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How many times have you been to a restaurant and experienced bad service, bad food or worse, a bad waiter?

I know I’m the only unrighteous person in the mix, but let’s pretend. Now think back to how quick it took you to lose your religion and yawp for a manager to complain. Hear the harp music? See the memory?

Wall Watchers, it’s so easy to complain. It’s so hard to say thanks, which is why the Bible is full of ruminations and reminders about giving thanks. Take this one:

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:4-6 NKJV).

Blessings take time to get to you, right? Well, the next time you have a good time at your local eatery or speak with a pleasant person on the phone, take time to thank them! This day is about giving thanks. It feels great when folk thank you. How hard is it to be mindful of which the things you are thankful, and make a godly request for others.

I thank God for each of you who have visited, subscribed, commented and linked to The Writing on the Wall. Much love and prayers for you and yours. Have a blessed Thanks-giving. We’ll be back to the news after the holy-day! Peace.

Oh, and thanks to the Skit Guys for this giggle.

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A new day for an old megachurch dawns

A new day for an old megachurch dawns

Last we visited the trying drama of Robert Schuller, we read the Crystal Cathedral was losing its luster, folk were going elsewhere for edification and Junior Schuller gave pops the peace sign to start his own “Hour of Power.”

Refusing to give up the ghost, Elder Schuller had an epiphany to save his ministry and everything he has worked so hard to establish: according to the L.A. Times, his daughter is going to head up the ministry.

Yeah… wait, I’m sorry?!

Evidently, people in the famed megachurch are already asking “Oh Sheila” [Oh come on! It was there. I had to take it.] as she has a fairly popular (and surely, well promoted within) blog called, “Ask Sheila.”

Much to the chagrin of pentecostals everywhere, Elder Schuller released a crafty statement to address the issues:

“It is no secret to any of you that my son, Robert, and I have been struggling as we each have different ideas as to the direction and the vision for this ministry,” he said in a statement.”For this lack of shared vision and the jeopardy in which this is placing this entire ministry, it has become necessary for Robert and me to part ways.”

Struggling. Keep it classy, Pops.

Elsewhere in his ministry announcement, and thanks to the cleverly entitled ladies blog at “Christianity Today,” Her-meneutics, he admitted he told God, “he was too old to lead.”

Of course he is. At 82, he’s hardly on the progressive side of evangelism. I mean, his idea of a daring outreach is going door-to-door without a tie on. Ease back. Don’t want to scare off the good lost folk out there, big man.

And that’s what brings this family affair full circle.

Junior Schuller was trying to bring some life back in his dad’s church, preach a skosh differently and make a difference. Dad wasn’t crazy about his son’s approach to you know, continue the ministry.

Instead, he ousts his son and brings in his daughter?!

Man, Thanksgiving is going to be outstanding at the Schuller household this year.

“Sheila, can you pass the turkey,” Junior Schuller asks. “Oh no, thanks Dad, I’ll carve it myself.”

May the talking heads and horse teeth smiles begin.

Eight is EnoughCharles in Charge… then God showed up in Willie Aames‘ life and booted Scott Baio clean out of the picture and into VH1, or some such. Oh yeah, and somewhere in between fame and infamy, they hooked up for “Zapped!” (Anyone? Bueller?)

So, what was young Tommy Bradford to do? Well, after he kicked his drug habit, bad B movies and got over himself and his curls?


Looks like Dr. Fear made his way to Olathe, KS

Looks like Dr. Fear made his way to Kansas

Genius, right? Armor, swords, computers and those tights (yikes)!  It was great, traveling from church to church until the powers that be at whatever looney, cracked organization ran things and Bibleman vanished like a fart in the wind. Pity.

So, what’s Willie Aames up to now? Well, according to the Kansas City Star and E! Online, not so much but filing bankruptcy and having a community garage sale. WHAT?!

There was a plush leather couch and chair and a giant television. Also, a lion head mounted on an oak pedestal, along with stuffed wild boars and other wildlife he hunted. Some other items included crystal and posters of him when he was young. He had the blond curls that helped launch his acting career at age nine. Now he is 48 and the curls are gray.

Now while I’m sure all the broke pimps in town gathered ’round to get first dibs on that hot stuff, but what’s more important to note is why?

Why wasn’t eight enough? No one there to invest his money?

Why isn’t Charles in charge of the finances he studied so much in the Bible?

Why wasn’t Willie Aames – a boy would be Bibleman – better prepared for life, liberty and the pursuit of his happiness? I mean, dude went on Celebrity Fit Club 2 chasing the legacy of Scott Baio.

Now, that it seems this alter-ego super-hero has slowed down, what brought him here? Today, this driveway couch salesman is a broken man whose wife left him after 22 years, broke, tried to kill himself last Thanksgiving, calling his boys for a ride since his is in the pound and above all, flat broke.

However, it is Willie Aames. You would expect cameras scattered among his fur rugs and stuffed duck-billed platypus, right? Apparently, he did as well.

The big cameras that focused in and fur-covered mikes that dangled from poles were not just from television networks. People are making a television documentary of his life, hard times and how he gets through them, said Sarano Kelley, a California life coach for athletes and celebrities.

From ABC to TBN to VH1, Willie Aames is on his own search for significance. Again, why? Is it necessary? He went to hell and back, and hell lost. There was ample reason to praise God, but evidently Hollywood really is the Death Star, and its tractor beam could not let go the kid who was Willie.

He lost his identity. He lost his money. And sadly, it seems he lost his reality in Christ. Wall watchers, this is a man, a brother in Christ who is in peril.

Pray he remembers all of those scriptures he quoted. Pray he picks up that Sword of the Spirit he used in battle. Pray he dawns the armor of God and fights the real enemy who is fighting him. He really does kill, steal and destroy. And by the looks of this story (and apparently what the agape door of his garage looked like), he has almost killed, stolen and destroyed everything.

I would say pray Willie Aames forgets where he came from and focuses on where he is at… but, here he is – selling his drawers, autographing Teen Beat posters and begging for attention. Funny how things come full circle, eh?

Meet Pastor Rob Wegner of Granger Community Church.

He has a novel approach to stimulating the economy, at least in the Church – share! He understands everyone these days are regressing to an infantile state stinking up the room in their diapers shouting, “Mine!”

But according to this story in the Christian Post, Pastor Wegner thinks the only way to get out of this mess is to do something completely different.

“What’s common is to say ‘it’s mine.’ What’s uncommon is to share,” Wegner told hundreds of Christians at the second annual Generosity Conference, hosted by Community Christian Church in Naperville, Ill. “We live in a culture [where] there’s this hidden curriculum that’s taught day after day – that you are what you own,” Wegner said at the one-day event this past Saturday.

Art Imitates Life. Nice.

Art Imitates Life. Nice.

Citing statistics all too familiar to pastors across the country these days, Wegner reminded people to you know, tithe.

I know, I know. But if Barna is right, and only “9 percent of all born-again adults gave 10 percent of their income to churches and charitable groups,” we have MUCH room to improve folks.

According to Ron Sider, president of Evangelicals for Social Action, if Christians all tithed, it would result in an additional $143 billion to what is currently being offered. Half of that additional sum could educate and provide healthcare for all the poor in the world, Wegner pointed out. “And we’d still have $70 billion left over just to spread the good news of Jesus Christ,” Wegner highlighted.

Staggering. What’s even more moving is that number of 9 whopping percent will probably decrease in lieu of this economy. Yet, the world will continue to look to faith-based organizations for benevolence in times of crisis, and like the Savior they worship, will continue to be benevolent despite those who give them the Heisman.

There isn’t a bailout coming for churches, so maybe Pastor Wegner is on to something here. We don’t have to give until it hurts… but a little sting wouldn’t kill us, would it? It’s not like we are going to stop using technology and become Amish. Well, expect for the Amish, but they are off churning butter, so they are not reading this article.

We have to act together, act soon and act often in order to help the Body of Christ become healthier, smarter and wealthier.

Nothing seems to unite denominations these days, so perhaps this economy will?! Miracles never cease, you know.

I’m closing this ghastly laptop for the rest of the year now. I know, so fatalistic, but I’ll be back.

If you have to be out tonight, leave early or stay wherever you are late. I’m sure you are a responsible person on the roads this evening. It’s the other boneheads of which I would be concerned. If you have plans for 2009, cancel them. If you have a resolution, be resolute enough to know you won’t do it.

Take control of 2009 and don’t leave it to fate. The only thing you are predestined is life everlasting with Jesus… everything else is up to you. Sage counsel: The most magnificent and powerful thing God ever gave us is the power of choice. Think about it. God so loved the world, right? But you still have to choose his sacrifice on the cross and apply the blood to your life.

Consider that as the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight. Choose wisely and see the riches God has in store for you in 2009. Choose like a dunce who has no clue about the Word of God and see pretty much the same you had in 2008. Either way, God is waiting on you. He trusts you. Make him proud next year. Be blessed and tune in for more bountiful bricklaying and majestic masonry next year.