So, I had a fabulous Christmas (and I pray you did as well). Stockings are down. The fridge is replenished. My family is content. And then I read this crap.

According to WOW News’ World Net Daily and DallasWFAA-TV, Liberty Legal Institute sent a Dec. 15 demand letter on behalf of Joe Mitchell, a retired General Motors employee, Dallas resident and student, to Eastfield College in the Dallas County Community College District.

This is actually a Navy Seal training center in Coronado, Calif. Nice architecture, das dunderheads.

The complaint accuses the school of an “unconstitutional attack on religious expression in the classroom.”

This story is painstakingly lodged itself in my blessed assurance for many reasons, but here’s the once-over.

Mitchell adores to make ceramic crosses as gifts. It’s more than a hobby for the guy; it’s a business in his twilight years. He’s in ceramics class for the third year where he encounters a tool professor named James Watral, chair of the ceramic department at Eastfield College.


Isn’t that like… well, I just don’t have an apt analogy for this.

“As Mr. Watral was giving students a tour of the pottery department, he took them to a shelving area where ceramics pieces are stored prior to being fired in the kiln,” the complaint states. “Mr. Watral then pointed to a cross and stated in front of the entire class with contempt: ‘I don’t like that.'”

To which, I say, “Big. Deal.” But wait, there’s more.

During the fall 2009 semester, Mitchell said he was constantly asked by his instructor whether he would be creating religious projects. He created a ceramic Israeli Coat of Arms, including a Menorah, to give to a Jewish friend. After the piece had been fired, he said his instructor, Chris Blackburst, asked if she could take a look at it.

“She then proceeded to compare the cross to a swastika,” his complaint states. “She stated that many individuals view the cross as an offensive symbol in the same was that many people are offended by swastikas, and that his crosses would therefore not be fired by the department.”

Ah, there’s the rub. Seriously?! A swastika. I get what our apparent devoid-of-a-heart nitwit is trying to say. The cross is offensive… to anyone with a death wish hating God for no apparent reason other than because of campy Christians they have encountered.

But to compare it with arguably the most recognized symbol in the world for hate, vitriol and bad facial hair is asinine.

What’s more daft is this guy is actually suing the college. Why? Because someone hurt his feelers?

There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t get offended in some fashion because of some misguided comment, divisive statement or godless misanthrope just trying to get under my skin.

I call B.S. and here’s why: This whole law suit is over the fact dude is no longer allowed to fire his crosses – his merchandise – in the school’s kiln. He’s been doing this for three years and now the school is taking a harsh stance against his crosses – his meal ticket.

What the school said was completely out of line and at the very least, this “chair of ceramics” deserves a nice kick in his jingle bells. However, I’m sure the school said it at the beginning of the year.

Don’t stand in the shadow of the cross crying religious discrimination when you’re just too cheap to buy the cornerstone of the company business.

Dude has had ample time to deal with his grievances but not with his pocketbook. Orders are slow. The economy sucks. And Mr. Mitchell ain’t getting paid as he is accustomed, so he sues. You know, instead of buying his own kiln at the house.

My question is why does it take a lawyer to review the policy when this guy should have done before he took the class? Again?

My angst with anti-Jesus organizations like the ACLU are well-stated and numerous. However, what’s equally as multitudinous is my lack of empathy for folk who make Christians look worse than we already do.

This law suit is exhibit A because the amount of intelligence it takes to see through the paper-thin visage of what’s really behind this legal recourse can be found somewhere in between Tiger Woods’ belief he could ho around in private and one of those crooks in need of a disguise so instead of panty hose grabs a roll of duct tape. (Yeah, really happened.)

The chic who compared the cross with the swastika needs to have her blood stream hurled in the kiln for warmth. As for Mr. Mitchell, he just needs his law suit thrown in there… along with his tuition.

In the words of a few billion people who hate the swastika, “Oy Vey!”

  1. Ruairi Cathal MacDomhnaill says:

    Umm…Mr hiscrivener,
    Perhaps you won’t mind if I both support your main point and at the same time disagree feverishly, with all due respect of course.
    1. Re: Christianity & the Swastika: The term “Swastika,” or “Hakenkreutz” in German, is translated literally as the “Hooked-Cross.” For a point of reference, there may be found uncommon examples of certain ethnic-cultural traditions having a few members therein who might identify-by-reconciliation their ancestral past with their later Christian identities. For example, as a descendant of the Gaelic peoples of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands, there is a long tradition where long-standing ancestral identity symbology, in this example runic symbols and other powerful cultural symbols dating from their pagan origins; while (in this case) St. Patrick turned (to this day) Eire into a passionately catholic country which retains some pagan symbols whose meaning is less about paganism than about cultural-ancestral pride…
    That said, you are correct in affirming that there is no legitimate historical basis for this clown,urmm…, Professor Clown, to call swastikas “christian,” nevermind the idea of a lawsuit about it. A simple word of Wisdom: Go to the Library and start trying to read through “MEIN KAMPF”–Why? 1st, you’ll find the explanation of Adolf Shickelgrubber’s [oops I mean Hitler’s…can’t blame him, really] somewhat concocted but essentially straightforward explanation of the two most influential movements of his youth”-One the one hand a Christian Social Action group, but especially the Pan-Germanism so palpable at his time.
    So Hitler borrowed from the Christians the Pomp and Ceremony of Ancient Rome, and the social unity that the pan-germanic movement could never harness. Let us all be clear; Hitler was no Christian; no buddhist; no hindu or jain — Adolf Hitler was a brilliant/insane and mentally deranged sociopath with a messiah complex who used “hate” and the “Germanic Unity and Pride combined with ceremony and symbolism” who organized a secular Aryan Church that one could argue to be the actions of a purely “Anti-Christ” in every sense of the word. Two points of interest: First, Hitler’s 3rd Reich Era Publishings of his literary rubbish did contain specific references to some prominent Americans whose books he called “his bibles.” One of those “Bibles” for Hitler was “The International Jew” by THE Henry Ford (Have you driven a fraud lately?). Strangely enough, I have yet to find a single copy published post WW-II with those references kept. I wonder who or what they are trying to hide? And Secondly, I was determined to read all of “MEIN KRAP” cover to cover, but even I couldn’t get beyond the middle of the book when the Anti-Semitic rhetoric makes any human being want to rip out every remaining page…I doubt anyone will get any farther than I did…
    Two points concluding about this issue: 1st: The Acts of certain members of the Vatican and their Balkan compatriots were “unchristian,” some plainly “evil” but most because the Vatican was foolish enough to invest most of their money in the German Economy before Hitler seized control of everything, and did so little because Hitler threatened to confiscate the Vatican money in total…Look it up. That said, also look up the brutality brought to bear upon the German Christian Church, its clergy, and frankly anyone else who disagreed at all. Hitler was as Christian as Nero was, except Hitler was more focused on Jews, gays, and socialists.
    2nd: No offense, but the Christian Cross is a Symbol–and like almost all symbol they have a tendency to imprint themselves upon one’s mind and sometimes even hypnotize. It’s not about the cross; it’s the cross/star of david/Islamic Crescent/ Hindu Dharma Wheel/ Sports team logo/ or any flag in history. If nothing else, remember Hitler was and until he died [in his own words]”an artist 1st and foremost, and a politician as a distant second…” He was also LEFT-HANDED. PLEASE DON’T DISREGARD THAT HITLER WAS LEFT-HANDED. Why was the Nazi Swastika facing the way it faced? Because Hitler was LEFT-HANDED, and like myself, see objects visually backwards compared with Right-Handed people. So…while the poster recalling the Buddhist/Hindu/Jainist tradition of the symbol, I commonly have witnessed the right-hander facing version adorning many of the Jainist Temples I’ve been to, but the historical relevance of whether one way is “good” and the mirror way “bad” is to miss the whole point. Hitler was LEFT-HANDED, and as an artist spent years perfecting this now disgusting symbol both to mesmerize, to hypnotize, and to burn itself into the retina’s of his Master Race’s eyes.

    CAUTION: Symbols can be very dangerous–This guy is a damned fool, and I say ‘fool’ hopefully–plainly, the symbol [and everything that came with it] was made completely illegal; i.e you try and wave Nazi Flag through Germany, you’ll be arrested and put in jail. WHY? Look at the “Hakenkreutz”–STARE AT IT FOR 3-5 MINUTES…then remember over 10 million exterminated in its name [frankly, I am extremely pro-Jewish but I get tired of “6 million JEWS exterminated” and never a word about his murder of the Political Dissidents (Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Social Democrats,etc.), gays, gypsies, the roma’s–> in fact, look up the original list (in German most likely) which the SS Einsatsgrupen [aka death squads] were all issued and notice FOURTEEN separate reasons for internment and potential extermination on the spot (note: I recall the “Juden” were listed either #8 or #9). He was a monster, plain and simple. Remember my suggestion that you stare for 3 to 5 minutes at the Swastika [especially inverted as in the Nazi flag shows it.That symbol is a symbol
    of and for mass hypnosis and indoctrination. It is dangerous. In India and/or the Buddhists, this is less of an issue because of many reasons. But for the Western World, the Swastika (with LEFT-HANDED Orientation)is and will forever remain a symbol of unspeakable evil, so evil as to require routinely re-examining what that Symbol means- hate, death, evil, inhumanity. In America, Professor Clown can claim a frying pan or a Ford Mustang to be a Christian symbol; he is free to do so. He can do the same with the Swastika. AND as Americans we all have the right to make his life so miserable fighting off the righteous indictments that he is a fool and a disgrace to the education system until he saves up and buys a kiln for his private home to make his garbage…

    [b.t.w. I am a historian as such, hence the long explanation. I do not wish to ‘hate’ things. I find it hard to reconcile that when concerning the National Socialist 3rd Reich of 1933 to 1945…]
    –> “…A swastika. I get what our apparent devoid-of-a-heart nitwit is trying to say. The cross is offensive… to anyone with a death wish hating God for no apparent reason other than because of campy Christians they have encountered.”
    Ummm, wow! I sure hope I am missing your point here, and you are just speaking in regard to this clown from the article. But.., I fear I am not misinterpreting a thing: THE CROSS IS OFFENSIVE [maybe, just, maybe] TO A SIZABLE MAJORITY OF THOSE POOR PEOPLE WHO, AS LITTLE CHILDREN TAUGHT TO TRUST IN GOD AND THE PRIEST, WERE RAPED OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…AND OVER…And the Bishops knew, and they covered it up, and quietly transferred them to another church to go and serially rape a new batch of innocent children. Bro…, look, I am 100% all for freedom of religion and beliefs and speech, but can you [or frankly even I] really comprehend the shear degree of evil deeds and forever shattered lives by sick-perverted monsters who acted under the symbol of the Cross. Personally, I was molested at age 4 by a boy only 2 or 3 years older than me — I can never forget that sick-[profanity] and what he did..and compared to the victims of the Church Molestation Scandal I got sooooooooo lucky.

    Look man, before you remove the splinter from whoever else’s eye, consider this: You’re earliest memories of life are haunted by dirty feelings and memories of closed doors, “special secrets,” a “Man of God” touching you…touching you where he shouldn’t have, again and again, where you, as a little child who knew almost nothing KNEW HOW WRONG THIS WAS AND WILL NEVER FORGET IT UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE, and your only defense was to repress this victimization of your most sacred dignity and forever feel guilty and ashamed of yourself and think that it was somehow your fault, but it was never your fault at all.

    I won’t speak for anyone else as to whether they do or do not “Hate God,” although I will say plainly I have no right to judge them considering what “God and the Cross” came to represent to their own personal nightmares.
    Speaking for myself, I do not hate God, nor do I understand how it is possible. No, I am not a Christian, although I read and study Jesus’ teachings–> To me he is arguably the most brilliant man who ever graced this earth-who spoke in such illuminating metaphors that if we would follow his example as he lived it, and dare I say cut out the middle man preachers who want to tell you what God means when God is already in your heart, should you dare to listen to it. “YHWH” = “I AM” i.e God is…not that he ‘exists’ as in “Ruairi is”, but “God IS…” without the thought of punctuation. God is…above, below, behind, before; God is everything you see, and he is a part of you because you are a part of him…I love Jesus, and I want to walk in his footsteps and fulfill his teachings – but he did not save me with his death but with his life. Again, I am not what’s called a Christian, and I will not be born again until I die and live again. B.t.w. interestingly, if you are familiar with St. Jehosephat, the name, when reverse translated through 9 different languages [where it originated] is “bodhisattva;” St. Jehosephat and his story is that of Siddharta Gautama, a,k,a, the Buddha.

    I see God in everyone’s eyes, though yes I have seen evil, but we all are children of god and all of us are called to love and to be loved. Let us try and remember, hard as it may be, to see what we share in common, and dismiss frivolous differences.

    –> “…But to compare it with arguably the most recognized symbol in the world for hate, vitriol and bad facial hair is asinine.”

    Sir, the comparison is “asinine,” if you prefer. I’d say “willfully ignorant” personally. B.t.w., even before Hitler was out of diapers, not only was Jew-hating and Pogroms “all the rage,” but EVERY SINGLE SWASTIKA ever displayed by the Pan-Germanic Movement was SPECIFICALLY ANTI-JEWISH. Hitler didn’t invent that connotation on his own, for what it’s worth…

    BUT –> Personally, I’d really leave the mustache-joke out of the argument. The reality of what was done in those 12 years makes me shudder at the thought that you and I are human beings virtually identical to those same human beings whose actions led to more than 60 MILLION dead bodies. Nothing can ever be funny about anything to do with this topic. NOTHING.

    –> “There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t get offended in some fashion because of some misguided comment, divisive statement or godless misanthrope just trying to get under my skin.”
    –>Again, I am gonna make this shorter than I planned…but…what, pray tell, is god-like about not sparing a single week without taking offense at the actions of another–not an action such as slapping you on both cheeks or flailed crowned and crucified, but offended by someone else’s words or divisive statements, or he who purposefully tries to “get under your skin.” What are their words to you? Do not each of us act/react/speak/ either through an “Act of Love” or else through a “Lack of Love?” What offended Jesus? Injustice? Yes…Hypocrisy in the false name of God? Yes…Failure to see God in the eyes of every man and woman [re; good Samaritan]? Yes…The Money changers in the House of God? Yes’siree! God spoke of Love, not “thou shalt be offended.” If God is under your skin, how can anyone penetrate him? Be the Love and Wisdom of Jesus and no man shall offend you…Oh, and if I have offended you at any point in this reply, go back and read the words of Jesus…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The word “swastika” symbol comes from India thousands of years ago, in Sanskrit svastika – “su” meaning “good,” “asti” meaning “to be,” and “ka” as a suffix.

    Many people are confusing with Hitler’s abuse of this symbol.

    Buddhism swastika as well as other eastern countries uses this symbol to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.

    Buddhism is not a religion, many of us are confusing with the ceremony, incense, fruits, and flowers offerings to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas as a religious practice. That’s is quite wrong.

    The ceremony are to help the monks and nuns to obtain wisdom and enlightenment to help others as well as benefiting themselves. Incense and fruits and water and flowers are offerings as a way of respect and much thanks for teaching us human being the Truth of life or Dharma to this world.

    Anyone can cultivate kindness, compassion, wisdom, loving-kindness, and enlightenment with the Buddha’s teachings or Dharma regardless of their religion. Furthermore, abandoning one’s religion for Buddhism is like abandoning one’s parents, therefore, it’s quite wrong.

    Regardless of one’s religion or belief, anyone can seek for the Truth of understanding on life and attain true happiness.

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  4. Joel says:

    Chair of ceramics? Texas? ‘College’?

  5. boydmiller says:

    There can be little doubt that Texas is the religious nutburger capital of the USA.

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