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Well, well. Tim Tebow, America’s sweetheart quarterback. defies logic once again as he gets drafted to Denver. In the first round, no less.

Even more amazing is that no one has been this giddy over a white Bronco since O.J. Simpson.

If eye paint could only speak

NCAA: That crap in your eye better be a tear from now on, kids.

But seriously folks, this country can’t enough of the man who walks on Swamp Water. What with the global missionary work to domestic witnessing via interviews in which Jesus always gets a shout out, it’s remarkable this guy isn’t a traveling evangelist in the Church of God circuit.

And now, the country and the sport has one more reason to hold him in apogee – the soon and suitably-soon-to-be-called “Tim Tebow rule,” as noted in this story from CBS News.

The NCAA rules panel announced that eye black with messages and wedge blocks will be banned in college football next season.

Yeah, because heaven forbid these student athletes exercise the right to spell during a football game. What’s the big deal anyway? Someone putting the game on pause too long to read Tim Tebow’s eye black?

Dear Lord, say it isn’t so.

What about the rest of the football nation that thinks its Feng Shui to put their area code in the schmutz under their eyes, as if the Mayor of “202-town” will call President Obama, “Dude! You see that? D.C. is on TV. West side!”

According to a similar story in the Huffington Post, this has “nothing” to do with Jesus, evangelism or Mr. Timothy Tebow:

“When this rule was proposed the committee did not focus on any one team or student athlete,” said Cameron Schuh, a spokesman for the NCAA. “That measure reinforces what the intended use of eye black is, which is to shade the eyes from the sun.

I call B.S. on this play.

Does the gray hi-lighter Tim uses in his eye paint somehow chemically altar the eye black and cause blindness when in direct contact with the sun? Of course not. This smacks of this country’s legal prejudice against the Church rising up once again and no one is around to say a word – not even Tebow.

And why would he? The boy will become the highest-paid “leader” in NFL history and will probably be carrying a clipboard most of the year. Yet, there he will be – in the pros – eye blacked out and evangelizing to the nation. Just like a soldier on God’s team should.

Makes sense too because with every vicious and bone crushing hit we see on television and Tebow witnesses from the sideline, there’s a reason for church with the cries of “Dear God” clamoring from the stands. It’s Sunday… what else do you expect?!