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Tonight is Halloween.

See the title? Is that something you can say? If not, you should.

Think about it: Children and parents from all over your neighborhood are coming to your door looking for a handouts all night long.

Consider them as Jehovah’s Witnesses, only in drag. Or in super hero panty hose. And cute.

You have a golden opportunity to quell the ire of the enemy and let people know that this is just another day to thank God for his faithfulness.

If you don’t who will? Think about that witnessing chance while you watch this video. Peace.

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Today… well, scratch that… TONIGHT is when many families gallivant from house to house begging for candy. Others, more paranoid, go to malls or the ubiquitous “Fall Festivals”. Safer, but no more of a beating.

And then there are those fools who use this night to express misguided angst under the cloak of religion. That’s about all it gets credited as… the vandals, the criminal activity, the sacrifices. Oh, did I get your attention now?

The point is this is a real day, one not granted for peace and love. Rather, the rumor mill is a little more of a fact clearinghouse. The witches, the skulls, the dismay – all there, all true.

I have lil’ Wall Watchers, so I give them some fun and not play the legalism blues. However, what they know and what I know are two different things. What do you know? Check the video… a little Cross Eyed evangelism early, if you will.

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jesus-kitkatAh, what a grand way to kick off the month of May than with a ubiquitous God sighting.

And all the way from the Netherlands, we have some tool who believes the Shroud of Turin has duplicated in his… wait for it… Kit Kat bar!

Dear editor, this morning on my work, I am shocked rot. I took a bite of a chocolate bar and then I saw a face in the bar. Well, there are the recent years many Christ apparitions, and I find that all rather far-fetched . In a pillow or a meteorite I read last. So first I could not believe it, but two of my colleagues agreed that I have seen.

Well, I’m uh, “shocked rot” too. Look at this… chocolate is called the “food of the gods,” so meh? Why not? Of course, if I was a God-fearing dentist, I would swear all day long that the devil made him do it.

Who am I kidding. Gimme’ a break, indeed.

Christianity is universal, but the form of worship is subject to choice, culture and oftimes, that cross hanging over head.

Take St. John’s Church in Broadbridge Heath in the UK, as noted by the BBC.

scary-crucifixSee that ghoulish sculpture pictured here? Yeah, that’s Jesus.

Maybe you heard of him? Well, I’m almost positive –  having not shook his hand or anything – that when he went to the Cross, he wasn’t planning on scaring the soul out of anyone interested in getting right with the Lord.

Instead, they leap out of their shoes and get left.

Aside from brother looking like he needs a sammich or something, this emaciated Somalian refugee is supposed allure people to the Cross, not make them tuck tail and leave skidmarks in their shorts.

Art. I just don’t get it.

Jeremy Knight, curator, said the powerful image portrayed by the figure was that of Christ in pain. “That today isn’t an image which a lot of churches want to follow. They’d much rather see an empty cross where Christ has risen,” he said.

Which clearly begs the question, “Then why not create that cross?” Jesus is risen. He left those wooden planks and sits at the right hand of God. So make a fresco of the resurrection? An abstract of the rapture? Perhaps, a sculpture of some ornate Cross? Shoot, make a lamp in shop.

But this… I actually showed my lil’ Wall Watcher and our conversation?

“Daddy, who is that?”

“Jesus. Before he went to heaven, he was on the Cross.”

“He looks like a Halloween movie. And he needs some candy.”

Out of the mouths of babes. Praise Jesus – spooky, haggard or whatever.

So, the next time you are in your neighborhood grocery store, gas station or pilfering through gangling lines in the mall searching high and low for whatever Dora the Explorer & Spongebob is branded on, consider this lovely Yuletide news from Rasmussen Reports:

…A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% of American adults prefer stores to show signs saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays. Only one-quarter of adults (25%) favor signs that say “Happy Holidays.”

aclu-xmas-alert-systemAnd stick that in your corncob pipe, ACLU and atheists everywhere. Ho-ho-ho. Other interesting stats of the anti-bah-humbug HOLY-days are:

  • Men (71%) favor “Merry Christmas” slightly more than women (65%). [Why? Because women say it to who matters, guys are channeling George Bailey and reenacting “It’s a Wonderful Life” with their dorky selves.]
  • From a politically partisan perspective, Republicans (84%) overwhelmingly prefer “Merry Christmas” more than Democrats (51%). Far more Democrats (43%) wish for “Happy Holidays” signs than Republicans (13%). [And this surprises who exactly? If the DNC were any more liberal as a whole when it comes to the legal prejudice that is Christianity, Catholic Churches would remove the crucifix because that shows human torture and reminds war protesters of Guantanamo Bay.]
  • Regardless of what the signs say, 53% will be attending a Christian church service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year. One-third (32%) do not plan to go to a service.[Because everybody wants to pray for help that their credit card goes through and those checks don’t bounce. Everyone repeat after me, “I’ll pay when my taxes come in.” So ghetto we are.]
  • While five percent (5%) of adults have already finished their Christmas shopping, 72% believe the Christmas season starts too early. Only 21% disagree. [That’s easy to figure. Even the ACLU and folk like that hate it when that one adult contemporary radio station languishing for ratings goes ‘All Xmas, All Day’ right before Halloween. Who wouldn’t go bananas with the Chipmunks for that long?!]

Well, as for me and my house, while we are serving the Lord, I’ll be home for CHRISTmas, rolling up my Greensleeves whether that fat dude comes to town or not. Good times.