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You would think if Abraham came down from Mount Sinai fresh from a conversation with God these days, the chat would have been a skosh different, no?

Perhaps, the angel of the Lord would have mentioned the kerfuffle on MySpace, the mysteries of big-name religious figures refusing to follow like-minded folk on Twitter, the dangers of texting while driving and for the love of God (well, himself), why is Bristol Palin still on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Why people really join churchMost likely the first modern Commandment would have something to do with privacy rights on Facebook.

Well, meet Rev. Cedric Miller of New Jersey – a pastor who believes the forbidden fruit had a QWERTY keyboard and came with status updates.

A New Jersey pastor [of Living Word Christian Fellowship] is giving his married church leaders an ultimatum: delete Facebook or resign

…“One or the other spouse is on Facebook and reconnects with an old flame,” Miller said. “It’s even gone to the point where there have been inappropriate reconnections.”

It’s interesting what the leering media finds newsworthy. Somehow, someone heard about these conditions and decided to make this “a mountaintop experience.” And this thing has come across the globe like the buzz about a certain burning bush.

So, here’s the question: Is he right?

Yes, there are many people in this world that use Facebook to reconnect with folk from back in the day or to keep in touch with people today. However, for all those who like to corral contacts for their personal ego storehouse, there are many, many more that use this web portal for hook ups with those flames that have never been put out.

Answer: Yes.

Because as we have seen with serving the Kingdom, you have to err on the side of extreme caution because if you don’t, there is certain to be a snare with your name all over it.

Ask any megachurch pastor that have been in headlines lately. Sex, philandering, getting frisky… and why? Because they have power and they can.

This pastor doesn’t have the recognition, at least he didn’t at the time of the ultimatum, but he wanted his staff to serve the Lord wholeheartedly nonetheless. If you think Pastor Miller doesn’t have to go far for proof, you’re right:

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says 81 percent of its members have used or been faced with evidence plucked from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites in divorce cases over the last five years.

About one in five adults uses Facebook for flirting, according to a 2008 report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. And a do-it-yourself divorce site in the United Kingdom, Divorce-Online, reported late last year that the word “Facebook” was appearing in about one in five of the petitions it was handling.

Again, this site was made for online booty calls and many people, including My Fair Lady, use Facebook to speak with family across the country who are too lazy to write an e-mail and too distant to pick up a phone.

If I was in that ilk working at Living Word, I would be both offended and armed with a myriad of examples to tell this pastor what is up. However, if I was a person who hid my Facebook account from my spouse, sent clandestine status reports and was looking for that one sheep that got away, then good on the pastor for bringing this up.

Then again, it’s not guns that kill people… people kill people, right? So, it’s not Facebook that’s killing marriages… shady fools who should have never been engaged kill marriage. They just use Facebook quite a bit to do it.

Imagine you are warming a pew, the band was on this particular Sunday and you are expecting a nice message from the “Mand of Gawd.”

And then it happens – a moment to make you forget you were in a church and back in the club. No, not that saint in the choir you have been watching too closely. It was something the pastor said:

“We hate (the n-word),” joked [Rev. Jim] Lee while using the actual racial slur. “I would say I don’t eat them either.”

n-wordAccording to this story in the Detroit News, Rev. Jim Lee of Renaissance Unity church decided to rock one of the most offensive words ever more than 30 times in a recent message.

The topic of said sermonette? “Love thy neighbor.”

Yeah, because I want to love on my neighbor in the name of the Lord, I crush terms of endearment from the Civil War era.

Why not, for sake of an illustrated message you dimwit, call your elders the “house Ns” and the lay persons “field Ns.”

“It was design…I knew it would get a reaction,” Lee told the Detroit News.

Well, he’s getting alright and most of those visceral rants have been from fellow brothers.

“He’s using the wrong format. The pulpit is the wrong format to use hate words and that is a hate word,” said Jim Netter, a western Wayne County resident who is African-American. “I’m disappointed.”

To wit, I completely agree.

Use the pulpit to make a point, drive a topic and create an issue for discussion, but “brother”, this is Motown, the same place where the NAACP “buried” the very word you are promulgating like it’s a handout at a local charity.

I don’t know, maybe this just rubbed me wrong but what the hell is this guy thinking?

“Love thy neighbor”? And he delivers one of those words that creates memories from centuries past of doing exactly the opposite.

I don’t have a whimsical ending for this story, but suffice to say, I have another “N-word” for this guy. And I can use it in a message title as well.

“Just say NO.”

Keep on rollin'

Keep on rollin'

A little more than a year ago, I was in a dark and dreary place.

Unemployed. Beat down. And alone… at least it felt that way. I had this cushy office. Huge window overseeing downtown and all the world was my stage.

Then, the floor opened and swallowed me whole. The industry I cherished stuck a rusty hacksaw blade square between my shoulder blades.

That, while my former boss left her swanky and pretentious designer shoe in my behind as I was leaving the office.

Sure, “cutbacks” was the answer, but when you have a family months later looking for food, toys and a brave “man of the house,” I can’t really sell them with “Well, I really didn’t do anything wrong.”

Online searches, headhunters and going to network meetings with all my church and media friends wasn’t paying off. I needed something… fast.

Then it happened – My Fair Lady decides to tell me, “You write for churches. You work in the media. Make a blog. Please?” Yeah, so I wasn’t the model Jesus-loving guy five months into my forced sabbatical and her plea of desperation got me strolling toward

And “The Writing on the Wall” was born. Today, 200,000 hits later, I still write amazed and humbled in God’s grace.

From Madagascar to Mexico, the U.S. to the U.K., Australia to Azerbaijan and all sundry points in between, thank you.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon his name; Make known his deeds among the peoples! (1 Chronicles 16:8 NIV)

Consider this post making it known and me giving thanks to the other bricks in the Wall, the ACME Arena, WOW News and the 1000s of e-mails and comments. They all keep me going and focused on what’s real about the Bible and Jesus.

You saved me from going bananas and quite possibly losing hope, faith and love. No joke. The cagey comments. The personal e-mails. The links. The love. All of it has been a source of inspiration and shelter of peace amidst a very tumultuous storm.

Seriously, thank you very much indeed and please keep taggin’.



Ever since Proposition 8, Salt Lake City has become the epicenter for homosexual showdowns.

It’s what you would expect, gay pride parades lampooning floats down Temple Square and others dressing as Joseph Smith in drag. Basically, it’s just annoying and doesn’t help the cause.

Until recently when a gay couple became the inspiration to an organized “kiss-in” on Mormon HQ property in downtown Salt Lake City. What transpired has become a citywide issue the LDS Church can’t even spin control their way and remove themselves.

More information taken from the Deseret News says:

The rally stems from a Thursday incident in which Derek Jones and his partner Matthew Aune were forced to leave the Main Street pedestrian walkway between North Temple and South Temple for what church officials labeled “inappropriate behavior.”

So, we have two guys who wanted to make a statement more than a PDA (public display of affection). Personally, they could have done that without the kiss in front of Temple Square. You catch that dude’s hair? Woof! Fashion po-lice. Pull over!

Anywhoo, the two were cited by the LDS goon squad, detained for Salt Lake police and taken to jail. For kissing? Um, while I may not concur with the whole kissy-kissy thing among same-sex couple under the guise of ecumenical equality, being arrested for it is another thing all together.

Getting pummeled in the local media, Temple Square PR came to the rescue (ish), thanks to KUTV:

“There has been a good deal of publicity surrounding an incident where two men were cited for trespassing because of belligerent and profane behavior on the Church Plaza, which is an extension of the Salt Lake City Temple grounds and Church headquarters. While this property is owned by the Church, we want it to be a place of beauty and serenity in downtown Salt Lake City for everyone.

As we said earlier on this matter, these men were asked to stop engaging in behavior deemed inappropriate for any couple on the Plaza. There was much more involved than a simple kiss on the cheek. They engaged in passionate kissing, groping, profane and lewd language, and had obviously been using alcohol.

Sure, there’s more but what difference does it make? It was this couple’s word against an organization that owns half the city. Whose report do you believe?

Understand, these were two were kissing in the middle of a pedistrian walkway – otherwise known as a street. So, why were they arrested there? The LDS church was sold that part of the street by the City of Salt Lake.

They would if they walked outside once in a while?!

They would if they walked outside once in a while?!

Why? I guess jaywalking offenses really rack up some fees for temple adornments or more holy underwear.

At any rate, we have a couple who were kissing, yet, from security cameras in the hallowed halls of the Temple, someone could tell “they had obviously been using alcohol.” Thus, this becomes a story of public intoxication instead of religious oppression.

Stay classy, LDS.

It’s not these two were crushing velvet boas, nipple tassles and doing each other’s hair (at least, that is obvious). No, they were expressing themselves the only way they know how to do it. And, instead of a church official coming out to talk, witness and show them love… you anonymously send a thug and get them arrested.

You are a letter from Christ…written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts. (2 Corinthians 3:3)

If you want these demonstrations to stop, why don’t you use right outside Temple Square as a mission field… you know, instead of sending your boys to knock on my door at all hours of the afternoon!

That’s where the love of God could be demonstrated. That’s where another letter for Jesus could be written. That’s where the Holy Spirit would be permitted to move upon the hearts of those follically challenged boys.

If there was any inkling of grace and mercy in those gold-encrusted hallways of yours, why not pry yourself off the throne and talk a walk on your own street. You would be amazed what kind of demonstration would happen then.

So, Michael Jackson was buried(ish) on global TV in front of more than 20,000 in attendance at the farewell concert tour… eh, memorial service.

It was a somber time for a genius entertainer (again, were you not entertained despite it all), and the world will never forget him. Well, not until the press forgets him first. Get this:

  • Look five rows back from the front. Who wears red to a funeral?! Seriously? Mr. Blackwell won't be there.

    Look five rows back from the front. What fool wears red to a funeral?! Seriously?! Mr. Blackwell ain't going to be there.

    The television show… eh, memorial (I keep doing that) drew almost 31 million people in viewership. Now, now, before you MJ fans start holding up your sequenced-gloved pointer finger to Jesus shouting, “Number 1!” it was two million less than Princess Diana’s funeral and four million less than President Ronald Reagan’s.

  • 19 television networks around the globe carried the thing! 19! I would be amazed, but hey, I can watch a car chase one five different networks from my couch, so not that impressive.
  • It cost the city of Los Angeles more than $4 million. Well, how’s that whole California budget crisis going now, Governator?! At end of his term, I doubt “he’ll be baaaack.”
  • The L.A. Mayor is asking the city to pay for it. No really, check the link if you’re so inclined. You know, here’s a thought. With all the talent fees that were represented on that stage at the Staples Center, maybe defer some of those costs… or better yet, take up a love offering. Yeah, that’ll happen. (P.S. Los Angeles has only raised $17,000. Keep it classy, L.A. We love it!)
  • There is now a 1,500-word resolution in the U.S. Congress to call Michael Jackson a “global humanitarian.” Again, no really. Fitting this is coming from the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee. We really are the World, eh?
  • And now, the lead spoke in the news cycle is who designed MJ’s suit fit for burial. Sigh. Do people really care about this mess? “Hey Mike’s mama? Who is he wearing?”

Okay, that was my rant. Now, for some Good News. If you were one of the 31 million who watched it, and some of the many more who scanned by one of the many channels… did you see Lionel Richie?

Since we know it was a concert, and a fancy speaking opportunity for Al not-so-Sharp-ton, Lionel made this thing what it was supposed to be – CHURCH!

My man solemnly took the stage, blew off the dust from one of hits back in the day with the great Commodores and sang… “Jesus is Love.”

As soon as those ivories began playing, I knew it! So, I’m sure, like so many others, my hands went upward and began getting my praise on! I don’t care the source. If Jesus glorified, you better recognize.

And if he can use an ass (It’s biblical, just sayin’), I’m positive he can use someone from Hollywood.

The point is this before we get to the entertainment portion of the post – and yes, that is the brilliant video from Lionel – while everyone else was posing for their camera angle, trying to get on American Idol and muggin’ for the millions watching TV, Lionel Richie understood what they needed – a word, a touch from God.

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. (Nahum 1:7 NIV)

No. He's dead, but I can introduce you to someone who is alive.

No. Sorry. He is dead, but I can introduce you to someone who is alive if you need.

Sundry motives and opportunism set aside, there was some hurting people in that crowd. His fans, yes. His family, more so. His kids, definitely.

And among the paparazzi, the miserable profiteers (note the picture) and the panderers, I pray those kids heard Lionel Richie sing and saw him gesticulate to the heavens.

There was praise on that stage. There was emotion in his heart. And there was God in his mouth.

Jesus is love… and he will never let you down. Hit it, Lionel.