Basic Instinct director thinks Mary was a ‘Baby Mama’

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Testify
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DUH!I have no words… and that’s saying something. So just read this, and I’ll be back. G’ahead. I’ll wait.

What in the world qualifies this fool to write a biography on Jesus anyway? The fact he got Sharon Stone to scream ‘Oh God’ in a soft-core movie? People just don’t think. This goes back to a theory I have always held: Christians are the only group of people in the world where it is accepted and welcomed to have a true prejudice against – and speak on it (still working on the copyright here).

Other groups have civil rights, petitions, congressional recognition and laws. Christians? We get this mess!

You know, Eddie Murphy was a prophet when he said there are people that just want to take the ‘Hell Express’. In case you missed ‘Delirious’ in your pre-sanctified youth, he noted there are people that just don’t want to stand line with everybody. There is:

And let’s not forget the others that make up the customer service aisle in Hades:

  • Guys who do not respect the ‘Law of Urinal Spacing’ (unofficial, but necessary)
  • People who use the fast food drive-thru for a family of 11
  • Idiots that put dogs and children in the back of pickup trucks and take a jaunt on the highway
  • Self-absorbed movie goers that think it’s part of the fun to kick the back of my seat
  • ANYONE that is so important to keep a cell phone on RING… in CHURCH
  • Parents that use a Rated-R movie as an accepted babysitter… at 10:30 p.m.
  • Directionally-challenged drivers that think the fast lane on the highway is the best place to consult a MAPSCO
  • Non-flushers in restaurants or airports. No description needed.

Yes, this dude needs prayer in the worst way, but why can’t I pray for someone else to do that because I just don’t want to waste the breath… at least not now. IJS.

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