eat a nice, salty serving of crow. Standing O, teary eyes and agape mouths. Click play and enjoy. Her YouTube broadcast is nearing 30 million.

Maybe now, she can afford those tweezers.

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American Idol is hogging the weekly TV ratings again, and if you saw this week’s Motown series, you know why. (Incidentally, for the rest of you who said, “No”… I say, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”).

Recently, a piece came out from MTV about American Idol that happens to have many folk in this country buzzing.


American Idol cares about the environment, just not the guy who made it

No, it’s not about the show being rigged… allegedly. It’s not surrounding the jacked-up voting process and whose tail should have been in the bottom three [COUGH…Megan Joy…COUGH].

What does that chic have to do anyway to get in the bottom three? Spank a puppy on a street corner? Trip an old lady as she crosses a street? Pimp slap Simon? Anywhoo…

Nah, this country would rather rant and rave about the outward expression of faith. Figures.

This season, though, a large number of those faithful viewers have more than a casual pop-culture interest in the show: They’re Christians who are also watching because more than half of this year’s crop of finalists — including Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, Kris Allen, Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds — either have a strong affiliation with the church or are worship leaders in their communities.

So, nicely done by MTV, right? They talk about all the Jesus Freaks gracing the sound stage and instantly there are watching parties among youth groups across the country. Not so much.

According to this follow-up by MTV, many of American Idol’s viewers just want Jesus to be put in the bottom three.

We learned two things about “American Idol” fans last week when we ran a story on how this year’s show features more Christian-affiliated finalists than ever before: Most of you don’t care what religion a singer is as long as they’re good, and the rest of you think even pointing out religion on “Idol” is “absolutely outrageous.”

Anyone remember last season when the producers of American Idol decided to make an iTunes-friendly worship song out of “Shout to the Lord”?! Well, now it seems the world’s most famous talent show is rocking like the BarackStar to shill for Christian voters in an effort to crush the competitors in the ratings.

True, this is a singing competition and not a preaching contest. It’s a stage, not a church lectern (although in some of today’s megachurches, that is interchangeable). We vote for the most talented, not the most godly.

But, what’s wrong with a vignette that discusses a singer’s faith? Are there that many folk out there in TV Land with guilty consciences? Is the conviction of the Holy Spirit spreading faster than rumors about Clay Aiken’s eh, preference? (Or that Adam Lambert with that Freddy Mercury voice).

Whatever the case, folk are irate about it and quite honestly, they need take a break.

The question is, “What does faith have to do with their singing?” Answer: LOTS!

My faith equips me to put my pants on while I’m standing up, much less write this blog. Imagine singing in front of 30 million people. You think you might ask “God” for a little help before that drop of pee trickles down your leg?! Don’t need faith to sing like that… on that stage. Puh-lease. You need faith to walk your doggy these days.

Naturally, this is just another effulgent example of America’s only permissible prejudiceChristianity.

Ah well, here’s to hoping the aforementioned “IDOLators” gather ’round their Bibles and have a Gospel night. Sure, the ratings would blow but at least folk would sing a lot more than Hillsong and Mercy Me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We can all only imagine.