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Our brave men and women need all the inspiration they can muster to fight for us overseas. Some have their family picture in the pocket. Others have voice mails of their loved one on the phone. And even a few believe their selfless act of admiration is being done in the name of God.

Evidently, a company called Trijicon believes that is the case as this one awesome armory that makes hand-crafted guns… with a freshly engraved inscription that is usually a biblical scripture.

Although no one bother to read the serial numbers on semi-automatic machine guns unless they are ne-er-do-wells just out of welding shop looking to wipe off serial numbers, someone complained, according to this story from WOW News’ Religion News Blog.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations on Wednesday said the continued use of the sights with the religious references would send a negative message to the Muslim world.

The only message most Americans want sent to THAT Muslim world starts with a Army boot clean in Osama’s behind.

And seriously, how is some dolt from the Taliban going to get that close to one of our guns?! Oh yeah, unless he steals it, which in that case, he deserves to get “delivered.”

I wish I had more to say but the great Stephen Colbert has more… watch both the intro and the following clip. Genius!

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Today, on this week in video evangelism, we have Stephen Colbert’s genius “Yahweh or No Way“.

It’s a deft troika in HiScrivener’s world because it covers:

1. Father Cutie – A Catholic Oprah who is trying to be a “Catholic with Options.” As we all know, and as Colbert opines, that is called a “Protestant.”

2. Miss California – From standing out against gay marriage, canned on Miss America and becoming a living martyr. I have wanted to skewer this story – and Carrie Prejean – but since it was a complete mental thrashing to do so, meh? Thanks Colbert. I can sleep better this evening.

3. Would you believe there is a “God Sighting of the Month” in here to kick it off. Huzzah. What a happy day. Enjoy.

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Stephen Colbert is at it again… and this time, he is making an espoused “atheistic biblical scholar” look like a complete dunderhead (outside of the ridiculous oxymoron).

Colbert hosts some dimwit named Bart Ehrman, who evidently needs a Mapsco to find his way around the synoptic gospels.

And Colbert, after hurling a deluge of scripture in dude’s direction, offers this genius quote when the question of deity rears its unwelcomed head:

“What’s the son of a duck? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and raises the dead like a duck… it’s a duck.”

Check. And. Mate. Now, enjoy this week in video evangelism.

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He’s baaack.

There has been a few items of interest to go on the Wall this week, and next week (a brother just has to catch up).

Anywhoo, topical potpourri from the Super Bowl, to a spare politician blaming God for his antics and an unbelievable story about Il Papa and his own round of papal pardons. (That’s next week, trust me. I have been stewing on this one).

It’s no secret what I think about his writers (and he’s not that bad either). So, enjoy this week in video evangelism!

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“Let’s talk about sex” was a song, but Ed Young of Fellowship Church has made what could be a fireside chat into a movement for men with bad complexions everywhere.

Take for instance our initial conversation with this – the match that lit it all. Ed Young figured a way to edify his people by having all the couples in his church… er, just the married ones… to get their groove on for seven days in a row. This national love-a-thon has sparked more than just men bringing home flowers.

Now, Pastor Ed Young is on “The Colbert Report,” and clearly packing a man crush. If I giggled like that every time I flipped to “The Re-pore”, My Fair Lady would trash the remote and burn my laptop. And then there goes my seven-day binge.

So, cue the bow-chica-wow-wow music and enjoy this hilarious interview:

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