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First, it was prayer in schools. Next, it was gripe at the U.S. Treasury for all that “In God We Trust” mess.

Now, a concentrated group of collegiate nimrods have decided to take on the student body of their Texas institutions demanding “in the year of our Lord” be removed from their diplomas, according to WOW News’ Houston Belief (from the Chronicle).

The catch – and I can’t make this stuff up – the students attend a faith-based institution called Trinity University.

“A diploma is a very personal item, and people want to proudly display it in their offices and homes,” said Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection [and resident Muslim]. “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,’ it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.

Hey, uh, Sid. When you were a senior in high school messing with your lovely hijab for graduation pictures, you were thinking about colleges to attend, right? Did Allah hip you to the fact that “TRINITY” was a big clue as to where this particular institution had some allegiance?

Courtesy: Trinity University

Still, nothing, eh? How about this…

“Any cultural reference, even if it is religious, our first instinct should not be to remove it, but to accept it and tolerate it,” said Brendan McNamara, president of the College Republicans. McNamara pointed out that Trinity displays other signs of its Christian heritage, including a chapel on campus, a chaplain, Christmas vespers and a Bible etching on the Trinity seal. “Once you remove that phrase, where do you draw the line?” McNamara asked.

Hello? McFly? Does air get underneath your head covering because you may be getting dizzy.

This story reeks of some tool with the ACLU calling her up and saying, “Yeah. I know you have been going there for a few years already, but have you ever thought about the whole B.C. versus A.D. conundrum?”

Granted, this girl has gone almost 16 years studying some fashion of history where the years were annotated with either B.C. or A.D. Also, she has attended a college in heavily Catholic San Antonio named after the three facets of the triune Godhead. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until now that a sanctimonious weed has sprouted in her staunch Muslim behind.


And prior to what she thinks or has been told in her local Mosque, A.D. does not mean “After Death”. If that were the case, then Jesus’ 33 years on this earth would be the gray zone. A.D. is Latin for Anno Domini Nostri Iesu (Jesu) Christi. And, like it or not, the ministry of Christ is the “turning point of civilization,” which makes 2010 not the year of our Allah.

Sorry, but Neener, Neener, Neener!

Some do not like it, but deal with it in solace because the money in their pocket – although adorned with God’s grace – gets the hippie lettuce from the town’s half-baked loser.

And, despite the dastardly reminder of what year this is, said diploma helps folk get a job outside of waiting for the fry guy to retire so you can stop making those friggin’ shakes all day.

Nonetheless, the PC kowtow express is taking off according to a Trinity University press release:

In the interest of free and open exchange of ideas and thoughts, the University has held a forum to examine the request from a range of viewpoints… in May, the Board of Trustees is expected to consider the question of changing the language of diplomas.

I have a viewpoint, and it’s not all together sanctified but what the hey… hand the scattered few who have a problem with it to graduate and split. If they aren’t happy with it, how about attend Muhammad’s Campus of the Performing Arts or The University of Freethought.

Sorry? Those don’t exist? Then shut up.

Every college diploma in the U.S. has that because it’s called time. It’s not a religious statement; it’s a chronological one. And for both the Julian and Gregorian calendar, so cuss out a Christian and a Pagan if you would like. This is a Presbyterian college, lady and you should have known that attending your first class of English 101.

They aren’t changing… so I suppose you should. Sure, you got your 15 minutes of dumbfounded fame. Sure, you scared the school’s PR flack Susie Gonzalez into writing that shameful press release. But Kushite, please. “Our Lord” isn’t going anywhere. You may however.

Or better yet, ask your nearest campus counselor where the bookstore is located. No, not to purchase a Qu’ran but liquid paper. I hear that stuff will wipe out anything, including that light-headed issue you are currently battling.

What class would look like in a Scientology Pre-K.

What class would look like in a Scientology Pre-K.

You know you’re in Hollywood when the movie stars stop making headlines for their film reviews and start getting the media’s attention for being stupid, raging against politicians and having convoluted religious beliefs.

And greeting us at the gates to the sexually perplexed and ecumenically devoid would be America’s fabled door attendant, Tom “Captain Scientology” Cruise.

Walking into his fabled kingdom of the criminally insane, we discover his wife Katie Holmes who has been shacked away from the world and tending to the spiritual love child of Dianetics named Suri.

Suri was destined to become yet another immortal soul being who people wanted to hurl off the “Bridge of Total Freedom” because she was so crazed with Thetan thinking, but thanks to young Katie, there may be hope in the form of Papal intervention.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), Katie decided to undergo her own “Mission Impossible” and enroll baby Suri in some fru-fru Catholic school, Catholic Charities Yawkey Centre For Early Education And Learning in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Katie has been listening to her parents who are devout Catholics,” I’m told [the reporter by the ubiquitious, money-grubbing sources]. “She is not convinced by Scientology and has told Tom that she wants Suri to be educated as a Catholic – as she was. They had been having huge problems agreeing on her school. To say they were having arguments is putting it mildly – but Tom came around to the idea in the end.”

The article also mentions that Tom is on a movie shoot. Hrm.

So, is this necessarily of story of brazen faith and coming back to the Church, or just some spineless jellyfish move of a scorned woman taking advantage of her hubby out of town for six months?!

I would say Katie is so emotionally scarred that she is in need of a psychiatrist, but hey… we all know that’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of happening in Tommy’s kingdom, right?

Scientology spin control and bullies e-mailing me with accusations of slander in 3… 2… 1…


Call it minimal, worthless or just a win on principle, but this story cracks me up… and serves as a majestic “up yours” to the ACLU.

Thanks to FOX News, the Lindenhurst School District in New York will pay a student a paltry $1 in damages after he accused officials of prohibiting him from forming a Bible club.

That’s right, Jesus fans. One dollar!

Additionally, the God-hating school district also paid the unidentified student’s $2,500 legal fees.

However, the funniest part of this story is this:

The Central Islip, N.Y., district says that in March — a month after the suit was filed — Lindenhurst High School recognized the Bible club.

“Oh, you mean you were serious about that law suit,” said the ACLU card-carrying superintendent. “Well, ska-roooo that. Here’s your club admission pass. Please meet the rest of your toolbox friends in the janitor’s closet. We put in a couch. And uh, never mind that smell.”


Eight is EnoughCharles in Charge… then God showed up in Willie Aames‘ life and booted Scott Baio clean out of the picture and into VH1, or some such. Oh yeah, and somewhere in between fame and infamy, they hooked up for “Zapped!” (Anyone? Bueller?)

So, what was young Tommy Bradford to do? Well, after he kicked his drug habit, bad B movies and got over himself and his curls?


Looks like Dr. Fear made his way to Olathe, KS

Looks like Dr. Fear made his way to Kansas

Genius, right? Armor, swords, computers and those tights (yikes)!  It was great, traveling from church to church until the powers that be at whatever looney, cracked organization ran things and Bibleman vanished like a fart in the wind. Pity.

So, what’s Willie Aames up to now? Well, according to the Kansas City Star and E! Online, not so much but filing bankruptcy and having a community garage sale. WHAT?!

There was a plush leather couch and chair and a giant television. Also, a lion head mounted on an oak pedestal, along with stuffed wild boars and other wildlife he hunted. Some other items included crystal and posters of him when he was young. He had the blond curls that helped launch his acting career at age nine. Now he is 48 and the curls are gray.

Now while I’m sure all the broke pimps in town gathered ’round to get first dibs on that hot stuff, but what’s more important to note is why?

Why wasn’t eight enough? No one there to invest his money?

Why isn’t Charles in charge of the finances he studied so much in the Bible?

Why wasn’t Willie Aames – a boy would be Bibleman – better prepared for life, liberty and the pursuit of his happiness? I mean, dude went on Celebrity Fit Club 2 chasing the legacy of Scott Baio.

Now, that it seems this alter-ego super-hero has slowed down, what brought him here? Today, this driveway couch salesman is a broken man whose wife left him after 22 years, broke, tried to kill himself last Thanksgiving, calling his boys for a ride since his is in the pound and above all, flat broke.

However, it is Willie Aames. You would expect cameras scattered among his fur rugs and stuffed duck-billed platypus, right? Apparently, he did as well.

The big cameras that focused in and fur-covered mikes that dangled from poles were not just from television networks. People are making a television documentary of his life, hard times and how he gets through them, said Sarano Kelley, a California life coach for athletes and celebrities.

From ABC to TBN to VH1, Willie Aames is on his own search for significance. Again, why? Is it necessary? He went to hell and back, and hell lost. There was ample reason to praise God, but evidently Hollywood really is the Death Star, and its tractor beam could not let go the kid who was Willie.

He lost his identity. He lost his money. And sadly, it seems he lost his reality in Christ. Wall watchers, this is a man, a brother in Christ who is in peril.

Pray he remembers all of those scriptures he quoted. Pray he picks up that Sword of the Spirit he used in battle. Pray he dawns the armor of God and fights the real enemy who is fighting him. He really does kill, steal and destroy. And by the looks of this story (and apparently what the agape door of his garage looked like), he has almost killed, stolen and destroyed everything.

I would say pray Willie Aames forgets where he came from and focuses on where he is at… but, here he is – selling his drawers, autographing Teen Beat posters and begging for attention. Funny how things come full circle, eh?

We are finding out more and more about the fabled “stimu-less” package, and the groaning continues.

Big wigs getting more office decorating money. Insurance agents and bankers need more… well, more insurance and banking funds. And whatever else equals mismanagement these days.

Well, thanks to WOW News’ Faith & Reason (shout out to the lovely Cathy Lynn Grossman), we learn the bill may be a lot of things for a lot of folk, but for religious schools across this land of ours – the bill is iconoclastic. Great.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was in a huff Tuesday, calling the stimulus bill “anti-religious,” according to Politico‘s Andy Barr. The former presidential candidate, and Southern Baptist preacher, was unhappy, Barr said, “because both the House and Senate versions would ban higher education funds in the bill from being used on a school or department of divinity.”

stimulus-bill-and-piggy-banksSo, does the ACLU have anything to do with this? Seeing how it’s their mission to tell this country public education is sacrosanct but talking about Jesus is a sin.

I guess a school whose mission it is to exalt God and education is a bad thing?

And most of those shriveled-up fossils in Congress who get to pay for private and parochial school (because they have the cash under the mattress) for their kids who no predilictions about this bill just want to kill that kind of schooling for the rest of us.

Well, the kind that aren’t engulfed with cypress trees and iron-rod fences.

It’s just not fair that this country is fledgling and everyone needs help, but those tools on Capitol Hill are playing duck-duck-goose to decide who is worthy enough to get it?

Odd how the party-in-charge largely considered to the impious crowd are the ones boisterous enough to shout out the only people who think this is a ska-ruuu job of the highest order.

Yep, for a guy boasting change, this sure seems like business as usual. Pity, folk had high “hopes” for you.