The beaver going door-to-doorOnce upon a republican primary, there was a man named Mitt who actually did more than run for President, he carried the PR flag of the LDS church. Note this story from Salt Lake (where else) for validation.

OK, remove today’s headlines. I’m sure at no point in recent history was the press asking more questions about Mormonism than when Mitt was running for the White House. Fast forward to now, this is all the LDS reps have to say, This is currently a very difficult public affairs challenge.”

You know, in this world of public relations and perception management, there is a phrase called ‘spin control‘. But this is more spinning out of control. This is much more than public affairs. This is human rights. This cultist phenomenon. This is ungodly and inhumane. And that is just the tip of the iceberg what people are discovering about your quaint church in Utah, Mr. Ballard. For example, just scrolling Google (maybe):

  • Basic tenets of a faith should be unchangeable (NOTE: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity). So, admit it, in the 1830s, Joseph Smith advised God told him about polygamy.
  • Anyone can write self-help, non-fiction and fiction about ecumenical books. But does holy writ actually require an appendix? Islam has the Qu’ran ONLY. Jewish have the Tanakh. Christians have the Bible. Mormons have a Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrines and Covenants.
  • If you believe Christ is the way for your faith, you are (by default and definition) ‘Christian’. Muslims have Allah. Jewish have YHWH. Mormons? Ah, there’s the rub. To paraphrase the aforementioned LDS mouthpiece, “Mormons often insist they are “Christians,” claiming that because Jesus Christ is included within their belief system, this makes their faith “Christian.” Dude. I had a friend stay over at my house and was “included” at our family dinner. Here’s a news flash – he is not therefore my uncle.
  • Dare I even discuss the LDS celestial utopia, Kolob? Or the holy skivvies Mormons are currently rocking?

Ballard continued to say,“I’d much rather have people talking about us than ignoring us.”

As you can clearly see, be careful what you wish for, bud. It just may creep up and bust you in the mouth.


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