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This week in video evangelism, we have a stark reminder of someone we have all met – that one legalistic blowhard for Christ who, in a dire attempt to witness with every waking moment, turns off every individual within throwing distance.

This hilarious video beautifully illustrates those dense folk. I knew a guy that I actually attempted to discuss the previous Sunday’s festivities on the gridiron at church one day.

To wit, he responds, “Football is great to see John 3:16 on TV, but I prefer to be outside the stadium preaching it. Amen?” People moaned. Some brothers passed gas. And everyone in the circle gave the obligatory “Well, uh yeah” while rolling their eyes back in their medulla.

This one’s for each of you.

Let’s keep it real, Wall Watchers. You would be surprised the kind of fish you catch without all that stink on your bait. Just sayin’.

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Football JesusSo, in the vent you have read about yours truly and was wondering, on the off chance, what I was doing this Sunday, here you go.

I am by definition a football homer (COUGH… How ’bout dem’ Cowboys!… COUGH).

To wit, I’ll be reflecting by the warmth of that iconic star whooping until my vocal chords turn to mush and I fall asleep on the couch with Funyun-stained mitts and fresh barbecue betwixt my incisors.

However, this is a spiritual abode of enlightenment, so think, man… think:

A-ha, got it.

Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor’s crown unless he competes according to the rules (2 Timothy 2:5 NIV).

No really. That’s in the Bible. Look it up!

Thanks be to God, the original referee. Big love to Football Jesus.

Back to our regular scheduled hollering and napping.

He’s baaack.

There has been a few items of interest to go on the Wall this week, and next week (a brother just has to catch up).

Anywhoo, topical potpourri from the Super Bowl, to a spare politician blaming God for his antics and an unbelievable story about Il Papa and his own round of papal pardons. (That’s next week, trust me. I have been stewing on this one).

It’s no secret what I think about his writers (and he’s not that bad either). So, enjoy this week in video evangelism!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you are a college football fan, you know if your NCAA Division I school goes up against any academic institution with a geographic direction in its name, get the wax because someone is about to get mopped!

You know, schools like “Northwest Michigan”, “Southeast Louisiana” and “North Dakota” (OK, maybe the last one is a stretch.) And add “state” to a directional school, and some Pop Warner teams could wallop these colleges.

Well, it turns out some Christian colleges, despite not being a threat on the gridiron, are re-considering its theology and etymology, thanks to this article from WOW News’ Christian Chronicle.

Just ask Oklahoma Christian University leaders, who recently considered a name change…Yet keeping its longtime name leaves the university with a challenge. For years, Oklahoma Christian has struggled for name recognition, largely because so many colleges and universities feature “Oklahoma.” Prospective students with an appointment at Oklahoma Christian occasionally even end up at Oklahoma City University across town. Phone calls get misdirected.

idiocySo, instead of standing on principle, this college is setting the trend to possibly sacrifice its popularity. MEMO to the dolts running this shop in Oklahoma: Have you ever thought this is not a naming issue, but rather a branding issue?! Maybe you haven’t done enough to market your college in the state, much less the country (because before this story, I never you existed).

Here’s another thought from Michigan:

In the 1990s, [Professor Michael] Westerfield said, Michigan Christian faced an obstacle to its plans for expansion: Its name… If a college features the name “Christian,” many prospective students and parents wonder if the school is accredited. In Michigan, “Christian” usually indicates a mission and minister preparation school.

Which begs the question? Why do people consider Christian-centric colleges not colleges at all?! If you have a seminary at a well-known college, it’s regarded and beloved. But have a college known for its seminarians, and it must be a place for the hallowed special-ed.

So, to the Christian college provosts everywhere, I give you this: Why do you have this job?

Are you involved with molding the young minds for Jesus because it’s a well-paying gig or it’s a calling. If it’s not the latter, might I suggest packing up shop and get the heck out of the way for a Ph.D. Jesus Freak (and there are some out there) who is called to do what you are so complacently doing.

And while you are at it, spend some of that cash and mix in a flyer, brochure or maybe some advertising. I’m just saying.

Doritos. Hyundai. Coca-Cola. Budweiser. And a hilarious one from These were the nice ads during yesterday’s Super Bowl (despite the $3 million price tag). If you missed any of them, AdAge has the full dossier.

However, the one not on that list – and the one destined to never see a whiff of television broadcast – was from Fidelis, a Chicago-based Catholic organization that was given the Heisman from NBC when told, “Yeah, we aren’t airing advocacy ads.”

The advertisement in question? A :30 animated sonogram of a baby with a story, and who would be president. Yeah, they thought it would be catchy to use Barack Obama’s story as the epicenter of this ad. Think they want a redo on this one, or was this by “intelligent design”? After all, just consider what they can do with that truckload of cash not spent; yet, they are still getting all this press.

The focus is for people to imagine the potential of every human life; however, do you see potential or just a cheap advertising ploy to get folk talking about an age-old agenda? You be the judge, click on the TV below and enjoy: