Happy Santa-Baby-Jesus Day

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Age Quod Agis, Good for a Giggle, Networking, Spin Doctor
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There are anagrams for Santa that make Father Christmas more of a bastard child at a family reunion in the minds of fundamental Christians.

There are thoughts of the manger that make non-God-fearing folk want to put the holidays out to pasture.

And then there are those who love Jesus and celebrate his birth while propagating subterfuge against their children until the day they figure out that dirty old man with the beefy belly looked familiar for a reason.

The geniuses at IgniterMedia.com have done it again – this time, they tackle the stark differences and similarities between sweet baby Jesus and portly St. Nick. Enjoy this for the HOLY-days and we’ll be back with the news before the New Year.

Peace & blessings to all the Wall Watchers out there. You have blessed this enigmatic pontificate more than you know.

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  1. hehehhe… good.. this is very funny…

  2. Wow… Got here completely by accident… But great video. I could seriously use some good tidings for 2010. Thanks.

  3. film izle says:

    I love you all dearly
    now don’t shed a tear
    Cause I’m spending my
    Christmas with Jesus this year
    thanks 4 the post

  4. Ross L. Gillum says:

    Pretty cool vid, dude. Me and mine hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas……and a tremendously Happy New Year.

    Here is a little Christmas poem for everyone that has loved and lost during the Christmas and Holiday Seasons. Having dealt with this issue myself, I found it quite comforting, laced with peace, and full of hope.

    Merry Christmas to all the Wall Watchers from the Gillum’s watching with you! 🙂

    “Merry Christmas from Heaven”

    I still hear the songs
    I still see the lights
    I still feel your love
    on cold wintery nights

    I still share your hopes
    and all of your cares
    I’ll even remind you
    to please say your prayers

    I just want to tell you
    you still make me proud
    You stand head and shoulders
    above all the crowd

    Keep trying each moment
    to stay in His grace
    I came here before you
    to help set your place

    You don’t have to be
    perfect all of the time
    He forgives you the slip
    If you continue the climb

    To my family and friends
    please be thankful today
    I’m still close beside you
    In a new special place

    I love you all dearly
    now don’t shed a tear
    Cause I’m spending my
    Christmas with Jesus this year

    –John Wm. Mooney, Jr

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