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So, it’s been a few days since I last dawned a bottle of spray paint and got busy on the Wall. Let’s see God… how do I get my mojo back?

Sleezy televangelists? Nah, been there recently. Done that. What about a God Sighting of the Month? I did miss a month but still managed the bruised for our iniquities line. Anything new and desperate about Ed Young? Meh.

Courtesy: AP

What could it be? Oh yeah… it’s been eons since we pointed our pentecostal finger at Louis Farrakhan.

And then, without further adieu, he’s back like that bad rash you get when your mama buys the generic detergent? The one that itches like sandpaper up and down the whole crack of your behind. No… just me?

Anywhoo, here he is bashing Whitey again and standing up for the president he believed was a one-trick pony… er, one-term guy. (Never mind that editorial there).

The 76-year-old leader said the “white right” was conspiring to make Obama a one-term president, and pointed to his stalled efforts to introduce health care legislation as proof. He said those opponents and lobbyists were trapping him into a future war with Iran that could lead to mass destruction.

See? That’s what I adore about narrow-minded folk. Whenever a man or woman fails to win an important debate, these dolts make it into an argument about race because that’s all they got to stand on. Farrakhan may as well call Obama a “house negro” and go about his way.

This is the leader of the free world, and you mean to tell me, he has to worry about the ubiquitous Whitey? Never mind the president’s political misgivings, the bad counsel and that fool he’s got running things as chief-of-staff. Oh no, it’s white folk that will be his demise.

Dressed in ornate creme robes, he addressed the president directly: “Your people are suffering. You can’t ease their plight, but you can use your bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak for the weak… Put some money on back of us,” he said. “We can reform our people.”

If you mean the American people, then you would be right? MEMO to the Good Humor man wearing the Ice Cream suit: Unemployment, the economy, health care and overall despair even affects Whitey.

We are all in this together, but since you are so focused on sending us back to the bridge in Selma, Alabama, I suppose you will never get that through your heavily decorated fez, huh?

Moreover, the Farrakhan festivities at Saviour’s Day (A.K.A. W.D. Fard’s – founder of the NOI – birthday), lasted nearly four friggin’ hours. With that kind of leash, you knew some non-Kosher hambone would come thrashing out of his gullet, right?

Farrakhan said Obama’s current political difficulties began when he stood up to the Jewish lobby during an Oval Office meeting.”When they left the White House, his problems began,” Farrakhan said [in a recent Chicago Sun-Times article]. “The Zionists are in control of the Congress.

The Jews are coming. The Jews are coming. Dear Lawd Almighty, the Jews are coming. What a twit. Take it away Anti-Defamation League guy:

Anti-Defamation League Director Abraham Foxman responded: “Anybody who thought the old Farrakhan was gone: He never was. It’s the same Farrakhan: ugly and anti-Semitic. With age, he doesn’t get milder, he gets uglier.”

In other words, the more things change… the more they stay the same. Pity people can’t figure that aphorism out when it comes to this dude. His hatred has been the denigration of many a person – white, black, brown and all hues in-between. But as long as folk pay to hear this guy rant, rave and spew his vitriol for four hours, it will never stop.

Kinda like listening the extremists on either side of the aisle on Capitol Hill go at it. Ah, America. Ain’t it great? Same song, different verse. NEXT?!

In case you are new to the Gospel, a couple of things:

  1. Welcome! Jesus loves you.
  2. Muslims aren’t huge fans of the Jews.

I wouldn't put this past him.

To the latter, I don’t mean as in not carrying a foam finger reading, “There’s only one Savior for me.” It’s more like, “I have hated your guts for 6,000 years. Ishmael is the man and you suck, YHWH dude.”

That is whenever it’s not convenient for a Muslim to become a tour guide for the site of one of Jesus’ most famed miracles. In that case, “Mohammad will show me the money. Praise be to Allah.”

Thanks to the Washington Post, we read about a man who has a truckload of bravery – meet Father Masoud Abu Hatoum.

Yeah, an Arab Christian. You would the circus came to town and he was the elephant jumping through a hoop of fire, but alas, he’s just a man who loves Jesus and business savvy.

In lieu of this economy and what it has done for Holy Land travel, Hatoum has decided to work on some grassroots marketing and keep the young ones from leaving their huts for uptown Nazareth.

After all, that’s where the real sanctimonious action is, right?

Father Masoud Abu Hatoum, nicknamed “the bulldozer” for his enthusiasm, has come up with a few ideas, like re-enacting the New Testament story of Jesus transforming the water for guests at a wedding in the Galilee hamlet of Cana, now this northern Israeli town of Kufr Kana.

What makes Father Bulldozer even more amazing is that the town of Kurf Kana post Arab-Israeli war of 1948 is now populated with 16,000 Muslims and only 4,000 Christians. Yet, there he is – a few credits short of an MBA and it seems, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

On a recent Sunday, the Roman Catholic service at the stone-and-marble Cana Wedding Church only drew about 20 worshippers, most of them middle-aged. Another couple of dozen turned out at the smoky, dim and ornate Greek Orthodox church nearby in the old village center, where volunteers built a display for stone jars the church says held the water Jesus turned into wine.

That day attracted 40 people. Last summer, he only had 10. Business is booming for this guy. Moreover, this isn’t the only PR stunt up his mocked Nehru sleeves. Check out what he did on Christmas:

For Christmas, Abu Hatoum erected a scaffolding strung with blinking lights around 90 feet (27 eters) high over his church and he billed it the tallest Christmas tree in the Holy Land.

“I would have made it higher,” he said laughing, “but I would have needed a license for that.”

The gimmick was enough to attract an Israeli television crew, and a spot for the priest on local radio, pleasing parishioners who said nobody had expressed interest in their church before.

Will his chicanery be enough to show out the resurrected Christ and show up traffic and people to this dwindling town?

We shall see, but I’ll bet you one thing – as long as he can stand in front of his former cronies singing the praises of Jesus, I would say someone will cross that (bottom) line.

Peace be upon you, Padre.

Thanks to WOW News’ Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News’ “God & Country” fame, we have an interesting Gallup poll result that shows the most supportive and non-supportive religious groups of the BarackStar.

As much as the election cycle hit COGIC churches causing many pastors of the community to drool feverishly like Cujo, you would Protestants would skyrocket to the top of list. Nope.

Evidently, all this ballyhoo about socializeder, universal health care and offering every banking institution in this country a golden parachuteer, part of the stimulus package, it seems Jews heart the president.

Gallup Jews love the president

You do understand the irony here? Right?

President Obama isn’t the most “pro-Israeli” commander-in-chief. No, nothing about the whole “Hussein” thing; it’s his policy. Recently, in his United Nations’ speech, he declared, “Israel has been occupying the Palestinian State since 1967.”

While his ratings were glowing on Al-Jazzera TV, I’m sure there were a few Jews in this country – and their country – that weren’t too entirely thrilled to hear that mess.

Lots of American Jews, according to pollsters, tend to vote Democratic as seen in Florida and Pennsylvania last year. Notwithstanding that, this number has plummeted from 83 percent in January.

It seems all that shmoozing for Iranian favor has a few Jews… well, calling bupkes.

The moral of this poll? Anyone can fake it for a few months but after a while, even those you lie with begin to demand an explanation.

Times are tough these days, namely for newspapers. Advertising dollars are at an all-time low so many papers are trying to think “out-of-the-box” to capture revenue.

You know, going online… and offering editorials for advertising… and marketing in particular business spaces… oh, and denying the Holocaust, as in the case of the Harvard Crimson school newspaper.

Harvard is known for its rigorous scholarly standards and prestigious reputation… however, The Harvard Crimson, in what it said was an error, ran the Holocaust-questioning advertisement, which had been rejected by the paper over the summer.

An error? Ya’ think? Yeah, because giving a middle finger to the Jewish donor base in New England is always a good idea for the benefaction trust, right?

Courtesy: (and Amen to that!)

Courtesy: (and Amen to that!)

This is the most egregious decision at the very least and surreptitious bigotry at the most. And probably a little of both.

The ad, paid for by Holocaust denier Bradley R. Smith and his Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, primarily raises questions about then-Gen. Dwight Eisenhower’s account of World War II and the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

So, what of the Jewish community at Harvard? Meh. Or should I say ‘Bupkes.’

Harvard Hillel’s student president, Rebecca Gillette, circulated a letter saying she thought the situation was being appropriately addressed. “The fact that organizations and individuals like that publicized in this advertisement still exist today is frightening and disturbing, but unfortunately it seems that Holocaust denial will persist for years to come,” she said.

Ooooo-kay? Well, this should be good, because if I represented the Jewish community at this school and read that mess, I would be screaming from my synagogue and begging to kick someone square in the tuches. This “address” should be good. Take it away, Crimson president dude:

In response to the commotion created by the ad, Crimson President Maxwell L. Child released a statement Wednesday citing three weeks of summer vacation between the submission of the advertisement and the publication of the paper as the explanation for why the ad “fell through the cracks.”

That’s it?! Is it just me or does that explanation to the students… and the alums… just a skosh short? I think the only “crack” this guy should be worried about is the one he was sitting on when this advertisement was approved.

With that kind of complacency, it’s amazing prejudice and bigotry hasn’t been flourishing more in this country. What’s next?

The KKK takes out a front-page article in this esteemed publication looking for the “next generation of overweight, bull-headed segregationists.”

Maybe the Black Panthers can do a cover shoot, and with fists clutching AR-15s like back-in-the-day can exclaim, “Beat the crap out of Yale… by any means necessary!”

Whatever the case for bawdiness and indecorum, I’m sure the mighty Crimson will continue publishing the standards of excellence and applying additional schmutz to those ubiquitous cracks.

Who knows, maybe one of those will be in the president’s blessed assurance.

Oy vey!

Well, what does his stance on gay marriage have to do with anything?

Nothing really, but just ask Governor Charlie C-R-I-S-T why there haven’t any more hurricanes in Florida and he will tell you that God had something to do with it:

Crist said he isn’t trying to take credit, but he told a group of real estate agents Friday that he’s had prayer notes placed in the Western Wall in Jerusalem each year and no major storms have hit Florida.

Whether it’s his love notes to the Old City of Jerusalem or his peculiar name referring to the Almighty, faith in God may indeed have something to do with the ill wind blowing away from Florida’s coast.

“Do you know the last time it was we had a hurricane in Florida? It’s been awhile. In 2007, I took my first trade mission. Do you know where I went?” said Crist, a Methodist, referring to a trip to Israel. He then told of going to the Western Wall and inserting a note with a prayer. He said it read, “Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie.”

Is there anything he can't do?!

Is there anything he can't do?!

Since, we are talking about praises, thank God indeed he signed it. Otherwise, God may well have been searching for days for other cats named Charles.

Darwin did study to be a monk. Dickens did write the CHRIST-mas Carol. And people look for Jesus daily on that new-fangled computer contraption Babbage invented. So, there’s some possibilities.

Or then, to add to the Holy Spirit scavenger hunt, what about the ‘Charlies’ who go by ‘Chuck‘?! Oy Vey!

Norris could just kick a hurricane’s butt (note picture). Yeager could have flown faster than a hurricane. And then there is E. Cheese who would have just fed one really bad pizza and watched it puke all over the Sunshine state.

Either way, Gov. Crist did the right thing by petitioning the Lord on behalf of Mickey Mouse. Thanks for being the man, Gov.