Tim Tebow, in case you haven’t heard the name, is a simple guy, a godly guy and at times, arguably one of the most accomplished college athletes of all time.

He’s a Florida Gator who just beat the Oklahoma Sooners, 24-14, for the BCS Championship, and is better known as “Superman.” But the way people talk about him – and how the Church embraces him – you would think he is the closest thing to Jesus Christ. Well, outside of that Barack Obama guy.

tim-tebow-john316Why? Well, he was on one of the biggest sport stages (again), and instead of using his camera time to whine and wail like most athletes – he witnesses.

As he has done throughout the season, Tebow used his black under-eye markings Thursday night to share Scripture, this time donning the most popular Bible verse in America. “Tebow’s religious expression has been a big part of the wholesome image we see described in every single feature written about him,” wrote sports columnist Tom Herrera in the NCAA Football Fanhouse.

Not like he needed the extra hubbub, but he knew his love for the Lord superseded all else.  What’s the big deal?

  • He is the first Sophomore to win the Heisman
  • He is the first QB to run and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season
  • He has two collegiate football championships
  • He still has a year left of college eligibility, which is causing an entire state to hold its baited breath
  • And, if that’s not enough, he’s the son of missionaries
  • And, in his free time, he longs to save the lives of children in his homeland in the Philippines

Some complain about how vociferous he is about his faith. Others find leadership in it. What’s ironic is the same folk that gripe about his faith wish people in sports were better role models and not spend so much time “keeping it real”.

Yet, he just silently paints his eyes, lives his faith and wins games. Hrm. Maybe he really is a Super Man?

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  2. PaypeNuatte says:

    Не закрывай рот тому, кто открывает тебе глаза.

  3. Ordecuggerb says:

    Всё, что существует на свете, когда-то было мечтой.

  4. Clepenuaree says:

    В России две беды. На одной из них я женился — а вторая её мама!

  5. migsmurl says:

    вы шутите…21 век на дворе, неужели нет ничего достойного внимания, как энциклопедия.Милые мои, вот нет снега в
    гордах, это тоже тема и история, пересмотрите темы.Я почту просматриваю, мне шлют не пойми что, не знаю кто, столько мусора, может оно и нужно, но не в дневнике.Я так понимаю, дневник это часть твоей души.Нам дается право выбирать – пользуйтесь. А информация бесполезной не бывает

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