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Wall-of-Famer John Freshwater has been knee-high in legal papers lately with the much ado about something ballyhoo in the Mount Vernon School District.

Brother carries a Bible to school, stands up for Jesus and then rumors float amid the school system about him branding his students with crosses and refusing to reach school curriculum that conflicted with Christian beliefs. Consider the odds.

And now, tired of fighting for his job and reputation, Freshwater fights back according to this story from NBC in Columbus, Ohio.

John Freshwater claimed emotional distress, lost time from work and anxiety in his lawsuit. Plus, he wanted this case to be heard before a jury.

Although his vocational apocalypse hearing is now October 1, his legal woes payday may not be soon far behind. And then, well, he can do whatever he wants with his Bible. You know, kinda like he should have been able to do in the first place.

I teach with a lot of charisma, that's all.

I teach with a lot of charisma, that's all.

With rock star status and an entourage in-tow, Wall of Famer John Freshwater returned to Mount Vernon, Ohio to plead his case. And quite a fan club was in attendance at the local middle school library:

Most [of the 500 people in attendance] stood clapping and cheering when John Freshwater walked to the lectern and tearfully defended his teaching record.

You see, for 24 years, this man has come to work, taught science and loved God daily. All the while, his trusty KJV was by his side and no one was the wiser. Suddenly – and apparently without provocation – he is suspended for having a Bible on his desk.

I throw up the prototypical HiScrivener “calls it likes I sees it” post and call B.S. against the ruling and await the ACLU to bait their breath. IMHO, this was a witch hunt against a Christian in a public school. No more, no less. Then, months later, we discover Freshwater has an affinity for branding his students like cattle. (Of course, I had a little editorial frivolity there, but never mind that right now).

To which, John Freshwater replies:

Freshwater denied ever branding a cross into a student’s arm, and he said he never taught creationism to his students. “I never taught anything in the classroom that was prohibited.”

Although pictures have flooded Flickr, Twitter, Google and any Ohio publication out there, Freshwater still maintains his innocence about the hot irons and proselytizing despite what’s on the school agenda.

Freshwater pointed out last night that his personnel file is solid and that he has a good record as a teacher. “In my personnel file — all 240 pages of it — I have no reprimands. It’s clean, it’s absolutely clean,” he said.

Hence, the mind trick. Get them thinking twice about what should have been considered once – is the rumor mill spinning aided by the ill winds of spite or the familiar ones of sanctimony. Who knows except, ironically, Freshwater and God.

Well, August 26 is coming, and so will the verdict of his suspension. On that day, this man will either be vindicated in a glorious fashion or what happens to this poor schlep aboard the Death Star could be the fate of John Freshwater: Young Jedi as he chokes on all that crow he has been flying for the past couple of months. We are praying, John. For what? I haven’t figured that one out yet:

Get it? John Freshwater? Bible? TIME is running out?! Ah well.

He still has his Bible, his determination and um, his job?! And now Wall Watchers, John Freshwater – noted teacher, middle school proselytizer and alleged cross brander – has found a way to fight his fight the 21st century way.

Take a moment to visit, “The Bible on the Desk.” That’s right. Freshwater has a Web site. A cyber home to direct all media members hailing on the bustling metropolis of Mt. Vernon, Ohio and waiting for THE DAY (August 26).

Included in this fun-filled WWW domicile are press releases, media queries and I think, the grounds for a straight-to-DVD release from TBN studios, “Meet the Freshwaters.”


I think the capper is the gratuitous greeting:

On Friday, June 20, 2008, the Mount Vernon School Board passed a resolution of intent to consider the termination of the teaching contract of the 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year, John Freshwater. This is the only official source of information from John Freshwater and his team of legal and spiritual advisors. No other person or group has the authority to speak for or on the behalf of Mr. Freshwater.

The emboldened and italicized text is done by his Webmaster, not mine. You think someone in Ohio is a little terse over the hubbub created by his name, his actions and a certain geographical destination known as the BLOGOSPHERE.

Alas, keep your rod-iron hot, Wall Watchers, and brand the story as you will in your own news sources. This fresh story is far from being put out to pasture (as in cattle). There are more puns to be made at his behest, but I’ll wait for August 26.

Good times.

August 26, to be exact. (And yes, that’s him.)

That’s the day WOW (Writing on the Wall) favorite and wall-of-famer John Freshwater will get to appeal his dismissal from his 8th grade science teaching gig at Mount Vernon Jr. High School.

Evidently, he’s got a weed. The school board has a gripe. And we get to watch from the cheap seats. Nice.

For a refresher, hit the link, but for those mice-impaired, here’s the 411:

  • Man keeps Bible on desk, told to get it off. He doesn’t.
  • He is threatened with his job, and sues.
  • That becomes national news and the Wall posts (as does the national news, but don’t worry about that).
  • HiScrivener gets agitated because it’s seems like a peeve – Christianity accepted prejudice.
  • Turns out, Freshwater has an affinity for branding – yeah, as in like cattle – his students

Fast forward to last night. Mount Vernon [Ohio] school board got together to discuss Freshwater, his diligence for God and love of the rod-iron, as seen here in the Columbus Dispatch.

Freshwater was notified last week that the board plans to suspend, then fire him which would keep him from returning to the classroom this fall, even if his appeals process has not been completed.

Well, this should be good and you know, the Google alert will be pegged on this cat. We’ve seen it this far, may as well, right? Oh yeah, and for the haters, enjoy this snippet from the story:

Freshwater remains on the payroll for now.

Yeah, I thought that would get you bent. Stay tuned.

Tattoo artist for God?FINALLY, news from Mount Vernon about John Freshwater… only not the kind of news he desired.

In April, we posted a graffiti tirade on the Wall about this middle school science teacher going about his daily grind in the classroom with his trusty Bible by his side… and on his desk.

Months later, he his a household name in the media, has government agencies breathing down his neck for defying ‘the man’ and what have now recently discovered…


Are you serious? Your fight was about religious freedom, not fraternal folklore. I don’t care what you heard was acceptable as a collegiate rite of passage, this is the 8th GRADE, dude. And although I don’t think it’s in your school handbook, branding students like a herd of cattle is not acceptable and could be grounds for termination.

Well, it is. And peace out, John.

Some latitude if you will? The original post was about religious rights and the plight of Christians as the ONLY American group of citizens that has no recourse for prejudice or guile geared against it. Blacks, gays, women, Native Americans, the elderly… name the group, it’s just not cool (and now illegal) to hate on them and perpetrate against them.  But for the Church? Gather ’round, it’s in season.

That was the catalyst of Freshwater’s fight, and we applauded his determination for Christ. But this? Well, suffice to say, you have seen the devolution of a proud zealot for God into a delusional nitwit that has an excess of branding irons laying around.

In conclusion, there should be a space for both theories of how we got here taught in class. No, not because of the founding fathers argument, but because you don’t hear Hindus arguing that point or Zoroastrians fighting for its focus of a cosmic makeover. The Bible and Darwin’s fishing expeditions are – in a word – it.  So why not allow students the chance to deduce? That is, after all, the reason for TEACHING, isn’t it?

WWJD? Not this, that’s for sure. Any time something is burned on my skin for religious reasons, it will be by force. I have read the Bible you know.