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Meet Matthew Derosia, a renegade SUV driver with a real weed for making a statement.

Misled folk, like this deranged lunatic, have done oddball things in the name of God for centuries. For example, take the protest of abortion clinics. Listen, I understand being appalled by something – cruelty against animals, abuse of the environment or say all that Pier 1/Bombay Outlet stuff they got half-price to adorn the set of TBN. Oy!

No one I know personally loves children more than yours truly. So, when I see people protest abortion clinics, I get it. The war of life begins the very moment one of those little soldiers make it to the battlefield, not when said soldier makes it out of the foxhole – if you’ll forgive the military metaphor (ba-dum-dum-ching).

Now, this... this is a statement

Now, this... this is a statement

But what this zealous fool did is overboard by just a smidge:

In an apparent abortion protest, a man who police say intentionally crashed his SUV into the Planned Parenthood clinic on Ford Parkway in St. Paul [Minn.], has been arrested.

That’s insane. And why? Evidently, to post a sticky note in the minds of Christians everywhere.

The crash happened… while a group of protesters demonstrated across the street. Thursday was the 36th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade, the landmark case regarding abortion.

I presume dolts like this have read the Bible with some sort of decorum and passion. Perhaps, they are familiar with the “begats“? Funny how those deal with genealogy, you know, as in people… who used to be babies. Murder does not begat murder! Are you kidding me?!

Bombs, cyanide and now ramming a truck full speed into an office building. Stay classy, folks. What kind of witness do you think you are really being for the Lord at this rate?

Man, don’t you think God would best served with education, teaching… heck, throw condoms out the window while you are flipping the doctor’s the finger if you really want to sin, but actions like these don’t make people want to join your cause. Those action make people want to slam your knees with a sledgehammer.

How is God glorified by you killing the doctor, his nurses and staff – half of which are probably there without prejudice just trying to earn a check to take care of you know, their CHILDREN!

Man, these dimwits make a preacher wanna cuss on a Sunday.

Meet Jim Brayshaw, a lifelong Canuck, firefighter, apparent universalist and now budding theologian and novelist?!

hell-noEvidently, when you are surrounded by snow 24/7 in Saskatoon, Canada, there’s not much fire to fight so a guy has got to find something to do with his free time. Some cook, others grow vegetables.

Not Jim. Nooooo. He has written a 500-page diatribe that expresses, well… here:

The idea of a fallen angel who rules an afterworld in hell is a manmade construct, Brayshaw argues in his book, Satan: Christianity’s Other God Vol. I: Legend, Myth, Lore or Lie.

This loose-fitting ideology would be different if it was a five-page pamphlet, but this is a manifesto!

Dude has much angst against the fire and brimstone proselytizing. What’s funny is he sounds like he is convinced about his new found faith. I wonder if there is a local Vicar who could slap some demonology his way:

“Satan was invented so man had someone other than God or himself to blame evil on,” he said recently. “I was ambivalent at the outset when I considered writing this book. I realized I can’t write it as a diatribe against Christianity because I know and love a lot of Christian people and have learned so much from the Christianity I was involved in my whole life.

But?! 500 pages later, we have the newest theological rant proving the liquidation of Christianity thanks to the abhorrent lack of conviction and sin awareness in today’s pulpits.

That sound you hear is Carlton Pearson giggling and singing, “I’ve got a feeling…” Um, fellas, wait until rapture. Things may not be alright.

Catch itAlthough the “Evangelical Manifesto” is not quite the craze the authors would like, the idea of preachers shutting up come election day (and politicians not provoking them with a pulpit to shout from) is getting some love.

Take this editorial from Darrell Laurant with the Lynchburg [Virginia] News Advance.

Lynchburg is all too familiar with vocal preachers in times of inclement political weather. The late, great Jerry Falwell, anyone? At any rate, he knows of which he writes (casual misspelling errors aside):

For a politician, especially on the big stage, bringing such religious leaders to a campaign event has become like bringing a 4-year-old to a wedding. Everyone thinks it’s nice that you’ve brought them, but you never know what they’re going to say.


What they were looking forA while back, HiScrivener posted this about the noted “Evangelical Manifesto” making the rounds to every conservative AND liberal person of the cloth for support. Missing from the list was Billy Graham.

Well, the manifesto made it to the great evangelist’s desk and left without a signature.

But one of the manifesto’s authors, evangelical writer Os Guinness, says that doesn’t mean Graham disapproves of it. Guinness says Graham “welcomed” and “was deeply supportive” of the document declaring evangelicals’ identity and mission, but has only signed one document in the past — the 1974 Lausanne Covenant on world missions.

Can you blame him? He learned his lesson with marrying religion and politics during the “Tricky Dick” administration, and to his undying credit, has never made the same mistake again.

Oh well, onward and upward. Maybe the authors can get one of those memo pads, “From the desk of…” Stranger things have happened.

MEMO to all conservatives AND liberals that like to pinpoint the Church in times of religious awareness: Keep your nasty fingers to yourselves, because “evangelical” DOES NOT and NEVER HAS been defined “republican”.

And to that, we have proof, as noted here by the Associated Press. Enter the “Evangelical Manifesto“.

In a 19-page document called “An Evangelical Manifesto,” more than 70 theologians, pastors and others said faith and politics have been too closely mixed. They warned against Christians adopting any one political view. “That way faith loses its independence, Christians become ‘useful idiots’ for one political party or another, and the Christian faith becomes an ideology.”

Vote issues and conscience, not ya mamaPREACH! It’s high time Christians learn to vote on issues and not because all your friends vote this way or your pastor endorses that way. (Come on! You know most of the Church votes just that way). We need to become “red-letter” Christians and not a wayfaring CNN, FOX or MSNBC congregation. People (i.e. Obama, McCain, Clinton) have their own opinions. Some are spot-on and others completely blow. But, as a concentrated body of believers, we should get three things out of this crucial document:

  1. If you are a PASTOR directing the spiritual lives of others in a church, your job is just that… spiritual instruction and acculturation. You are NOT called to be a political hack or a routine pundit. Stick to your flippin’ day job.
  2. If you are a CHRISTIAN following the edicts of the Bible, you have a responsibility to research. Stop being lazy and allowing one feature in the news to sway your opinion. Lest your forget, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (1 Timothy 2:15).
  3. If you are a HUMAN enjoying the liberties that our brave men and women provided us, be creatures of growth, not habit. You have opportunities to make a difference daily, and that will not happen once you refuse to make your own wise, studied decisions. Stop generalizing people because of the actions of a few dimwits. Not all black people are angry and “bash whitey” and just because you see a white guy with a buzz haircut doesn’t mean he has a rebel flag and a gun rack in his pick’em truck.

Body, if you are AT ALL interested in the betterment of this county AND the church, the aforementioned 20-page document is well worth the scan. Check the Sacred Seven Elements – crucial reading for people that are willing to…er, you know… use his or her mind come November. Enjoy.