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I suppose that’s the new rage – religions become self-sufficient and exclusive. Since we have been seeing wars and hearing rumors of wars (a.k.a. the “last days” are nigh upon us, folks), it’s time to stop evangelizing and start existing…

cathoogleAt least, the Catholic Church seems to be headed in that direction, thanks to this story from WOW News’ the great Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA Today.

A new web site, “Catholic Google” launched recently with a claim to offer “a safer way” to surf the net for “good Catholics” and anyone else who want to learn the Catholic Church’s official views on a topic without crawling through umpteen links.

Hrm. So besides Pope Benedict screensavers, Hooked on Latin Phonics and transubstantiation no-nos, what else different can we expect? And who is next is for religion 2.0?

“Hindoogle”, which forbids recipes of hamburger and has a Gandhi tribute page for every search. “Jewoogle,” which would not only feature great pages on Zionism, Judaic law, but also some sweet Facebook pages on lawyers, accountants and surgeons. And then there are those pesky atheists who is still trying to buck the system by reserving, “”

I love what Cathy did to beta-test this new-fangled contraption:

I searched Catholic Google for “birth control.” The first listing on my search had text that spelled out the Church’s opposition to artificial contraception — immediately next to an ad for pills sold by a Canadian mail-order pharmacy.

Nice. If there are still some privacy and SEO concerns with “Cathoogle”, I would hate to search for “Altar Boys.” [So. Hard. Not. To. Trying. Shaking. Must. Turn. PC. Off.]


One of my most immense pet peeves is the inane question, “What religion are you?” Argh!

I understand people outside of the Church, and some of the lukewarm fish inside of it, don’t know – or don’t care – to understand the difference between denominations and religion. But, there is a huge difference.

And then add to the mix, “What faith are you?” Oy! I’m liable to go back to seminary and fasten a seat belt because my head is spinning like a drunk in the middle of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.

So says HiScrivener: Faith is an ardent belief in a deity. Religion is a codified doctrine to follow a deity. Denominations are defined by the methodology people choose to celebrate their deity.


According to this story in the New York Times, people are truly searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ, rather than fancying a stroll into some religious house of worship, apothegm and dunderheads.

For at least a generation, scholars have noted that more Americans are moving among faiths, as denominational loyalty erodes. But the survey, based on interviews with more than 35,000 Americans, offers one of the clearest views yet of that trend, scholars said. The United States Census does not track religious affiliation.

So, being a Zionist, can I wake up and decide to become an Orthodox Jew just to feel a little closer to God? Come to think of it, my pastor just doesn’t bring me into the Holy of Holies anymore. Perhaps, I watch my Gandhi DVD, get a little flummoxed at his stance for non-violence and throw away my crucifix to become Hindu. How about that? Besides that, I love hamburger and I get to worship cows. Nice.

Isn’t that what religion, faith and denominations are all about? Bowling for Jesus? A slot machine to insert your dimes and pray for all cherries, and DING DING, salvation is yours? Seriously! This world doesn’t seem to have a clue, and you know what Church? It’s possibly all our fault!

A journey all of us should fancy

A journey all of us should fancy

Question: If we are the salt of the earth, does the way you live for Christ make folk thirsty for your faith, religion or denomination? Evidently, we still need water out there.

In the Pew survey 7.3 percent of the adult population said they were unaffiliated with a faith as children. That segment increases to 16.1 percent of the population in adulthood, the survey found. The unaffiliated are largely under 50 and male. “Nearly one-in-five men say they have no formal religious affiliation, compared with roughly 13 percent of women,” the survey said.

The Word of God in James’ letter tells us this:

If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Here. Here. Those “orphans” and “widows” are not the homeless, the destitute and the maligned. They are not “Baptists,” “Catholics,” “Episcopalians,” and what not. They are people all of them – each with real issues who happen to warm a pew in a Baptist church, a Catholic church, an Episcopalian church or whatever megachurch they attend, or at least brag about attending.

Do you see the difference? The world doesn’t. Jesus did.

My prayer? I hope we all can begin to see this stark difference as well, and start to witness people throwing away their “church membership” cards and just appreciate being part of the Church as a whole.

I adore baseball, the Great Game. That said, the one thing I have always loved surrounding the sport is… er, sorry thanks to capitalism run amuck, was Monument Park. But, did you know, these hallowed plaques actually used to be in the field?

Can you imagine some steroid-laden third baseman crushing a hanging curve ball, then some rookie in left field screams to the corner post and WHAM! He smacks headlong into Babe Ruth’s mug. Now, that’s a curse.

Have the visual for your entertainment value? Good. DATELINE: Hyderabad, India.

Jesus! Take the wheel! Please!

Jesus! Take the wheel! Please!

Basically, imagine the baseball example… except you are driving around more than 253 obstacles! Oh yeah, and you can’t run them over because they are all religious structures, so defilement would be heinous and criminal.

According to a survey done by the traffic police, 117 temples, 129 mosques, chillahs and dargahs, four churches, one gurudwara and two burial grounds are obstructing the path of motorists. Additional commissioner (traffic) N V Surendra Babu said identification of structures were done based on the effect on the free flow of traffic.

So, what’s a drunk driver to do in the straits of New Delhi? I dunno. Ask the Department of Transportation, I think.

In cases where it is not possible, traffic police will suggest that the structures be relocated. “Taking the locals into confidence and briefing them about the importance and the inconvenience the structures have been causing, structures should be relocated to side of the road. But, the process should happen only with the `consensus’ and the decision cannot be imposed,” Surendra Babu said.

“Inconvenient”. Ya’ think?

How would you like to be doing 75 MPH in the rain, and then WHAM! Baby Buddha stops your hooptie and gives it a spiritual makeover? I don’t know about you but accidents aren’t the problem here. I would say it’s more like a mass rash of atheism in the sub continent. “God killed my car,” yeah, I would have to take up the whole ‘God gets on my nerves’ thing too.

No offense to Carrie Underwood, but “Jesus better take my wheel”! If some Omkar busted my ride, reincarnation would not be on my “must do” list. That’s all I’m saying.


May as well throw employment in there too

What the heck is going with the Anglican Church in Jolly Ol’ England? Extreme Makeover: Christmas Edition?!

When I think of Christmas, I envision three wise dudes bearing gifts, angels with clarion messages and sweet baby Jesus. However, some priests in the Anglican Church have decided to create a new Christmas story, one more to their sardonic liking:

But now Hindu snowmen, a Chinese dragon and a Jewish temple are also to be included in an attempt to make the celebrations more inclusive of Britain’s diverse communities. Westminster Abbey will unveil life-size snowmen that Anglican clergy hope will help to improve relations and dialogue between other faiths. Dressed in turbans, with bindi dots on their foreheads, they are intended to demonstrate that Christmas should not be exclusively for Christians.

The Rev Jane Hedges, a canon at the abbey, said that it was important to encourage people from other faiths to join in the celebrations. “We’ve done this as it creates a good opportunity for Christians to meet and hear about the stories of people of other faiths,” she said. “Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think and is a great opportunity for the different faiths to talk to one another. “Wherever you’re coming from there should be something to celebrate at Christmas.”

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year… namely for CHRISTIANS! Why is that so difficult to decipher?!

People don’t buy Hindu trees, Muslim presents or a Buddha ornament for said twig and garland. Now there is that thing about Santa Claus being an anagram for Satan… well, Claus, but I don’t hear that being brought up in “Universalism 101 Bible Study”

MEMO to Rev. Jane of the Apes here: Any day is a good opportunity for different faiths to talk to one another, it’s called work. However, if you are so consumed with homily that you can detect the right time to actually live one out, then there is a lot more you should be doing to discuss Christ than a stupid celebration round the old oak tree.

However the smarmy side of me wonders what Easter would be like at this dumb chic’s church? What, a rabbit being lifted out of the earth, with a halo taped to its ears and then every Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Atheist can take turns in punditry debating the bunny’s existence.

Good times.

amw-jesusWe jest about the ACLU, Satanists, Atheists and um, Nancy Pelosi. Their disdain for Christianity and Jesus is appalling, but nothing could ever amount to the hatred aimed at Christians in third-world countries every day.

And to quantify that angst, we have this tragic story of why any religion outside of Jesus is simply entertaining a more enlightened way to hell. With the Son of God, we all can experience love and feel a passion to lead others down the same primrose path to righteousness.

Without him, you could act like this avowed Hindus, and offer a bounty on the head of any Christian pastor – for the price of a HD radio.

Faiz Rahman, chairman of Good News India, said Hindu militants are targeting Christian leaders, the Christian Post reported. “The going price to kill a pastor is $250,” he said.

Rahman, a head of several orphanages in Orissa State, said he’s helped 25 pastors to leave refugee camps, but 250 Christian leaders are still in shelters. “All of the pastors are high value targets,” Rahman told the UK-based Release International. “We’ve got to get them out of the refugee camps.”

Ever thought you were called to the mission field… of you know, Hawaii, Guam, Mexico or some other tropic climate. Because of course, that is where the Lord sends all the unsaved. Take a gander at what Christians endure in India:

Thousands of homes and churches have been destroyed, and an estimated 50,000 Christians have been forced to flee the violence. Mission Network News estimates 5,000 Christian homes have been burned and 200 churches ruined. According to the Christian Post, 30,000 people remain in government-operated refugee camps. Tens of thousands are living in forests – many seriously wounded.

Candidly, reading these stories doesn’t break my heart – it rips it to shreds. On my best day, I wouldn’t volunteer to do half this stuff – and I love Jesus! These are patriots for Christ, true heroes who deserve all out prayers and support.

And if that doesn’t help, imagine your Christmas shopping. What have you bought with $250? Now, go pray for those pastors. I know I will, more fervently than ever.