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My Fair Lady used to be a regular viewer of Ellen when she stayed at home with my lil’ Wall Watchers.

Now, now, despite what you think of Ms. DeGeneres’ um, living arrangements, the girl is real. And that is the secret to her success, as well as why so many women in the Church adore her.

That said, I heart children of God who wax a little off the filter. [Don’t worry. I’m going somewhere with this. Work with me.]

You know, people like Sophia from the Golden Girls… says what she wants, when she wants and however she wants; yet all with the decorum of family and love.

Older church folk are like that as well, and they’re great. The ones who could care less where they are only to know they love the Lord and that is all that matters.

In this week’s segment of video evangelism, we are little more in the video and a little less on the evangelism. Instead, we meet a delightful 88-year-old named Gladys Hardy from Austin, Texas. She is spry, witty and full of opinion.

And then at 3:55 in this video, we discover Gladys’ forward candor and appeal to the octogenarians out there in TV Land.

This woman is awesome and she can visit my church anyday. I may have to find a way for My Fair Lady to stay at home again so I can TiVo classic moments like this.

(Hi, baby. Let us pray.)

Nice tune, eh?

While I am humming the Stevie Wonder part of that chummy song, I think of an unlikely tandem not often read about in ecumenical circles – Creflo & Gregory Dollar.

OK, HiScrivener. I’ve heard of – and laughed at – one of them, but who’s that other guy? Well, for starters, he is the white adopted son of TBN-evangelist Creflo and skilled TV producer of Dad’s show (no smarmy comment, he’s good at his gig) .

love-in-the-darknessI KNOW?!

Evidently, he has a book coming out, “Love in the Darkness: My Life as Creflo Dollar’s Son” and is making the rounds with the media (I know… insert your jokes here. There’s a few of them that can be applicable).

Dude even has a customized, and albeit morose, MySpace page.

In it, [Greg] Dollar tells of how “a white boy, unusually abused, out of control, and hurting, was rescued by a black man.” It continues, “Gregory Campbell is forced to grow up too fast and too hard,” explains the official synopsis of the book, referring to Dollar by the surname of a former stepfather.

This is a perplexing story.

On one hand, you have a preacher – a talented teacher – who by any conceivable comprehension has traversed down a path where the Gospel serves him instead of the other way around. And then you have a guy with a church of eight who meets this tortured soul and snatches him, despite color, creed or culture, and takes him in from the cold.

To add to the drama, and precarious timing, we have this:

His father’s critics, however, will likely see the book as an attempt to paint a sympathetic view of the prosperity preacher, who is one of the six televangelists under investigation over allegations of opulent spending and possible abuse of their nonprofit status.

Yeah, there’s that. But, call me a sap. I choose to celebrate with the younger Dollar and his Prodigal Son story. He is the epitome of that parable – out and about and still welcomed inside. And that, regardless of the faux exterior of righteousness, warms my heart… if only for a while.

Aw, shucks!

superior-scribbler-awardYours truly was just honored, touched, humbled with a blogospherical award – my first, actually.

In a fitting twist of irony, this cyber graffiti artist was given the “Superior Scribbler” Award, by none other than the beneficent Lopez, who is the bibliographer of “Another Brick in the Wall,” Beauty of the Bible.

Now, although he didn’t invite me to see a timeshare just to behold the splendor of this gem on my mantle, there is the ubiquitous catch, fresh from Lopez’s pen:

  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the award on to 5 deserving bloggy friends. [See below]
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received the award. [Check]
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains the award. [Check]
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor! [Check]
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog. [Duly noted]

And so, there you have it. Now, by the sounds of the timpani drum remonstrance in the background, I proudly present my Fab Five, at least for the fabulous bricks on the Wall that haven’t been sent this acclamation:

  • Wickle for his work at “A True Believer’s Blog” (thanks for the free tickets to the Christian Carnival)
  • LaVrai for the candor, truth and a certain e-mail. Much love.
  • Kwesi on Scream. Brother, I got love for you but what’s with the hair?! 🙂
  • My man, Tony at Ima Blogger. PWND this.
  • And lastly, I’m Speaking Truth, the first-ever other “Brick in the Wall”… and that is for good reason!

If I can bend the rules, I would honestly give this award to every brick on the Wall – even the ones who don’t link back. It’s about a mission field, and together, we can all make the difference we need for the harvest.


No, you read that correctly – this isn’t a story about teen pregnancy or condoms passed out in school.

It’s about what you think should occur when teenagers are serious about their walk with the Lord – they keep their pants on, at least according to FOX News.

Religious teens lose their virginity later than those who are not religious — waiting on average three years longer than their peers, a recent study reported.

abstinenceHuzzah! This “wait until marriage” thing isn’t foolproof, but at least it gives you a goal, right?

According to many, as also noted in the story, virginity pledges don’t matter. Curiosity killed more than the cat, it gave it catnip, caused it walk backwards and act like it has rabies… and then, you know, it died.

Janet Rosenbaum, a post doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, wrote in this month’s issue of “Pediatrics” that those with strong religious backgrounds became sexually active at about 21 on average —regardless if they took a pledge to remain a virgin until marriage.

Being a teenager is tough enough, then add raging hormones to the mix, and that struggle becomes off the chain. That’s the thing about sex, it’s supposed to feel good and most teenagers think puppy love is the real deal, and as married folk know full well – it sooo is not.

Love, a true agape love, is about sacrifice, honor and selflessness… all of which is not included on a pre-pubescent tryst in the back seat of your Dad’s AMC Pacer. But hey, at least, the Christian teenagers have three more years to reconsider their options for dating, marriage and their profile on eHarmony.

prayerWith newspaper circulations dwindling and Christian TV having to compete with a bajillion other channels offered on satellite, prayer has now gone to the final frontier: the Interweb, according to this story from the New York Times.

Prayer has found a home on the Web. Sites such as, and have recently joined longstanding toll-free telephone services that allow anyone to request, for free, that strangers pray for them. The sites are not all Christian, but most share a belief that if more people pray for something, it has a better chance of happening.

Seeds are moments in time waiting to watered, in my opinion. If people don’t want Christians praying for them, but still feel the connatural need for prayer (which doesn’t really make sense to me, but never mind that right now), then please, call, post and pray.

I suppose this story gives a new meaning to “God is the answer,” because it seems that although people do not want to give up their sin and often reprobate behavior, there is an intrinsic understanding that God is sometimes the only deity who can forgive, cleanse, reward and aid… when, you know, folk want something for nothing.

“In the kind of times we’re living in, there is a hope in finding like-minded people who share our problems,” said Rodger Desai, a mobile phone technology entrepreneur who is a founder of “The Internet is a perfect place to create a market for support and hope.

True, if you are looking for a help meet and believe that is where God is direction. True, if you have a church called The Cyber Church of God in Christ. But, false – waaaaay false – if you believe any of those pesky tales about identity theft, bank fraud, photoshop horrors, social media bullying and German porn spam.

Which begs the question: If you are going to post a sincere prayer online, and choose to use a pseudonym for fear of the aforemention and have little faith in a son of God who can touched with your sin, will your prayer answers go to the wrong address? Faith really is a funny thing, isn’t it?!