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There’s an axiom in Latin that makes the unlearned think of taking a night out to the club:

Audio. Video. Disco.

Compliments to the Australian Herald

Compliments to the Australian Herald

Believe it or not, that’s not about some multimedia experience. It means, “I hear. I see. I learn.”

Well, in today’s fast-paced society hungry for a theological fix, most folk aren’t as concerned about church as they are viewing Jesus on TBN or Daystar, hearing him on a Hillsong CD or their sacred iPod or clicking a God clip on YouTube.

(Because, it seems most folk ain’t going to Tangle… just sayin’.)

Needless to say, there is a lot of hearing and seeing going on, but perhaps the learning could improve just a skosh.

Evidently, that report got back to the Holy See because Pope Benedict XVI it’s presumed the only dumb ones are the young ones… and where are they hanging out these days? Online.

First, it was their own search engine. And now, the Papacy has gone buck wild by creating its own Facebook page,

And since there are about one billion Catholics on earth, Il Papa figured it would be a great idea if they could all come to him for a change, including a holy YouTube page, sacred iPhone apps and a WikiCath page.

So, why all the tech geek in the Vatican? Ask the Catholic News Service:

It’s an effort to allow younger generations find a “simple, fresh site to work as a hub from which users can find some new ways the universal church is present in the digital world.”

Seeing how things have been iffy for priests to get online in the past years, it’s commendable that the Pope is cool with this effort.

But hey, as long as there’s a massive firewall, some beefed-up Norton antivirus or, at the very least, has hired Robert Langdon to help out with the new symbols Pope B16 will encounter.

You know, items not in his lexicon like “LOL,” “411,” “WTF” and of course “MSG” (and no, that’s not Chinese take out).

Huzzah. Hope this works because form what I have heard, seen and learned about the propensity for old dogs to attain new tricks is um, “2G2BT.”

American Idol is hogging the weekly TV ratings again, and if you saw this week’s Motown series, you know why. (Incidentally, for the rest of you who said, “No”… I say, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”).

Recently, a piece came out from MTV about American Idol that happens to have many folk in this country buzzing.


American Idol cares about the environment, just not the guy who made it

No, it’s not about the show being rigged… allegedly. It’s not surrounding the jacked-up voting process and whose tail should have been in the bottom three [COUGH…Megan Joy…COUGH].

What does that chic have to do anyway to get in the bottom three? Spank a puppy on a street corner? Trip an old lady as she crosses a street? Pimp slap Simon? Anywhoo…

Nah, this country would rather rant and rave about the outward expression of faith. Figures.

This season, though, a large number of those faithful viewers have more than a casual pop-culture interest in the show: They’re Christians who are also watching because more than half of this year’s crop of finalists — including Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, Kris Allen, Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds — either have a strong affiliation with the church or are worship leaders in their communities.

So, nicely done by MTV, right? They talk about all the Jesus Freaks gracing the sound stage and instantly there are watching parties among youth groups across the country. Not so much.

According to this follow-up by MTV, many of American Idol’s viewers just want Jesus to be put in the bottom three.

We learned two things about “American Idol” fans last week when we ran a story on how this year’s show features more Christian-affiliated finalists than ever before: Most of you don’t care what religion a singer is as long as they’re good, and the rest of you think even pointing out religion on “Idol” is “absolutely outrageous.”

Anyone remember last season when the producers of American Idol decided to make an iTunes-friendly worship song out of “Shout to the Lord”?! Well, now it seems the world’s most famous talent show is rocking like the BarackStar to shill for Christian voters in an effort to crush the competitors in the ratings.

True, this is a singing competition and not a preaching contest. It’s a stage, not a church lectern (although in some of today’s megachurches, that is interchangeable). We vote for the most talented, not the most godly.

But, what’s wrong with a vignette that discusses a singer’s faith? Are there that many folk out there in TV Land with guilty consciences? Is the conviction of the Holy Spirit spreading faster than rumors about Clay Aiken’s eh, preference? (Or that Adam Lambert with that Freddy Mercury voice).

Whatever the case, folk are irate about it and quite honestly, they need take a break.

The question is, “What does faith have to do with their singing?” Answer: LOTS!

My faith equips me to put my pants on while I’m standing up, much less write this blog. Imagine singing in front of 30 million people. You think you might ask “God” for a little help before that drop of pee trickles down your leg?! Don’t need faith to sing like that… on that stage. Puh-lease. You need faith to walk your doggy these days.

Naturally, this is just another effulgent example of America’s only permissible prejudiceChristianity.

Ah well, here’s to hoping the aforementioned “IDOLators” gather ’round their Bibles and have a Gospel night. Sure, the ratings would blow but at least folk would sing a lot more than Hillsong and Mercy Me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We can all only imagine.

Well, it was a fun ride.

You know, exposing the fraudulent Michael Guglielmucci and his ironic praise, “Healer.” But alas, it looks like this Brickhouse Series is coming to a halt, until of course, he shows up in Australia again.

Oh yeah, you didn’t know. Evidently, there aren’t enough psychotherapists down under who understand addictive and overwhelming pornography. So, holmes has decided to fly the coop and find solace on the couch of an M.D. in the States, according to The Age.

Guglielmucci is now receiving psychiatric care overseas. His bank accounts are being audited by his church and leaders have promised any money raised deceptively will be returned or donated to charity. Police say at this stage they are not planning to lay charges.

As long as he being bled dry of any profit from that amazing hymn to the Lord, I suppose his poverty is enough recompense for what he did to… uh, you know… the world.

Ah well, here’s to hoping he gets better. If God can use him once, he can heal him again?

For the past several weeks, the Wall has been plastered with spray paint about Michael Guglielmucci and one of the most fraudulent acts to hit the Church since the Farting Preacher was busted.

Everyone has heard about the man who cried “Cancer” in a crowded church amphitheater leaving everyone running for the exits. Well, everyone except HILLSONG CHURCH FOUNDER, Brian Houston.

Apparently, he’s been vacationinger, preaching stateside and happened to not have access to his e-mail, cell phone, friends, family, church employees or maybe smoke signals.

Now that Pastor Brian Houston has returned down under, his inbox has mysteriously filled up with nastygrams about some cat named Michael Guglielmucci, and he has seen fit to answer on his blog all bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Take it away Ellaer, Brian:

I have been away overseas while a drama has unfolded in Australia about Michael Guglielmucci… writer of the song ‘Healer’, which has blessed and encouraged so many people… This is easily the biggest and most elaborate hoax I have ever personally witnessed. I still am perplexed by it. So now we all know that so much of this was not real… but was I personally sucked in? Yep,100%!!! It was a two year academy award worthy performance as far as I am concerned.

I have always been an ardent fan of Hillsong, but never had the opportunity to hear Brian Houston preach. After you read the transparency, the charity and the reality of his blog post in the aforementioned link, I think you will become a small fan of his. I have. He sounds, well… pissed. And why shouldn’t he?

His church was the stage for this rouse. His choir were the background accompaniment on that amazing song. All the while, his country was held victim by the tenderness of worship and the temerity of the lie behind it.

However, “Mr. Hillsong” remembers the same grace and love that clothed him while he was overseas is the very arms of mercy that holds Michael Guglielmucci as he lay in fetal position on his therapist’s couch humming a familiar tune all the while.

The blog was practice. Let’s see what happens when he gives in to AdelaideNow asks for the cover story interview. That’s a test worth studying. Stay tuned, Wall Watchers.

Hopefully, he is heading in the right direction

Hopefully, he is heading in the right direction

God must really be moving during Michael Guglielmucci’s therapy lessons, because after the latest story that has come out on the ugly Guglielmucci saga, he must be thanking the Lord at the top of his cancer-ravaged lungs.

Oh wait… ah, nevermind.You’ve heard that one before.

AdelaideNow in Australia breaks another one: “Porn Pastor Unlikely to Face Charges”

But police say the former pentecostal preacher, who performed his hit song Healer with an oxygen tube in his nose, may not face further investigations. Detective Superintendent Jim Jeffery said police were finalizing their investigations. “Unless further information comes to light or people that may have been affected by Mr Guglielmucci action’s come forward, no further police investigations are likely,” he said.

I think Mikey can thank not only God, but also his parents for that one. They have been in front of the media accepting the terrible reality of their son battling a 16-year addiction to pornography and who tried to pay for it all with two years of lying his tail off (to the entire world no less, in song) that he had cancer and needed some cash for medical bills.

Poor, dear people.

And now, because of their transparent and forthright efforts alone – all the money that came in, is going back out; all the notoriety that was lauded, is being left behind; all the singing that has occurred, has been silenced. They don’t need any more pain. Their son has done enough to last them a while already.

So now Michael Guglielmucci is all alone, with his addictions, his guilt and his therapist. Hopefully, he can find time on his busy schedule for his God as well. Because believe me, the true “Healer” would like to have a Word with Mikey.