Enough with the titles already

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, Testify

Imitation, indeedQuestion: What are long, mostly unnecessary and typically borrowed and not earned? No guess? Here’s a hint: all denominations and ecumenical affiliations have them. Titles.

From the advent of time, to the rise of the papacy to the growth of the megachurch, titles have always been a player. What began in the Church as part of the Bible, later migrated as a necessary need for distinction with ‘Your Holiness‘. Today, it seems everyone is a ‘doctor’ of this and a ‘most reverend’ of that. It’s ridiculous, namely for those that actually EARNED academic degrees in biblical studies (like this guy).

What I read today – here – nearly had me questioning this scripture.

That’s right. It’s not enough to call yourself ‘doctor’ (even though – COUGH – you never earned it), but now you are so pretentious and overweening, that ‘Apostle’ just feels right on your business card. And now to properly ‘earn’ that attention, your staff has taken out a full-page ad in Charisma congratulating you for this ‘honor’.

Tell us God placed it your spirit that you have fancy-shmancy new distinction. Tell us you were elected this by a board of peers. But do NOT assume to think that the Body of Christ is so dense to believe you woke up one day, bought a domain name and get to be considered one of God’s elite. For all we know, many cronies in the faith went shopping here for one of those thingys.

So, here’s to Fred Price. A man full of the Word of God, among other things.

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